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Hi, this is vams and u r enjoying the evening news bulletin on TV198. The time is 30 minutes past 12.[[[The number of News channel increased so much that the the number tv’X’ has reached four letters and every channel is telecasting its prime time news bulletin in a slot which doesn’t clash with other. this channel has to movie its prime time slot to 12:30..indeed a tough competition for them]]] ..

The price of the Oil barrel in the international market crossed 750$ each. The 43 party led coalition government immediately held a top priority cabinet meeting and discussed the further course of action to tackle the increasing crude oil prices. The meeting ended with all the parties decided to meet again in next month and discuss the issue. This is the third time the coordination committee meeting resulted in nothing but deciding the date for the next meeting..

Sarkar Rajjjjjjjjjjjj [13 j’s] ,the 13th sequel of the super hit movie Sarkar is releasing tommorrow. The debut director, Ram Gopal varma’s son Rajesh Gopal varma is following the footsteps of his father and is extremely confident of the movie as he is casting the grandson of Amitabh and son of Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachhan’s, the new style icon of the bollywood, “Amishek Bachhan”. The Jr.RGV says the plot is very well knit and he assures that there will be no scenes taken from either some Malayalam movie as the assassin of the 2nd Sarkar series or the Great Godfather movie from where all the plot of Sarkar and some scenes of sarkar raj were imitated by his father.Audience hope to see at least some number of scenes where there is some light in it.

South Indian SuperStar Rajinikanth signs a movie with the newbie of the corporate movie production house, kamishiko koto.The CEO of Kamishiko koto says that they are very much impressed by the collections of the movies of superstars in Japan and Korea and want to make a movie with him. The talks with legendary steven speilberg as the director are going on and the movie is gonna based on the dinosaurs.[[Can we expect a dinosaur doing some rajini style mannerisms. :P]].

The BCCI today announced a new pattern of playing cricket with the new proposed idea of five star cricket. Each team would be playing a 5 over innings and make would be of two innings for each side. BCCI commissioner said that people are now a days loosing interest in cricket and now they are not in a mood to even accommodate and enjoy twenty twenty style of cricket. The corporates are already eager to take the franchisee of the teams and are making negotiations with the BCCI.

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