the time is five minutes to three in the afternoon on a friday afternoon.looking out of the window ,can see the beautiful rain drops striking the ground and can feel the essence of the mud.Excellent zephyrs filling my room and the itunes in suffle mode getting the best of tunes gr8 thing..a nice pleasent suuroundings..what else i need more..hav a lot of work to do..but hav no mood to do something …wanna go out and enjoy…getting reminiscences of the beautiful childhood…the days me and my bro kick and fight each other..the days when i bunked school telling almost all the possible sickest reasons possible..the days in hostel when my gang goes to second shows doing all the adventures in the hostel..jumping walls and walking on the road at night makes me feel so happy ..a bunchload of beautiful memories to recall …life is great..coming back to present..time is six past three and the song in my itunes is sasivadane from iddaru…oh..gr8 song..rain stopped its downpour and began to drizzle..what to do now?? ri??study for placements??[who dares to gimme a job..i can code a program which can run out of its memory with the errors it produce and can assemble a circuit which can blow up 55 555 timers in less than 5 seconds. 😦 ]. read wodehouse?? pchh… what study now?? watch a nice romantic movie ?? common think of one?? no ..go out somewhere..idiot friends one is awake..all sleeping ..these guys hav no taste..li8..time is ten past three..common rey…think of something to do..the last nite clips of the movie jaane tu ya jaane na comes to…wait ..another beautiful heroine..wats her name?? never seen her?? lets google ..opened my opera and hit ” g jaane tu ya jaane na” on the wikipedia link ..takes a lot to net speed..after 2 minutes displays..if it was not would have been more time..[opera first loads text and then other scripts ,rather than firefox loading all together]..she is manjari phadnis..oh.. a new girl..but she was beautiful and outshined jenelia in the movie..but overall movie was ok..a two time watch..nice screenplay..should have shown jenelia much better..having seen her so beautiful on the tolly was not ok for me to see her as normal..and morever the voice didn suit her… wallpapers of that beautiful girl on net..shez a new girl..rehman music makes itenthralled..a boring first part of second half is also a backdrop..should hav done that emotional thing very fast rather than dragging..oh..some sounds of my ringtone…oh..somebody calling me..hope some gal[suddenly my second thought says.. idiot ..don build crazy castles in air. .don expect some gal to call.]]….pchh..idea customer care..damn it ..these guys don hav a common sense..disturbs in wrong time..even after sending a request to no call directory..should have been US sue these guys..itunes changed it song to nandi konda from a movie..will watch this think of something better..OMG time is thirty minutes past three and i did nothing in the last 30 minutes..just wandering my mind all the other, do something…check mail once..oh no… mail from mentor..asking us to finish the ri …may be now iam fit to write a paper on how to do nothing for two months. 😦 no other option now..bye guys..hav to do some work..


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