Reccos for Newborn Kids shopping #NewParent

Every parent wants to get the best and give the best to their kids. As a dad to a one year old buy, we as parents faced some dilemma on buying some of the items for my kid. Will it be good, will it meet expectations , will it be worth it and so on.

First thing, Kids toys and kids usables are a huge market. Most of the offline stores have them at higher price and the same thing can be bought online. So, if you are a parent and wanting to buy something for your newborn, this might help you in deciding to proceed with your online purchase or not.

Right from which soap to use , which body lotion to use and which toy to buy  and even how to have a Jungle party theme, I hope this will help the new parents J

Coming to wellness, we used Himalaya products. Buy the ones with bigger quantity , you will need it and the cost/quantity is less for large quantities.  Cetaphil Baby lotion is must for a new born skin. GoodKnight mosquito repellant fabric roll on works perfectly as described. The odour may be hard though for some time.  Philips feeding bottles are good and strong enough to use them rough and tough.

The best purchase I made for my kid is this playmat , which was durable and ensured that the kid had a playarea.It also helped for crawling practice initially as the floor tiles are difficult for kids for learning.  Some great toys I bought online and were awesome are

  1. Dancing duck
  2. Multicolour Stacking rings with smiley
  3. Giggles Icecream teether
  4. Banana Bristles Toothbrush teether
  5. 5 in 1 Booster seat

Party : (Jungle Theme birthday Party)

We celebrated our kids birthday party at our home and bought almost every decorative item online. We followed a sort of Jungle theme and this animal balloons with stick were better than expected. These pack of 2 silver foil and blue foil curtains saved us a lot compared to buying it offline.  One more decorative item which my kid loved was this animal banner and these swirl hangings  . These party props are also a hit with the kids who came to the party.


Bonus : This Buddha figurine is a small one and adds a cute asthetic look to your shelf.


Happy parenting J

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