This Independence Day , Be the change you wish to see !!!

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Hope everyone have filed their annual taxes and did it with thoughts ranging from sighs to rants. Unfortunately, we middle class salaried ppl , dont have much time to think of getting our hard earned taxes worth of minimal services, and to atleast get our small local issues resolved.

Lets resolve this Independence week to raise a local civic grievance whenever we can . It hardly takes 5 mins on a weekend and given the raising e-governance and increasing accountability of govt servants , its easier than ever to raise and solve our locality or city issues. (Atleast in Hyderabad, they respond to twitter or call complaint) .

To my credit, i did get my colony pending road laid, got rainwater stagnation issue in my lane cleared, followed up with authorities to remove some major bottlenecks of my office commute, got two dangerous manholes repaired and so on , in last some months with almost ZERO effort. Reference:

We are anyways paying for their salaries , lets also give them some fruitful work 🙂 . And while doing so , ensure to be polite And thank them once done. Afterall , those are just employees like us and fellow humans. 🙂

#JaiHind #BeTheChangeYouWishToSee 🇮🇳

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