Remembering Ghajini…


I guess watching Ghajini in Hindi was not a film feast for a viewer who has already done it in telugu or tamil. But Amir was at his best at some places, especially while acting like a 15-minute guy. For me the film looked like watching a dubbing film. Asin would have done with ease as the movie has same dialogues just translated from the southie version.Jiah Khan did her justice to the role whereas Nayantara was not received well in the murugudoss previous attempt.I don understand y even the dialgoues were same . The camera angles were also same.The story was told to be same but not to this extent.They must have changed some scenes and added more flavor. The climax was made smooth and simple which made a mess in the previous version. The Villain adorned a double role which made the telugu/tamil version climax, the worst part of the film. Coming to the music charts, the scores are to be equal for the guru-disciple duo,Rehman and Harris Jayraj.

There are many points I appreciate and they certainly needs to be kudos qualified ones. The lyrics by prasoon joshi were an highlight and top class. If it have would been the Amir in QSQT or some 90’s movie , it would have been a great spectacle to watch the flashback romance on the screen. Surya was perfect in that role. Also the name GHAJINI was justified in the hindi version, whereas we donno y the name came up in the actual one.The song picturisation was perfect and u cant expect something better than this. The Hindi version scored well in the areas of stunts and climax. Stunts were excellently done and a new version of Amir can be seen. The heroine introduction song and the name of film to be named after villain are certainly plus points to go well with bolly audiences.

Anyways it was a very good movie in the recent days and also a great movie to watch if u have not seen it in other language.  The same was the case of many remakes .

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