25 must watch telugu movies

I was just doing my regular timepass of browsing and thought would do some googling on telugu movies.I searched for “top telugu movies”.The results came out to be sites to download movies and some movie news sites contradicting my expectations of having a list of top tolly movies.So , thought y would i compile one,after all i have more than enough movies till now.

So , here goes my top 25 list and an extra 5 which i like some portions of the movie very much.

Missamma(1955) – Until i saw this movie , i hated watching old movies. But changed my opinion after watching this. Became a fan of savitri. The songs remain extremely popular to this day, casting a magical spell over the listeners. Live wire performances by Savithri, NTR and ANR make this movie a thorough entertainer.

Maya Bazaar(1957) -the ultimate classic..it stands by its own way. The most perfect and impressive work of Cinematography, till date in Tollywood. I wont say much about it as people who have seen the film can understand it and if you have not seen the film then i pity you.

Sagara Sangamam(1983)–the performances of Dr.Kamal and jayaprada makes u stuck to the seat..A master piece from K.Viswanath.

Anveshana (1985)–the best thriller in tollywood till date..bhanupriya at her best..excellent background score by ilayaraja..

Chantabbai(1986)–a jandhyala classic with the the splendid performances of chiranjeevi and suhasini..every character has its own strength..a 200% perfect comedy..

Pushpaka vimanam(1988)-the commendable performance of kamal hasan makes this silent movie a legendary one..kudos to singeetam ..

Swarna Kamalam(1988)-another masterpiece from K.Viswanath.

Geetanjali(1989)–an excellent work of cinematography and a brilliant music from the maestro ilayaraja…best of mani ratnam.

Jagadeka veerudu atiloka sundari(1990)—the best socio fantasy in tollywood ..the best combination ever possible …chiranjeevi with sridevi.produced by aswini dutt and directed by raghavendra rao..

Aditya 369(1991)-the one and only sci-fi movie in telugu film industry till now..a splendid work of singeetam srinivasarao..the only best film of Bala krishna..

Appula apparao(1991)–the superb comedy ..best of rajendra Prasad..watched tens of times..

Kshana kshanam(1991)–the best of RGV in my view.with sridevi in lead role and best role ever.u cant expect better than this in tollywood ..

Aa okkati adakku(1993)–the jandhyala classic..rajendra prasad at best with rambha in lead role..what else..beautiful comedy..

Annamayya(1997)–the best performance from nagarjuna..made a wave in tollywood.made the industry struck to basics of feeling the inner pulse of audience.

Kushi(2000)–The best of the power star and bhoomika..superb concept,screenplay and direction.

Nuvve nuvve(2002)–i still cant forget the laddu-pandu sequence of sunil and ms narayana..an excellent work of trivikram with shriya in the lead..what more do u require..a perfect comedy ….u cant forward even a bit while watching even after 10 times…

Amma nanna oka tamilammayi(2003)–a movie which makes u feel watching atleast once more..

Nuvvu naaku nachav(2003)–powered by trivikram dialogues, performances by venkatesh ,prakash raj,suhasini..and the beauty of arti agarwal. and excellent screenplay…complete entertainer..

Okkadu(2003)–When i heard it has faction elements in movie..i was thumb struck how maheshcan be a factionist.OMG..cant watch..But it turned out to be too good that i watched 2 shows on opening day itself..{bunking all classes..doing adventures. another big story}

Tagore(2003)–Only chiranjeevi could do it..dats it…

Anukokunda oka roju(2005)–One of the best works you can see in Telugu film, with a dark theme and colour used to capture the atmosphere and pulse of the audience…a suspense thriller ..charmi at her best..excellent screenplay by chandrasekhar yeleti…

Athadu(2005)–the perfect blend of trivikram,mahesh,trisha and ofcourse brahmi…one of best movie of recent times…techincally,the best climax of tollywood…

Godavari(2006)–this is the best i had seen in recent years.shekhar kammula rocks..cinematography at its best showcasing the beauty of godavari..

Pokiri(2006)–made a new style of making movies and picturising hero ..it had almost every element required for the tollywood audience to enjoy..

Sri ramadasu(2006)–another best from the raghavendra rao and nagarjuna combo… a musical epic…

the xtra five..

takkari donga(2002)–the scenic locations and lisa ray along side bipasha basu..the second cowboy movie of tollywood….

nuvvu vastanante nenu vaddantana(2005).—trisha rulez..a perfect entertainer..

manmadhudu(2002)–trivikram dialogues and sonali bindre rulez..

malliswari(2004)–superb comedy..

ghajini(2005)–the flashback is the best love story i have ever seen…

Bommarillu(2006)..this is what i call screenplay..reverberating

performances of prakash raj, siddharth, and jenelia makes it a perfect film.


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Please add in comments with any new movies you want to be added into the list.
This post is written in 2006 and might be old by now 🙂

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118 thoughts on “25 must watch telugu movies

    • what did u find in bommarillu ,just tel me one solid reason which made u think it cud make into top 25…. genelia`s over acting made me go mad……….the climax was meaningless and how come u forgot about our old classical movies like, swathi muthyam…………………………………………think wat an art is n decide wat an acting is n wat an art is…………

  1. aithe was a superb movie, i guess u can nt miss tat out & than even Anand … tat was an excellent one ..

  2. Hey,
    u have missed many brilliant movies such as parugu, athidi,murari, arya 2, happy,King and kick!
    I Wonder how not even one among these could make an appearance on ur top list!!!

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  4. more movies are there like
    darling includes prabhas and kajal agarwal, magadheera, the biggest movie of telugu, without content added after release manjunatha, and shankardada mbbs [superb comedy by chiru himself and srikant ofcourse], shiva by rgv, aadhi of jnr. ntr, gamyam [could be], gaganam is one

  5. Definitely a very good list. I must say that I agree with almost every pick at the top of the list, but started feeling some of the lower ones may not deserve to be in the top 25 of all-time Telugu movies. My list would have included Bapu’s “Sampoorna Ramayanam” and “Pelli Pustakam”, and RGV’s “Shiva”.

  6. Hi..
    This is my Top10 movies list
    1.Nayakudu 1987-Kamal Hasan the Great
    2.Maaya Bazar
    3.Kshana Kshnam
    4.Aha Naa Pellanta
    10.Koncham Istam Koncham Kastam

  7. Hello vamsikris21
    If you don’t mind can you please tell me some old movies on our old poets, kings and any history movies.

  8. i wonder wy ADAVARI MATALAKU ARDHALE VERULE could’nt make it in top 25.
    dis is best tollywood film potraying real life characters.

  9. thats decent list.. but in my opinion… 1. Rudraveena 2. Aha Na Pellanta 3. Swayamkrushi 4. Maro Charitra 5. Shiva 6. Saagara Sangamam 7. Leader 8. Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav 9. Athadu 10. Kushi are the top 10 list..

  10. This is my Top 10 List:

    1. Bhairava Dweepam
    2. Nayakudu 1987-Kamal Hasan the Great
    3. Nuvvu Naaku Nachav
    4. Athadu/Pokiri
    5. Dookudu
    6. Aha naa Pellanta
    7. Saagara Samgamam
    8. Vetagadu ( NTR Sr.)
    9. Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari ( Chiru + Sreedevi)

  11. How can you miss great movie like Kaidhi by chiru,Aa Nuluguru by rajendra prasad,
    Dhana veera soora karna by legendry NTR,

    • ya bro ……….i agree wit u for 100% ……dana veera shura karna.. amazing movie …….it spreads the pride of our mother tongue

  12. The worst thing about our telugu people is we like any thing other than telugu. we still get confuse about straight telugu movie and tamil -dubbed telugu
    movie..very few telugu movies can make a greatest ever list.. I picked 20 films till 1995 with notable ommisions such as sagara sangamam, swathi kiranam, aalapana etc..,
    If we counton all mythological movies, we have there are 100’s of movies and telugu people mastered the art of making mythological movies.. So I exempted most of the movies of this genre.

    1.Sankarabharanam is an epitome of all great movies about music — Sheer Telugu classic
    2.Muthyala muggu shows every inch of telugu tanam –be its about a newly married telugu women or a Sarcastic telugu Villan
    3.Mayabazar — Director KV reddy could imagine a laptop 60 years back ???? watch out for priyadarshini and mesmerizing screenplay
    4.Nartanasala — A reason to be proud being a telugodu — SV RangaRao was the first indian to ever win an international award for best actor.. It happend in

    1961 in canes film festival for this movie
    5.Patala bhairavi — amazing photography by Marcus Bartley
    6.Missamma — A delightful picture with some light treatment and wonderful performances by savitri and NTR
    7.Gundamma katha – A well balanced multi starrer movie and family entrertainer
    8.Preminchi choodu – Best romatic comedy and still the same concept is used by many directors
    9.Swathi muthyam – there was no better story ever told
    10.Avekallu – Aboriginal Suspense movie
    11.Mosagallaki mosagadu – A telugu CowBOY classic
    12.AHA NA Pellanta- We can regard this movie as best comedy movie ever
    13.Premabhishekam – Best telugu romatic movie ever
    14.SHIVAA – A movie which changed entire Indian cinema with its technical values(cult classic)
    15.Seetha ramaiaih gari manavaralu – Great story with good emotions
    16.ANveshana – Suspense thriller
    17.YAMAGOLA- First socio fantsy film
    18,Geethanjali – Platonic lovestory (cult classic)
    19.Gulabi – An embeded social issue in a lovestory
    20.Ankusam – Story of a self esteemed police officer

    • Nice list.. I don’t see anything in the list due to sheer admiration to one actor. kudos …The tnly near perfect list in this post

      • Thanks Manoj .. Actually its very difficult to judge movies without showing admiration towards a single actor.. I could only did itr because of my lovfe towards Telugu language and Telugu People irrespecive of the caste they belong to… Actually I didnt include not even 1 movie of my fav star..
        Thanks for your complement …

      • Thanks Chandu .. Actually its very difficult to judge movies without showing admiration towards a single actor.. I could only did itr because of my lovfe towards Telugu language and Telugu People irrespecive of the caste they belong to… Actually I didnt include not even 1 movie of my fav star..
        Thanks for your complement …

    • Hi Sudhir,

      It was a nice list.. but a lot of great movies were still missing….

      With out any order of numbering…most of the movies fit in. but did you consider the below:

      1. Keelu gurram (Great period Socio-fantacy…)
      2. Malleeswari (NTR & Bhanumati)
      3. Lava Kusa (NTR was worshipped after this movie..)
      4. Devadasu ( Acting skills of ANR publicly adored by all the greats of India Cinema industry )
      5. Appu chesi pappu koodu..(Comedy with sublime social message)
      6. Kanyashulkam (Great interpretation of novel to movie)
      7. Saptapadi (Another great iconic movie by K Viswanath)
      8. Alluri Sitaramaraju (All time great movie by Krishna)

      Also, the great SVR was awarded in Jakarta Film Festival.. this is for your information and records….

      • Thanks narasimhan!!! Yes it was in jakarta film that SVR got an award.the list you mentioned was definitely having depth. I already said im excluding most of the mythological movies frm list as telugu film industry was mastered the art..most of the mythological movies we made are epics..I took only Mayabazar -as its actually a creative story on top of mythology. Keelugurram is more like a folklore. malleeswari should definitely hit the list. when it comes for Devdasu vs premabhishekam – I choose Premabhishekam for its sheer value at boxoffice- though ANR’s acting was incredible. saptapadi was great except for one scene- we all know what it is…tell me which is better in comparision- appuchesi pappukoodu -or- aha na pellanta ? kanyashulkam -alluri seetaramaraju are fine …
        Few other movies- Rangula ratnam, Bhookailash(Just for NTR’s fabulous acting skills),Daagudumoothalu/Dr chakravarthy,sudigundalu,vipranayana — were extraordinary.. Ifwill prepare an another list — thanks for your comments

    • Thanks for your reply Pramod.. Actually its very difficult to judge movies without showing admiration towards a single actor.. I could only did itr because of my lovfe towards Telugu language and Telugu People irrespecive of the caste they belong to… Actually I didnt include not even 1 movie of my fav star..
      Thanks for your complement …

  13. My list goes like this.

    1. Geethanjali
    2. Kshana Kshanam
    3. Missamma (Old)
    4. Daana Veera Soora Karna
    5. Rajakota rahasyam
    6. Maro charithra
    7. Nayakudu ( Kamal Hasan )
    8. Jagadeika veerudu athiloka sundari
    9. Rudra veena
    10. Konda veeti Donga
    11. Gharshana ( Old )
    12. Mouna Raagam ( by Mani Rathnam )
    13. Akali Rajyam
    14. Sri Ranga Neethulu
    15. Govinda Govinda
    16. Swayamvaram
    17. Dalapathi
    18. Premabhishekam
    19. Sudigundalu
    20. Roja
    21. Bombay
    22. Sampoorna ramayanam
    23. Gharshana ( new )
    24. Bhakta Prahlada
    25. Veta ( something like Count of Monte cristo )
    26. Appula appa rao
    27. Justice Choudary
    28. Indra
    29. Little soldiers
    30. Padaharella vayasu
    31. Bharateeyudu
    32. Pushpaka vimanamu
    33. Ninne pelladatha ( Nagarjuna )
    32. Ninne pelladatha ( NTR )
    33. Athadu
    34. Madarasapattinam ( 1947 love story in telugu )
    35. Marana Mridangam.
    36. Abhilasha
    37. Pandava vanavasamu
    38. Mayabazaar
    39. Narthanasala
    40. Gundamma Katha
    41. Sri Krishna tulabharam
    42. April okati vidudala
    43. A okkati adakku
    44. Yamaleela
    45. Alluri sitarama raju
    46. Mosagallaki Mosagadu
    47. Sabash Suri
    48. Shavukaru
    49. Bangaru bhoomi
    50. Avida maa avide

    Sorry guys, I am bad at giving rankings. But, I bet all these are damn good.

    • Please dont mentioned Tamil dubbed telugu movies like nayakudu in this list. Its an insult for telugu people.

  14. all movies are exceelent i jz love all the telgu movie…..itz best above all the cinema making industry,,,,,,,,,

  15. perfect list….missamma is the best movie i even seen such a type of movie especially “savitri garu” wat a performance……..but u dint consider “Bommarillu” in top movies….it is
    better than “Sri Ramadasu”

  16. babu nareshuuuu! anji, shankar dada zindabad, andirivadu, stallin, panja, komaram puli, jhonny ,annavaram, orange, racha, araya 2, varudu…evanni marichipoyava tammudu!

  17. It’s bad,,, not see ‘SWATIMUTYAM’ in anybody’s list. This movie is still a study material to the new comers. BE SERIOUS while choosing/listing….

  18. I appreciate you (VamS) for posting the finest Telugu movies ever produced! I am one of the biggest fans of Telugu old movies and a great fan of Savithri garu. I request you to add ‘Aha na pellanta’ (1000 times worth watching movie) to put up on your list. I wonder how you missed it. Anyway, for the guys who want a list of the best Telugu movies, this is the best web-site 🙂

  19. East or west…Telugu movies are the best,hey guys I m not a telugu but after watching telugu movies I wish I ws telugu or atleast understand telugu language,inspite of all I love to see only and only telugu movies.nothing can beat it.

  20. was it intentional to leave all of K.Vishwanath movies above.. Sabash Suri better than Sagara Sangamam???….see where you are coming from….

  21. Having read this I believed it was really informative.
    I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put
    this content together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both
    reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worth

  22. half knowledge ppl say only aditya 369 is best in balakrishna movies
    wat about bhairava dweepam best graphic on those days and superb difrnt movie in telugu industry
    samara simha reddy, mangama gari manavadu, trend setter for faction movies
    there are many balakrishna movies which we can say proudly

  23. 1.Major chandrakanth
    2.bramha(mohan babu)
    4.kodhama simhan
    5.aditya 369
    Ramudu bheemudu
    bobili raja d venkatesh
    govindha govindha
    ahana pellianta
    police story
    Apoorva shahoodharulu_kamal hassan
    arya 2
    viki dada
    alluri sitaramaraju
    mahesh khaleja enven though flop but suberb comedy and wonderfull acting from mahesh
    brindavanam jr ntr
    shankardada mbbs
    akada ammayi ikka abbayi
    nenumeeku telusa

  24. Aa okkati adakku was a movie directed by EVV not jandhyala…Aa okkati adakku(1993)–the jandhyala classic..rajendra prasad at best with rambha in lead role..what else..beautiful comedy..and Kushi is bullshit movie.. its not a movie at all.. its b grade movie

  25. AA okkate aakku is directed by EVV not by janjyala..
    Janjyala directed Rajendra prasad in Aahana Pellanta. One of the best ever

  26. missama
    muttyala muggu
    sagara sangamam
    ahana pellanta
    nuuvu naku nacchav

    ever green movies msut watch



  28. well everything is fine bt bommarillu could have been in top 25 list…..n u have missed a great movie “aa naluguru” that’s an excellent movie and it has a good message for the people n “Gamyam” also a message orianted n its worth of watching it so it should b in the top 25 list I hope…..!!

  29. little soldiers, chichindri, anand, aithe, varsham, nuv vasthan ante nenu vadhantana, godavari, happy, happy days,anaganaga oka raju oka rani,

  30. I missed out few good movies like nene pelladtha, murari, avakya biryani, arundhathi, gamyam, parugu, kushi, idiot, nuvve nuvve, aaksamantha, nuvu naaku nachayvu, seethama vakitlo sirimalu chatu, duukuduu, advari mataluku ardhale vere, pournami, bomarillu, sye, boys, chandhramukhi,malleshwari,vasu, raja, okkari ki okkuru, nee sneham, premikularoju, roja, prem desham, manasantha nuve, nuvu nenu, ye maaya chessave, mr perfect, allari, kadgam, snaham snaham, govinda govinda, jagadekh verrudu attiloka sundari,oosarvalli,anjali,santosham,prem ante idhera,life is beautiful,pokiri, arya, there r many bt unfortunately i watched only these few movies……i love telegu movies

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  32. my top 10 movies
    ….dini 619..
    1.missamma 2.premabishekam 3.padaharella vayasu 4.rudraveena 5.adithya 369 6.khaidi 7.geetanjali 8.suswagatham 9.kshemanga velli labanga randi 10.magadheera
    etc etc etc etc etc etc

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  34. I appreciate your thought to make a list in the first place.. good job, I personally love all those top 25 movies.. regarding all these comments its impossible even to expect that a mere 25 list in 100+ year old film industry will satisfy the opinion of all telugu movie fans.. so guys plz stop pointing out and add other names you think worth adding..

  35. SIrr ..AA okkati adakku jandhyaala classic kaadu daaniki director EVV, jandhyaala alanti boothu cinemalu tiyyaledu, Blog lu run chesetapudu sarina information ivvandi.

  36. I think we hve to add telugu greatest films not hit films..
    In above comments we have covered almost but missed few.my list is below
    Dana veera sura karna
    Mosagallaku mosagadu
    Alluri seetha rama raju
    Manavoori pandavulu
    Siri siri muvva
    Mutyamanta muddu-rajendra prasad
    Aha na pellanta
    Aa naluguru
    Happy days
    Krishnam vande jagadgurum

    • Yes! That is what the list I wanted. Sankarabharanam, Mana voori Pandavulu, Mutyala muggu… 3 all time hits. with olden goldies of NTR sr.

  37. My List goes likes this (starting from 90’s):

    Nuvve Kavali
    Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari
    Happy Days
    Nuvvu Naaku Nachaav
    Aditya 369
    Student # 1
    Manasantha Nuvve

  38. My Top movies (in no particular order)
    aha naa pellanta
    nuvvu naaku nacchav
    sudigundalu (old ANR movie – great drama)
    gharshana (venky)
    gopala rao gari ammayi
    chitram bhalare vichitram
    ave kallu
    aditya 369
    appula appa rao
    aa okkati adakku
    yama gola
    hello brother
    jayammu nischayammu ra

  39. It’s not easy to decide only ten best films in tollywood.lot number of mesmerising films came so far.it is better to divide into two periods old mythological and new.in my view best old films are 1.maayabazaar 2.narthana shaala 3.daana veera sura karna 4.pathalabharavi 5.veera brahmam katha and coming to new 1.swathimuthyam 2.aditya 369 3.rudraveena 4.gamyam 5.aa naluguru and many

  40. There’s a very good but less familiar cult classic called Omkaram starring Raja Sekhar, Prema – The movie is all about innocent brahmin turns into underworld gangster

  41. Hello,
    You have a nice blog here.
    I’m a tamilian but I enjoy watching other languages( English,Telugu,Malayalam & Hindi)
    I just loved the following films so much that I feel sad to see them missing here.
    Anand(Sekar Kammula’s blockbuster)
    Happy days ( I have watched it more than 50 times still enjoy watching every single scene)
    Kotha Bangaru Lokam( cute story), Konchem ishtam Konchem kashtam ( what a story! Both siddu n tammu rock!)
    Arya-2(Man it’s allu’s best)
    I loved Magadheera for it’s heart-touching story. Hope you add them all.

  42. How can you miss great movie Shiva(1989), the first Indian movie made with Sound designing and First telugu movie captured with Steady Cam. Shiva increased the technical standards of Telugu movie, which changed process of making movies in Tollywood. Please include Shiva in this list.

  43. Multiple times watched movie are
    1. Athadu
    6.Arya 1 & 2
    7.Nuvvu naku nachau
    8.Nuvve Nuvve
    9 Anandham
    10. aa naluguru
    14.Shankar dada MBBS
    17.Jai chiranjeeva
    18.Kushi & thammudu
    19.Murari & SVSC
    20.Aaduvari matalaku ardhale verule
    21.1 nenokkadine
    22.Darling & mirchi
    23.aa okkati adakku
    24.. simha &legend
    26.gamyam & prasthanam
    27. Oy
    34.oka lila kosam

  44. Pls update the content regularly and 1 nenokkadine was given fourth best thriller movie of 2014 through out the world cinema according to IMDB

    • Dear karthik/vamS/narasimhan/jitendra/manoj and others ..
      thanks for keeping this blog alive. though I was not the one who started it, but still wd like to check every now and then, whether

      any new interesting post has arrived in this blog. I think its difficult to pick few bestout of hundreds of films. There should be some

      metric. So I think, the best way to dealt this is to divide best films by genre and pick one from each genre. Every one in this blog can

      nominate the best they would have thought of that particular genre. or even they can suggest a new genre ..
      but one thing to remember film shouldn’t be a dubbed one from other language .
      My choice of genres are :
      1. Action:
      nominations : Shiva, Athadu, Pokiri, Gayam
      Ahana pellanta, aa okkati adakku,chantabbai,,appu chesi pappu koodu
      3. Family Drama :
      nominations: seeta ramayya gari manavaralu, samsaram o chadarangam, Gundammakatha, bommarillu
      nominations: Premabhishekam, Nireekshana, geetanjali,seetakokachiluka
      5. Romantic comedy:
      nominations: preminchi choodu,nuv naku nachav
      6.Traditional Music:
      nominations:Sankarabharanam, sagarasangamam, alapana
      7. Cult classics:
      nominations:maya bazar, missamma, geetanjali ,siva, rangularatnam,sudigundaalu
      8. Suspense :
      nominations:: Avekallu, Anveshana, Anukokunda oka roju,A flim by Aravind,Nenokkadine
      9.Telugu tradition & culture :
      nominations: Mutyala muggu, Pelli pustakam, murari, swarnakamalam
      10. Socio fantsay:
      nominations: yamagola, yamudikimogudu, yamaleela
      11. Cop movie:
      nominations: ankusam, terror(new-sreekanth movie)
      12. patriotic:
      nominations:khadgam, Alluri seetaramaraju
      13.Political movie:
      nominations: rangularatnam, pratighatana,MLA edukondalu, M dharmaraju MA,
      14. Adventure:
      nominations: Anji, mosagallaki mosagadu, Bobbiliraja, arundhati
      15. Mythological:
      nominations: maya bazar, nartana saala, bhukailas, sree krshnarjunala yuddham,lava kusa..n
      nominations: bahubali, Aggiramudu, patala bharavi,
      17. Divotional:
      vipranaryana , annamayya, karunamayudu, bhakta kannappa
      18. Sceince / Fiction:
      nominations: Aditya 369, Eega
      19.Best Story:
      nominations: swatimutyam, dr chakrarthy, sitara, Antastulu, sagarasangamam
      20. conceptual
      nominations:: Show, AithAe

  45. Just few more from 1996 – 2010
    1. Nuvve kavali : I always believe a movie is hit , when it does business irrespective of its star value.. I casually went to watch this movie on 200th day in aradhana theater hyderabad- along with my friends- But we dint get tickets ..we need to buy the tickets from “dark” source …Thats the potential of the movie
    2.Anthahpuram: There is no better creative director than krishna vamsi, since 90’s in telugu industry..
    the way he created completely different charterers played by Prakash raj and jagapati babu – worth all praises
    3.Nuvvu naku nachav: There is a way you can make blcokbusters with clean comedy – while ahan pellanta dealt with some what un-natural comedy characterization, this movie brings more value to the comedy genre- More natural, sophisticated – characterization – hats of t the writer and director.
    4.Malleeswari (katrina kaif): This movie was inspired from english classic :nottinghill with julia roberts in lead role..we can see trivikram’s mark in adapting nativity – this movie may not be a big hit – but whenever its showed on tv , I cant change the channel.
    5.Okkadu : GIves you a feeling that you are watching some thing new, even when the characters seems very familiar -n-next door to us.
    6.Bommarillu: I went to kolkata for some time, a upcoming director in bengali film industry told me that this wa the best film he watched in telugu… It has got something really special
    7.Aarya : Sheer admiration to the director – he introduces a new principal – the hero character behaves exactly opposite to what audiences may think most of the times.. excellent screen play – a wholesome entertainer
    8.Anukokunda oka roju: chandrasekhar eliti’s nartural characterization and charmmee’s rare – decent performance – a cult classic
    9 vinayakueling Love can only ignite between two souls- irrespective of their physical liabilities- outstanding narration..
    10. Happy days: if hindi film industry made 3 idiots on engineering students, we did the same with happydays… casting was superb and narration was up to the standards – i believe there is no bigger hit than t his in 200-2010 decade..
    11. kick : i would pick this ahead of magadheera ,just for the guts of the director to do a movie and presentation was perfect …
    12. Anand: once again a pure movie -yu can sit alone at home with a cup of coffee…
    13. chirunavvuto: A beautifully handled movie, which won the show just because of dialogue writing and screenplay – artists were just played their characters

    i might missed few like chatrapati, chandamama, khadgam, show , santosham .. but this list is basically belongs to those movies which became unexpected hits- and would become sure hits with/ without star cast ..

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