Wat daiict means to me…

D- Dc++…how could one be in daiict  without the gr8 DC..

A- Alu paratha + Alu pauha + Appy fizz….the three eatery things which had become a part of my diet even in its d midnight 2 or morning 6.. @ daiict …

I- Ictian technology…don get into the idea of routine stuff of projects .its the application of all the reverse engineering techniques of proxy tunneling aka freedom ,anonymous aka jap, gtalk via proxifier n python..accessing blocked websites through different channels..etc etc..

I-Internet  or the Intranet…….the lan here runs carrying a loads of packets evry millisecond catering the needs of almost evry daiictian..helping to download evry damn series n movie..better to wait in daiict lan than to go to a movie..:P

C- Chitchaating..the best thing i do @ daiict is the chitchating wid friends ..may be its the campus rounds we make at midnights..or else in the vast corrisors here or in the rooms…the best entertainment..

T-Tv series…the best time pass thing of daiict..watching series ..F.R.I.E.N.D.S, LOST,HEROES, PB etc.etcc…


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