Are we not against the terror??

Three to four days back, I saw a movie titled “A Wednesday “.It was the one of the best movie I have seen from Bollywood. The movie revolves around how it would be if the common man turns against the terror. For all those, who haven’t watched it, please do it asap.

Yesterday there were terror blasts in the capital of our country .When I saw the news; it was nothing short of a casual thing for me. Are many like me, accustomed to such acts??

I was chatting with a friend in Hyderabad, later in the night, and posed him with my routine question? “How’s life and how’s Hyderabad?” His reply was “People are frightened here “.[ Intelligence reports say that blasts can occur in Hyd and currently the city is in high alert]. That came to me as a very unexpected and unusual answer. But how would you feel if the city you are associated from birth is in the grip of terror and expecting something to explode anytime, anywhere and by anyone. How can I be living in a place where I don’t feel safe, can’t roam freely and live with life in somebody’s hand?

There has been no incident of terror in America since 9/11 in the last seven years. Do we require two Boeings blow off and two big buildings burn down to start ourselves turn against these acts of terror?? . Our democracy is honored as the symbol of India and we can’t punish somebody who is responsible for attacking our Parliament. We can’t find who is responsible for the attack on the finest educational institution in the country. We don’t have clues to what can happen next and why and how the previous things happened. The only feel good factor, I say, is the cracking of the Gujarat blasts case .Why is this so?? . These damn guys whoever doing these acts, are sending message just minutes before the incidents, long enough to prove they are on upper hand and short enough for us to stop anything from happening. But why cant we act on those who harm our interests and who can take our lives. When the next blasts happen in a city, Prime minister and President condemns them, and announces some amount as ex-gratia and police do some routine work to identify rounding up some usual suspects and people and media forget them until the next sequence starts. What do you think if something like this happens in America or any other western country??? Will they virtually sit idle and see when the next one is going to occur. ?? We can be proud that 45 top countries have allowed giving exceptions to the rules in trading the most powerful and destructive things of our times, for us.Because we assured them that we use them for peaceful purposes . But are we in a position to raise our head and say that we are a peace loving nation?? We are not able to settle an issue in our north from the last 60 plus years and the root for all that happening in the country. We are not able to punish those who brought down a worship place which acted like a spark plug and raised brows of the fundamentalists and extremists of that segment.

Why are we like this?? Our governments are not even concerned to which it should concern and people forget that there exists something called a home ministry and a minister to that to look into these matters. We don’t say a word against those who credit the association of the people behind the acts as the cultural ones. We don’t give the police enough resources to crack these issues and the intelligence and all the investigation agencies have to work with the will of the government. We can also visualize the routine mudsling politics cropping up after these sequences happen.

Are we going to bring some change to the coming generations?? Are we going to prove that we are a peace loving nation?? Are we going to live in real freedom??

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