AP Polit(r)ics.

“We are a funny nation. Elections were held in Bihar, we expected Karnataka CM to get down and by the end of day AP got a new CM.”

Are you one of them, who like one of my colleagues, was surprised how a CM can resign without any reason. ?  Don’t be so surprised. I replied my pal “Its AP politics dude. AP politicians don’t know why they resign and when they resign. Infact there is a party which does nothing but resignations for survival and even nick named R for resignations in its name.”

Resignations of CM are an age old ritual of Regional Congress in Andhra Pradesh right from the formation of state. Guess the number of Congress CMs who had a full five year term in Andhra Pradesh in this long 40 years of Congress rule in the state. Its a meager 3.Yes, that’s right. THREE.  Technically only fifteen years were ruled properly.

It all began when Indira Gandhi, the first madam was ruling the nation. Someone got on a plane to Delhi and did bhajan for some days and returned as a new CM for the state. We had 4 CMs from Congress for the period 1978-1983. (This irritated the then movie star NTR and he started a party with the sole campaign topic of “Self Respect” for Telugus. And he was the next CM within 9 months of party launch). This was followed by 3 Congress CMs for the period 89-94.

I am not sure if other state politics are so interesting, but I bet someone can actually make a epic movie about politics of Andhra Pradesh.

The main regional party of AP, the TDP (Telugu Desam party) came to power within nine months of its formation. All the candidates stood as independents as the party was not a recognized by then and won 212 seats out of 294. It was the main opposition party in parliament for the period 84-89 in Parliament, read it again, the Parliament. After the death of Indira Gandhi , whole country was on congress sympathetic wave, but not Andhra Pradesh. Rajiv Gandhi won 404 of 543 seats and in AP, congress could get 6 out of 42. Since 1991, the party which ruled AP was also in power in centre or was a part of central coalition. It faced two major coups; one when the CM from the party, NTR went for a surgery in US was backstabbed by his deputy and formed a government unconstitutionally with the aegis of Central government and Governor. It again faced a coup by the founder’s son-in-law due to the reasons which are controversial till now and a black spot on the present president, also known as modern chanakya. He forms alliances in most unexpected combinations and recently did campaigning in the recent by polls by doing a dharna in Maharashtra.

The other regional party or technically a sub-regional party was formed when the founder was denied a ministry in the state government as legend says. The party elected representatives have resigned more than the times that the number of representatives presently. The president of that party leads the tally with 3 times getting elected to parliament in his 7 year MP career.

The newly formed party PRP founded by the megastar of Telugu Film industry could garner a decent amount of 20 % votes even though it couldn’t make a reasonable tally . And I personally believe the only party which understood the Telangana issue correctly by supporting a social Telangana cause.

The LOKSATTA party which was formed by a former IAS officer Sri Jaya Prakash Narayana, after being an NGO for ten years, is a non-political political party; it aims to start a second freedom struggle against corruption and began its long journey of thousand miles with one mile. It secured one seat in the last elections. The Loksatta NGO previously contributed significantly to the formulation of administrative and political reforms. Hope it succeeds as soon as possible.

PS: Everytime the congress changed CMs as per its wish, it lost the power in the state.


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