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Tollywood , the telugu cinema as it is called, the film industry which makes highest number of movies in Indian cinema circle .

This post is for non-telugu movie watchers who want to watch some Telugu movies. This is a guide to what movies can be watched as a beginner to Telugu cinema. The criteria for selection are 1) good and interesting story line and not the routine ones  2) Made in recent years  in telugu 3) Not been remaked in Hindi or vice versa  4) Not having extras (:P)  5) Appealing to urban audiences.

These are the movies which I have in mind presently.Pls add anything u want to add in the list.

1)      Arya  – this movie stars Allu arjun and is a completely exciting story line where he puts interesting arguments about love. Watch it to know more.



2)      Arya 2- This movie is a sequel in namesake and is a exciting storyline where he presents interesting arguments about friendship and love.



3)      Manmadhudu(English:Cupid)  – This movie stars Nagarjuna and the main theme is the hero doesn’t like women. Why, how and when he changed and how will he change his opinion again  is the story. Sonali bindre is the heroine.



4)      Athadu (English: He) – This movie stars Mahesh babu and Trisha. Excellent cinematography, screenplay, dialogues, songs and overall a super story. The hero, after being framed in a political murder goes to a village impersonating other guy. How the actual killer is found and other interlinking stories forms part of the movie. Remaked in Hindi as Ek by Bobby doel but nobody has even heard of such a film . Also the worst remake movie I have seen.So better watch in Telugu.



5)      Okkadu(English: One man)  –  This movie stars Mahesh babu and Bhoomika . The story is about how a normal guy gets into factionists way and fights them  to save a girl. Some scenes are superb especially how the hero saves heroine from hundreds of Factionists.



6)      Tagore – Tagore (Chiranjeevi) creates his own vigilante military network called the Anti-Corruption Force (ACF) that eliminates the most corrupt individuals, from all walks of life, in a systematic manner. How a normal constable finds this is the rest of the story and how tagore argues his case in courts is a must watch. This movie has paved political ambitions of Chiranjeevi in Andhra Pradesh.



7)      Leader – This movie is a debut for Rana  . How a corrupt chief minster looses his life and throne is taken by his son, and the son tries to eradicate the corruption in the state.  Superb screenplay and story.



8)      Nenu Meeku Telusa…? (Do I know you)  –  This movie has not been a commercial hit but I found the story too interesting . Aditya (Manoj Manchu) suffers from recurring amnesia, which is the result of an accident in which he loses his father. His memories each day are wiped out by sleep at the end of that day. How two ladies enter his life and what happens next is the story. Screenplay might be a little bleak but worth a watch. Riya sen and Sneha Ullal are heroines.



9)      Gamyam- This movie was a official entry to Oscars from India in 2008. Loosely based on Motorcycle dairies , story is of a rich guy who in search of his girl takes help of a local thief and experiences different things of life.



10)   Happy Days- Happy Days follows the life of male and female college students as they experience love, friendship, and responsibility. The film is set in a typical engineering college in Hyderabad, and revolves around the individual and collective stories of four men and women.



The below list are the other films which almost made the list and can be tried after the above ten.

Aithe(English :So) – excellent screenplay, thriller with a hijack story turning unexpected http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aithe

Prasthanam(English: The Rise and Fall of a Person)- A politicians rise and fall and relationship with his sons. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prasthanam

Ye maaya chesaave (English: What have you done girl) – A beautiful love story http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ye_Maaya_Chesave

Dhee- Story of a guy who works with a don and how he saves the don’s sister from rival and falls in love. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhee

Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana (English: If You want to come, Will I Say No) – Story of a NRI who falls in love with a village girl and becomes a farmer to win a challenge by his brother-in-law and his love. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuvvostanante_Nenoddantana

Bommarillu(English: Dollhouse)- The film primarily revolves around the relationship between a father and son, in which the father’s excessive concern for his son, and interference in his life, has led to the latter feeling some bitterness towards his overbearing father. The son’s choices and his desire to achieve something in life are continually overruled by the decisions forced on him by his father.Starring Siddharth and Genelia , the movie is rated as the best screenplay of recent times in telugu cinema. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bommarillu_(2006_film)

Aditya 369- A sci-fi film of 1991 made by Singeetam srinivasarao, maker of Pushpak. How a scientist and his daughter , hero(son-in-law)  travel in a time machine to various eras ( 1500 AD and 2200 AD)  and find the where abouts of a diamond. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aditya_369

Magadheera- The film is about a warrior who protects the princess of his kingdom, only to be killed, and born again 400 years later to take his revenge on his enemy. The plot is based on reincarnation. This movie is the highest grosser in telugu cinema till now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magadheera

Vedam – The entire movie revolves around 5 principal characters. Cable Raju Allu Arjun is a cable operator from the lower strata of society; Vivek Chakravarthy Manoj Manchu is an upcoming rock star and Saroja Anushka is a sex worker. Manoj Bajpai plays the fourth character of Raheemuddin Qureshi. Nagayya plays the role of a debt-ridden poor weaver who is desperate to get his grandson educated. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vedam_(film)

This is just my attempt to make a list of good movies in Telugu which are non-conventional and stand aside to other Indian Cinema.

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  3. Vamsi , Still unable to find a good blog to find best movies ever in telugu industry …two breakups from 1950-2000 & 2000 to till date should be considered ..
    While Anji Couldnt win the audiences for its technical values, Arundhathi did…Tagore ,& Athadu were remakes.. Chirunavvutho ,Aithe and anukokunda oka roju were much better..
    Aditya 369 was inspired from hollywood blockbuster “back to the future” -and as an admirer of Back t the future movie, I feel aditya369 is not an original thought.But in the contrast, I like Eega , even its inspired from a hollywood movie.
    The master mind Sukumar movies- Nannaku prematho and
    one definitely liked by other audiences
    — Sudhir

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