Its certainly an uncertain verdict !!

It’s an event where an uncertainty is certain… It’s an event where the ultimate tactics are put to place… It’s the game where we spend almost as the Olympics as expenditure, making it the extravagant non-sport event ever to take place.. It’s an event which India is famous all over the world because of its largest participation.. Its occurring in next few months… its IPL . it’s the same acronym but not for the cricket lovers .. but of the cricket loving nation.. It’s the event where teams co operate to win over other teams.. where the winner can be a team of teams… and audience may not predict in what team , a player ends up finally .. .. It’s the Indian Politics League….. the real action that gonna entertain the nation for the next few months… It’s these elections , which truly makes us the largest democracy in the world with over 1 Lakh elected representatives .( considering all the elections extending upto grass root level).

There are lotta advantages of elections ..Read the newspapers and blogs and u get some exciting tolly and bolly stories.. Expect the unexpected. Also it’s the very probable chance where u can see ur fav reel actors in real when they hit road and do some roadshows .. .. Also u suddenly get uninterrupted electricity and water supply and bureaucrats become polite at the time of elections ..n many more to count.

Taking a glimpse at current scenario.. We have two major parties where, one has strong principles but not strong people…. They need to maintain the long history and heritage .They still go on the name of the famous families whose belongings we have to buy out in foreign auctions. Other has strong people and not strong principles or rather I say based on absurd principles ..whenever they want something , they take the name of god to rescue them and become like a temple building organization…n then we have other front which says we neither build temples nor we allow scions to rule the country…. Nobody is sure who is gonna win.. everybody are confident of their strategies and strategic alliances..
Here I wanna mention some people in the state level who r really changing the rules of the game.. CBN.. Chandra Babu Naidu..ultimate tactics .. mixing poltics , economics, society needs and people pulse . He gave the campaigning responsibility to the charismatic family of NTR with the Balakrishna and Jr NTR countering the recent entrant , Megastar Chiranjeevi. He is bringing out the others-think-impossible and legendary manifestos. The money transfer scheme to the poor was a breathtaking one .Many may ask , how it is possible … my answer would be “ he was a Gold medalist and a PhD student in Economics and his son is a MBA grad from Stanford…. It was implemented in Brazil and other parts and is regarded as highly successful poverty eradicating scheme”. I never knew giving Color TVs to poor had so many advantages. The tactics being played by him are top class and zero-fault finding .. awesome.. the waves he is creating in the TV channel and newspapers is tremendous.Even if he wins or not , which I wish he must win, he would be remembered as the best player in this tournament.
The other one I admire is a 1980 IAS batch topper .. JP.. LokSatta’s Jayaprakash Narayan.. a bureaucrat turned politician , trying his best to clean this politics..I hope he gets his credits for his work and hope to see him very high someday.
Watever it is, it’s a nice timepass to see how they play the game and who ends up sitting in the throne.

My verdict: Congress needs to take the support of third front to form the govt in centre(Considering the blows that Cong and BJP getting these days from their allies, they both might not get a clear majority). In the AP state, it would be The Grand Alliance may be with the help of PRP.
PS: One may ask, how come two different results here. But AP has the history of showing completely unrelated attitude in the state and centre politics. When Rajiv Gandhi won almost all the lok sabha , he couldn’t get decent enough numbers from AP and when the non-congress VP singh was the PM , congress swept almost all seats in AP.

PS: No offences.

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5 thoughts on “Its certainly an uncertain verdict !!

  1. “ he was a Gold medalist and a PhD student in Economics and his son is a MBA grad from Stanford….” But he is a politician and his aim here is to win the election at any case. Being a fan CBN I’m disappointed to see him degrade so much during his 5 years in opposition. It is said that a person’s is best judged when he is in difficult situations. But I don’t want to judge CBN as an opposition leader! He disappointed me.

  2. You can’t have ‘free money’, its an oxymoron. If CBN is an economist of any eminence, as you claim, he should realize this before anyone. Any solution aimed at alleviating poverty should be a long-term one and a self-sustaining one. How long does he plan to shell out free money on a monthly basis, eternally or what ? A government should provide the means, not the ends. It should create opportunities that help people earn, not feed money directly. Its plain stupid.

    • If the money or the benefits are not reaching to the grass root levels(which is happening now) , u can give it directly to the needful.Foreseeing it , the advantages are more and they are long term benefits.the subsidies can be decreased which are benefiting the others not the needy ones.

  3. hey I made a ppt on why one should vote for loksatta

    The idea is to spread it virally in blogs, and explain voters(netizens) the main difference between Loksatta and other parties in a innovative way with a fictional char Subba Rao

    See the PPT from below link and let me know your thoughts and plz help in spreading it among u r friends

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