Top Telugu Thriller movies

I believe thriller movies are a perfect mixture of what a new age movie audience want in a movie. It has suspense elements, can add romance or comedy elements , a racing screenplay and effective sound and all these add to a even awesome movie experience.

Telugu movies are no less than any other industry in Thriller genre.This is the list of top 10 thriller movies i like. For universal appeal, i have excluded gore and horror from the list.Also, there are movies like Athadu ( My top most favorite movie) and Gentleman (Nani ) which can be classified into thrillers too. They are also not part of the list as i will be listing pure thriller movies with less of other noise.

One Nenokkadine – This is a movie i cant even be on seat after its interval block. Just some bad marketing has set very bad expectations on this movie and it flopped. It is a master piece for Mahesh Babu and Sukumar . Extraordinary performance by Mahesh Babu (oscar range as i can say) and multi layered screenplay woven so perfectly by Sukumar that some felt too complicated to get out of it.  In Trivikram words ” Prekshakula Staayini penchina cinema “.  I wrote a separate blog post on this movie when i watched it .  1 Nenokkadine – View and Review


Next in my list is Khakhee ( Hero : Karthi and original Tamil movie name is : Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru ) .  It is a real life cop story chasing criminals and in my view is the only cop movie done right.

Next is the new movie “Evaru” , by Adivi Sesh, the new age master of thriller screenplays , the story is taken from a French movie, but i think the Telugu version is much better than French one and is mindblowing . If you have not watched it, please hop on to nearest OTT app ( Available on prime as of now) . And do not miss it.

“Drushyam ” , the movie has been remade in multiple languages , is my next favorite. A family drama converted into a thriller intelligently by the even more intelligent and calm poised hero is an excellent writing and Thanks to Malayalam movie for this.

One recent thriller movie i super liked is “Agent sai Srinivas Athreya” , the super talented Naveen polishetty has all the qualities to be the next star of Telugu cinema , acts as a quirky detective and uncovers a mindboggling series of deaths .

I will be doing injustice to each of these films if i rank them in any order. My next lineup of movies are “Aithe” , which showcased how talented is ChandraSekhar yeleti and his next movie ” Anukokunda Oka Roju” .

“Kshanam” , the movie which propelled Telugu cinema into new age thrillers , “KshanaKshanam”, the jewel of RamGopal Varma, “Ave Kallu “, the brilliant one from SuperStar Krishna .  ( And yes, i am starting this list with Mahesh Babu movie and ending with SuperStar Krishna movie 😛 )

Please drop in comments on the movies you love in this genre.

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