My New life ..!!!

The sun-rays of the dawn, making their way through the windows to wake me up, moving my hands onto the tv remote even before changing my sleep posture and switching it on the so called idiot box and then pick up the newspaper, reading it while having coffee was one of my child fantasies.
And now I think it’s accomplished.

This is the start of my routine days here at the gigantic campus of Infy Mysore which proudly proclaims itself as the largest corporate university in the world. After getting into the professional attire and mood, the journey begins to reach the giant coliseum-cum-pantheon like structure which is the place of our training of college style lectures and assignments. We then park our intra-campus transport, the bicycle, near a structure which we called a globe in our novice days of this campus life. The golf-ball shaped multiplex (epcot like one ) , which premiers the latest release, is the heart of Infy Mysore in the geographical as well as psychological context. An evening siesta on a relaxing chair, one of many that surround the swimming pool in the Employee care centre beside the globe structure gives you the illusion of being in a penthouse. An aerial view of the buildings highlights the key word “Infosys“. Everything here bears the pride in the peculiarity of it.

The sessions go on with many folks listening like a school student and others like me doing sound-less snoring or pass time browsing the internal blogs and corporate bulletin board here.

Coming back in the evening, the well-furnished and AC rooms with rest-room of Parry-ware kill the desire to go out. The housekeepers give no room to express the bachelor in you who wants to retain the untidiness of your room. LCD televisions (the main source of internal entertainment as personal laptops are not allowed), an intercom that unites the campus and cycles make life more than comfortable. The food courts decrease the senses of one’s taste buds and many a times domino’s pizza becomes the savior. Sometimes my days end with trying a stroke at Tennis and some strokes in the water pool.

But who says “Happiness comes with no condition”. If on day1 they offer you all these heavenly facilities then on day2 they you are faced with a hectic but manageable schedule along with a huge list of do’s and don’ts. The crew of this professional cruise seeks the pursuit of excellence in all their brat-turned-disciplined sailors; what with dire disciplinary and academic concerns to the Anti-Sexual Harassment Initiative (ASHI) where any sort of eve-teasing or even an unwanted hand-shake is out of question. If the charming and utterly beautiful girls here won’t let you live, then daily assignments and perceptions (tests) won’t let you die.

PS: Hoping to complete this training life and warm the corporate benches as soon as possible 🙂

Some pics:

3 thoughts on “My New life ..!!!

  1. Looks like u r in the good days phase of corporate life 🙂
    Enjoy them to the fullest as u wont get time to sit and relax later 😛
    btw, how much did it cost u for the domain name??

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