Chapter 1 – The Beginning : The Kohinoor of KrishnaDevaraya

PreScript : This is the first chapter of my novel dealing with Sri Krishna Devaraya, one of the greatest South Indian King. It would be a socio fantasy fiction with Love-Revenge, Literature-Religion and a treasure hunt thriller.


“Devaa !!! get up . Arjun is calling you . How many times should i tell you not to sleep just after lunch. You wont listen to me . See, Mukta is almost ready ”  Mrs Lakshmi, a teacher in a private school , just came home from her daily work and snapped at her son just like any Indian mom. They are a middle class family who lives on first floor of their house, which is not too near nor too far from one of the busy road of  a good locality in Hyderabad . Mr. Krishna Prasad, a bank manager and the head of this household is yet to come home. Time is half past 4 on a sunny evening and Deva has to leave home in about 3 hours to catch a train ; ‘Deva’ is the name his mother calls him whenever she is angry with him and this alerted him more than the phone calls from his friend Arjun . His sister , Aamukta is already freshened up and is watching some videos of her facebook timeline.
Siddharth Deva and Aamukta are fraternal twins , with Sid (Siddarth) the elder one. They both have just completed Btech third year examinations and have planned for a trip to Hampi before joining some summer coaching for MTech entrance examinations . Hampi, the capital of once glorious South Indian kingom of Vijayanagara  and a tourist place in present day Karnataka ,  is their dreamy disney land longing to visit since long ; influenced by their grandfather swamy’s  bedtime stories of Hampi and of legendary Vijayanagara king, Sri Krishna Devaraya.  Guruswamy , a 70 year frail old man was employed with ASI and has worked in Hampi for majority of his working life. He was fascinated by the place while excavating those ruins that he did not accept any transfers in his job. The stories of Sri krishna Deva raya battles and conquests, Tenali Ram’s witty puzzle conversations, Alasani Peddana’s intelligence were his bedtime lullabies for Sid and Aamukta. He only agreed for his son Krishna Prasad’s love marriage with Lakshmi after a promise that he will name their future kids. And in due course , the boy child was named Siddharth Deva , having Deva from Sri Krishna Devaraya and Aamukta , named after the king’s greatest literary work ‘Aamuktamalyada’.
Arjun, best buddy of Sid since school days, was initially reluctant to join the trip but changed his mind as his heart couldnt disagree with Asha tagging along. Asha is the best friend of Aamukta ; they met on Day 1 in Engineering college and these 4 hangout regularly. Vardhaan is another friend of Sid who is joining the trip. All the five people have planned to go for a trip after their third year examinations and have settled for destination as Hampi as Sid Aamukta wanted to go to Hampi. They also planned to visit the famous Gandikota gorge, the Grand canyon of India .
Arjun called again and confirmed with Sid that Asha is coming. Sid got angry that he lost a sound afternoon sleep due to Arjun but started packing things for the trip. Sid and Aamukta took an Auto and all 5 have reached kacheguda railway station by 8 :30 PM and are waiting for train to arrive on platform. Asha also has positive feeling towards Arjun but is a bit girl-hesitant to express her feelings. Arjun is not sure and had been planning to talk more to Asha in this trip and is waiting for a right time to move further . Aamukta is the class topper and the main reason for Sid’s scoldings at home for his academic achievements. All 5 study engineering in a prestigious engineering college in Hyderabad and sit in same class of Computer science stream . Vardhaan is the silent guy of the group , does better in studies and is a benchmate of Sid. He is a avid book reader , a movie buff and never misses a chance to explore new things. Sid is listening to music on his ipod and trying to call his grandpa from his mobile phone. Mr.Swamy said he would be come to send off them at Railway station but cannot come to Hampi owing to his old age knee problems. But Mr.Swamy had to cancel that plan too. He has planned everything for this college gang from the people he knew there in Hampi.
Kacheguda – Hubli express arrived on platform as per its time and they took their seats . Sid knows that Hampi trip is probably one thing that would definitely make the old man happy. But he or none of the group knew that as soon as they embarked on the train and train started  , they have just started the greatest treasure hunt ever known to modern India, the Pursuit of KOHINOOR OF KRISHNADEVARAYA.
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