October To(a)lly

This October has been the kalpataruvu for the Telugu film audience like me; unfortunately none can be said as the greatest in recent times. The fiction oriented Robo , Fan oriented Khaleja , Family oriented Brindavanam and Faction oriented Rakta charitra.

Giving justice to all those facts flouting on internet, Thalaiva released his film on the starting day of the month or as the legend says later , the month started only when Rajini decided to release his movie. Be it people thronging theatres at 4AM for early morning shows or all the theatres in Chennai screening only Endhiran/Robo/Robot  on that weekend or bringing down the Corporate bulletin board servers with analysis and discussions, it was only possible to SuperStar. The Euphoria was magnanimous. The exciting was unmatchable.  It was the Indian cinema’s answer to Terminator+ transformers+Matrix+Hulk  to the power of  Spielberg’s A.I. With an unprecedented making price and on-par Hollywood animatronics, its definitely the magnam opus of both Shankar and Rajini. Whatever Rajini can’t do in as a human being hero, did them by becoming the Chitti,the robot. Aishwarya supplemented whatever the audience need.

Rajini is more than familiar to Telugu audience and rose to stardom in Tollywood with Basha. Similar to what he says in that film, his one film was enough for him to gain stardom of hundred films in Tollywood. Followed by superhits like  Arunachalam,Dalapati,muttu  and Narasimha paved his Rahadari for box office collections in Andhra Pradesh. Chandramikhi and Shivaji made him the prime star of Tollywood.  So, when a Rajini movie is released, it’s also a festival for Telugu audience.

Robo showed Rajini on unbelievable scale with both protagonist and antagonist. Right from Chandramukhi and Shivaji, it was the second character of Rajini which entertained the most. Same case was here, where the second half was entirely Rajini mania on screen on various shapes and sizes. My only regret is that I was not able to see it in 3D and film could have come in 2 parts. If only it was, imagine the euphoria for Robo-2  3D !!     Priceless.!!

Next came the bumper combination with the most prolific screen writer and most handsome actor of Tollywood , Trvikram Mahesh Khaleja. Even though the film raked a slight negative talk in beginning, it plunged back like the regular trivikram movies. It was much of a one-man show of Mahesh babu with his best acting role till now. New style of dialogue delivery, new style of his dances, new style of dressing, it was pretty much his movie than Trivikram’s.  Even the comedy part was taken care by him with ‘Comedy cheste nene cheyyalroyi ‘ . The portrayal of heroine as less intelligent like earlier Trivikram movies  didn’t work quite well  for the director as the heroine has done some powerful characters earlier.

The story was great. Screenplay was bleak. Dialogues were directionless.If only sada siva song came at more appropriate timing, if only Kota Srinivas rao had a bigger role, If only Brahmanandam was given a better comic role in addition to  Abhayahastam scene,If only songs didn’t start abruptly,if only had a better climax movie would have been very much big bumper hit.

So, when the class hero Mahesh babu tried with to do a mass character, the Mass movie king, Jr.NTR came with a class character in Brindavanam .  The movie was a routine comedy-sentiment-family audience oriented with a slightly different story. As it doesn’t have any negative points, it is being dubbed as safe bet with cine goers and raking collections at box office.Gracious Samantha,Kewl kajal and Bommarillu fatherBbrahmi are enough for the movie to have good feel.

The month also has seen a comeback for RGV to Telugu audience with Rakta charitra. Even though the facts have been slightly deviated to make screenplay streamline, it was a rare showcase of violence in so much grandeur. With such a gripping screenplay, it showcased why RGV is still admired in film circles. The part 2 to be released on Nov 26 has to reach very high expectations now.

This November is also a litmus test for the second tier of scions of Tollywood megas.Kalyan ram Katthi and Orange are releasing this month. Followed by Nagarjuna’s two films in December and Venkatesh’s Chandra mukhi -2 are on the way.So, loads of entertainment on the way.

Long live Tollywood.!!

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