Osama bin laden is happy!!!!:satan::D

yea, why not?? One, his long lasting enemy bush is going down and a name rhyming with his name is coming to power. It can be now Obama vs. Osama, if everything happens as the plans and aspirations of the democrats of the world most powerful nation of the planet.

Mr. Barrack Obama, the Arizona senator, a noname before 2 years is emerging as the new icon of the American aspirations and dreams as the media and the democrats say. After the Hillary Rodham Clinton support for his candidature, he is now ready to tackle the weakest republican rival, McCain. But analysts say that you can’t tell anything until the D-Day occurs. McCain on the other hand is leaving no stone unturned .He is trying to rope Jindal as his inmate to cash the Indian votes, already has a lot of experience in politics and politricks and has the support of all the republicans in the country. There’s also a probability that all those who supported Mrs.Clinton till now may not be willing to support Obama and can vote for McCain.

But its time to India to have somewhat disgrace if Obama wins, as he is not like Bush and Clinton who have been the driving force for the emerging Indianness in Americas. Now, even the well sought Nuke Deal will have a setback even from the American side. And there may be some effect also on the H1B s, as Obama manifesto suggests to cut down immigration.

The match is now tight and its not a surprise if it results in a one ball one run victory for Mr.Obama. All we could do is sit straight and hope for better Indo-US ties in next 8 years.:)

Disclaimer: This author is a novice in blogging a. So mistakes can creep in. The author doesn’t have any responsibility for those and will try to work out better in latter blog posts.

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