The TRICOLOR factors!! Will India be what it wants to be?? – Part II

The Tricolor Indian flag

At an age of 63 in a man’s life ,perhaps he would have accomplished all his worldly desires n become stable in all respects and enjoy his prosperity grow beyond his imaginative limits and his younger generation of his off springs taking over his efforts. But INDIA celebrating its 64th Independence Day this year is still in deep troubles as a troubled teenager trying to make his life. Even as the GDP is growing at a rate of double digits and foreign reserves at an all time high and many figures and indices showing its prosperity, India still lacks a lot to become what it aspired to be in this global world.  . Can we imagine ourselves as a militarily invincible, economically unrivalled, diplomatically uncontestable and a dominating force on information channels worldwide? Or putting it in a simple way” Will INDIA be a superpower?” At this point this is the one of the biggest possible question to debate about. These are the some of the issues which cross my thoughts which may hinder us in becoming what we want. I call them the TRICOLOR factors!!!

Almost 3 years back, I have written a blog post titled “TRICOLOR factors. Will India become what it wants to be “. And here is the sequel and addition for the same. Please read the previous one , if u have not read it before.

‘T’ elangana and its aftermath

I fear to imagine how Andhra Pradesh would be celebrating the next New Year eve. If it goes as planned, the Sri Krishna Commission will finalize it report and submit it to Home ministry by then. I don’t need to predict as a astrologer that the incidents before and after dec 9, 2009 will repeat again. The major parties in the state are still not clear about their position and the whole state is divided on this issue.
I believe Telangana is a social issue and dealing it politically is not correct. Honestly, I couldn’t find a genuine, unique, rational reason for the region to be separated from the state in this country. Backwardness is not a reason when almost every state has a backward region. Looting of resources as some claim the reason to be doesn’t make sense when a region has 40% MLAs in state.Whatever, I hope the commission will look into all aspects and will give proper recommendations. And I hope they find a marker to divide the states in near future (like the language marker as states reorganized previously).

This is not what I am worried of. People (or should I say politicians) will again come on to streets for a year or so and everything will go back to normalcy. But what after a new state is formed in India where the process of formation was triggered by Violence and hunger strike [A fake one rather ] . [Some might argue that the same happened for formation of Andhra Pradesh, but it was Central government at that time delaying the already taken decision of reorganization of states on the basis of Language]. Leave aside the future of Telangana; the situation in country would be worse. All the new states aspirants will begin violent protests and I can’t imagine to what far they might go. Will the centre go on constituting the committees for every new state issue? Will we become a 50 State country?

‘R’ iver bank politics

The recent Babli invasion by TDP  has revisited the same old story what repeats frequently between Karnataka-Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh- Karnataka, India – China, India-Bangladesh and India –Pakistan.[Thankfully, we don’t blame Nepal for kosi floods ] . All the upper regions of the river basin want to support their population and there is no wrong in doing that. But at the behest of the people in the lower region is certainly non-ethical and unconstitutional. We don’t have a Supreme river water resource management committee in the country and still depend of Supreme Court verdict which it alters every now and then.

‘I’ nfrastructure

Ask every industrialist, about the bad thing about Indian economy is and it’s certain that Infrastructure would be his reply. We are improving a lot, but not at the rate our GDP nor at the rate of our population growth. Infrastructure may include traffic situation in Cities to Tractor roads in Villages, Unloading in ports to underground railways, busy railway routes to bizzli-less Villages. Iam talking about neither making Broadband a fundamental right nor bullet trains between important cities, but the common necessities of People such as Education, Health care and electricity.

‘C’ orruption and Critics

Nobody teaches this but everybody knows how to give a bribe and how to take bribe. Even a kinder garden child tells how to get your driving license in 3 hours or how to travel on a non-confirmed ticket. The corruption allegations on Ruling parties and Opposition parties are regular column news in newspapers as the obituaries. Some rent a Treadmill at 10 Lakhs and buy a toilet roll at the price of a treadmill. And I don’t need to stress the fact that if we shun corruption, we would be number one in the world.
Then we have the critics who simply criticize the state of affairs, don’t vote, pays bribes but not taxes, don’t follow rules and brag as this is the worst place to live. These armchair critics are the biggest nuisance for India.

‘O’ rder Order

A phenomenon which is disturbing me recently is the frequent interference of Judiciary in functioning of governments. Of course, it gives a temporary solace to make things work, but it hampers the whole idea of democracy and constitution in first place and defeats the whole purpose of Judicial System. One Public Interest Litigation is enough to stall a project worth thousands of crores because somebody feels that government is being unfair. Unless the executionary wing of democracy becomes chaste, we depend on judiciary for these momentary impulses and thank god, we still respect and fear judiciary.

‘L’ ine of Control

I don’t know why the name is given as Line of Control when we are unable to control either side. The Kashmiri’s should be taken proper care at least considering their prospects of Olympic medals in Javelin and Shot-put. Has the new Chief Minister turned from Hero to Nero or  don’t wehave spine to eliminate the anti-national forces in the valley from last two decades? I dont think this problem will be solved in next 50 years.

‘O’ ur own Red Horror

When we have the terrorists bombing our hotels and palaces in cities, there are some other people who are taking care of electricity towers and school buildings in Villages. Some intellectuals argue it as a social problem which it is, but they hamper the every step to reduce the horror,which  now spread to one-third districts in India. We sacrifice our trained armed forces to this horror as a routine saga yet we don’t find a unanimous decision at the top to take down this problem.

‘U’ nderstanding Nature

We, in this country don’t care about the Nature and surroundings. We throw all sorts of garbage at any random place. We make no concern or a little hullah bullah about a oilspill which happened on our premises damaging 100 of kms of shores, but are keen on how a British company spoiled shores of America. We don’t care about the Countless tribes living with the nature. We don’t care about the water resources. We don’t care about the mineral resources. We basically don’t understand what nature has given us and know how to use them judiciously.

‘R’ eligionism and Regionalism

I don’t need to specify where we are going wrong on these aspects. We fight over the invisible god with the living people. We fight over the territory which neither of us will be able to rule forever. We fight with other nations, other states, other districts and other villages. We fight with other religions, fight with other castes and fight with other sub-castes.

Are we still INDEPENDENT or In Dependent? Are we having the real Freedom? Many questions like this. 

PS: Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind.

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4 thoughts on “The TRICOLOR factors!! Will India be what it wants to be?? – Part II

  1. Nice writing V0!Ta. Right observations on ‘T’ factor and regarding the Water management Committee.

    But I dont buy your comment about Judiciary’s interference. After all it is the only organ in our system that comes to the rescue of people. Recently, many projects have been sanctioned without legal environmental clearances around Srikakulam and Orissa. The Executive or the legislature were caught unawares in this issue. Importantly, Supreme Court doesn’t accept the PILs without any proper credentials.

    • Thanks prince 😛 .. But that organ is not supposed to do it.:) . Yes, it gives temporary solace. And some cases, its needed. But if it continues , we let the MLA and MPS do watever they want and then think that courts will come to rescue. Courts are to do other job.Not give orders to executionary wing of government.

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