My Review of Mi TV

I recently bought a 49 inch Mi TV in one of the Amazon Sale . It effectively costed me around 27k .

In comparison to other brands , it feels good to be in the price range below 30k for a nearly 50 inch television in Indian Market. The other choice I considered was VU smart TV which probably lost at my purchase decision was its brand name and service Centre availability and warranty . Mi TV offers 1 year additional warranty for panel. So , this is the best Smart TV available in India ( with some drawbacks which i will discuss below) below 30k in 50 inch range. Go for it.

But when compared with the Smart TV i used while i used in US, this feels ripoff. I had a Roku- enabled Insignia 39 inch bought for some 170 dollars 3 years back ( comes around 12 thousand INR ) . That feels way better than this Mi TV.

1. The boot time is like our mobile phone getting switched on . Its basically the AndroidTV OS which was customized by Mi . Not sure if its the issue with Mi or Android OS , but i can see many unnecesaary processes running in the backend like phone, Addressbook etc.

2. Remote doesn’t have a MUTE button. I am literally surprised what they were thinking while designing the remote. Remote connects via Bluetooth. Its a good thing and bad thing. You can operate it without pointing to the TV and drawback is also the same thing, it gets operated without pointing it and accidental remote usage is highly possible.

3. To change any settings , other TVs doesnt go to a new screen . You may want to change some contrasts or brightness, and you have to go back to home screen to change them . This might be the issue with Android TV OS.

4. It gets stuck with heavy usage of apps like hotstar and Youtube. It doesnt happen with my Roku Smart TV.

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