Chapter 2 – The Prequel

The first chapter can be read at : Chapter 1 – The Beginning

Date : Someday in 1309 AD
Time: Sunset
Place : Somewhere near Orugallu , present day Warangal ( Telangana, India)

Its a full moon day and it still looks like a day even though the night started. The place is somewhere , around 30 miles near Orugallu, the capital city of mighty Kakatiya Kindgom. Malik kafur, the commander of Allauddin Khilji is stationed in his tent and discussing with his generals on the planned attack on Kakatiyas . They had invaded the Kakatiyas six years ago but had to return with a defeat. But now , he has determined to attack with a hundred thousand force , and the vengeance and most importantly, the desire to grab the most beautiful diamond everyone are raving about.

Allauddin Khilji is the king of Khilji Dynasty ruling  the Northern part of Indian subcontinent (including present day Pakistan and Afghanisthan) . Malik Kafur was a slave who was captured by Allauddin Khilji’s army when they had invaded Cambay  (the present day Khambat of Gujarat) , a port city flourishing with international trade . He was rumoured to be of Ethiopian descent who came to that place along with the muslim contingent of Baba Ghor.

Allauddin Khilji was fascinated by Malik Kafur, fell in love with him , yet castrated him and made him his enunch slave. Malik Kafur eventually became a military general and titled “Naib” , ‘a representative of authority’. Allauddin khilji was fuming with vengeance, having lost once to Kakatiyas and asked his favorite “Naib” to get him the gift of the great diamond from the Kakatiyas . Malik Kafur did not want to disappoint his lover and master . He has sent a messenger to Kakatiya ruler , the King Prataparudra asking him to surrender along with great diamond , which every one are calling it “Kohinoor”.

Date : Same as above
Place : Orugallu Fort , present day Warangal ( Telangana, India)

Prataparudra , the son of Rani Rudramadevi has successfully thwarted Allauddin khilji once . But now, he know he cannot face the hundred thousand army and having heard about Malik kafur , he has doubts on Kakatiyas victory. With the message he got from Malik Kafur, he knows Allauddin Khilji is after the wealth of Kakatiyas more than the territory , especially the “Kohinoor” diamond. Prataparudra strolled into his private pooja chamber in the palace and saw the mighty and glorious diamond shining in the full moon. This diamond has been the prized possession of his mother and great warrior queen, Rani Rudrama Devi . It is passed to him during his coronation and thats when everyone came to know about the glorious diamond , which weighs more than his crown. It is the glory, the prestige and symbol of his dynasty’s greatness. He asserted to himself  ” Iam never going to give them this magnificent diamond” and called his guards to summon the treasury officers Hari hara and Bukkaraya.

Date : 2016 AD.
Place: London

The clock has struck  is 6 in the morning  five minutes ago and Philips, a 22 year old just passed college graduate , is unhappy for getting late to the castle of Tower of London. He has completed his training and recently joined the security services company which looks into security systems at the castle. Tower of London is also known as ‘ Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London” and buzzes with visitors every single day. It is where the crown jewels are exhibited and which houses The Queen Mother’s Crown. He finally reached his workplace a couple of minutes late, however nobody noticed him. He is checking the CCTV footages and glanced upon the Queen Mother’s crown . There it was, the magnificient and glorious Kohinoor diamond in the middle of front cross of the crown. Philips has an Indian friend who pulls his leg for looking after the India’s greatest and most popular display of wealth .

Philips was amazed when he read about the Kohinoor.Kohinoor came from Kollur mine in Guntur district of present day Andhra Pradesh, a southern state of India. There are no diamonds being dug now there , but this place is known to be the origin of some of the most famous diamonds of the world. Kohinoor, as it is called , then made its to way to North Muslim rulers passing from king to king.Shah Jahan, the mughal emperor had the stone placed in his peacock throne. Then it was passed on to Nadir Shah, the Shah of Persia when he looted the Mughal treasury some time in 1700’s. Later it came into hands of Maharaja Ranjit Singh,the founder of Sikh empire and decided to will this diamond to Puri Jagannath temple in Orissa.However, he lost the war with British and as per 1846 Treaty of Lahore, came into possession of British’s East India Company . It was presented to Queen Victoria and then her husband has polished it , made it even more beautiful . Queen Victoria had it in her brooch. After Queen Victoria’s death it was added to crown of Queen Alexandria, the wife of Queen Victoria’s son and King Edward VII . Then it was passed to Queen Mary’s crown and then to the Queen Mother’s Crown. It was known to bring bad luck to the men who possessed it and hence only female member of royal family had it. Philips thought for a moment about the history, the wars, the possessors associated with that colourless carbon piece.

A random thought crossed his mind ” How can such a majestic piece be ONLY ONE in this huge huge world ” !!!


Chapter 3:  The Journey Begins


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