Torch bearer Pawan Kalyan !!

This is an edit i created by mixing different videos. Video credits belong to respective creators.

There is this one dialogue in the new Telugu movie ” Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava ” directed by Trivikram Srinivas and Tarak as the protagonist which enlightens about the societal changes that come every generation. There will an idea or a person which will be a TORCHBEARER and change the course of history. That 4-5 minutes sequence is the most impactful cinematic movement in Telugu cinema in this year in my Opinion.

If you would like to download this video and others which were created in this process :

A small edit i did adding bits and pieces from various videos .

THE Bahubali !!!

I am not sure of superlatives to describe the grandeur experience titled as “Bahubali : The beginning “ . Its probably an experience i have never felt on a big screen . There were times when i watched 300 or gladiator or Benhur but this is something special and more importantly natively different. Its probably a perfect match to Hollywood’s grandeur and Indian cinema’s tales and story telling .This film was weaven like childhood chandamama stories and comic books and showcased on a canvas where it was what a normal person can imagine . After the film , there is only one thing which everyone might say “ Bow to Rajamouli for his vision and execution “ .

BahubaliOne cannot miss such extravaganza on an Indian screen. Rajamouli known for his larger than life characters in the movie has taken this to many levels high .One cannot be nothing; but be in awe of Prabhas’s Bahubali intelligent and physical strength, Shrewdness and Ruthlessness  of Rana’s BhallalaDeva , Regalness of Ramyakrishna’s Sivagami, Loyalty of Satyaraj’s Kattappa, Beauty of Tamannah’s Avantika , Irreplaceable Nazar’s Bijjaladeva and  Subdued anger of Anushka’s Devasena characters . Music by MM Keeravani is probably the biggest asset closely followed by VFX . Never before on an Indian screen was such a idea was constructed to such close perfection.

Spoilers below :

1The goosebumps start when Sivagami calls “Parameshwara “  while asking to save the child ;  raises a level when Bahubali lifts SivaLinga and places under falls ;   gets a fast tempo when the avalanches start and Bahubali- Avantika escapes in a James Bond style , moves on to another level of cinematic experience when a living king gets his statue erected with crowd chanting his rival’s name loud & reverberating , makes the heart rush when Katappa takes Bahubali foot on his head , pumps up when Sivudu screams “Nenu evarini ” , gets us stuck to the seat watching the war strategies, war weapons, war commands , takes us to the battlefield with Bahubali and Bhallaladeva , ends only when the stamp of SS Rajamouli appears on the screen.

Ramya Krishna reminded Neelambari of Narasimha and did a one level above performance with “ Ide naa maata, Naa maate Shaashanam “ . Rana cannot be acknowledged in words and we cannot even think of anyone who can does this character so awesomely ferocious . That two glances Anushka gives when katappa calls her mad and when crowd chants Bahubali are enough to make her impact in the film. Tamannah sizzles as the warrior princes and gets us awestruck when she starts pushing the sword into solider’s heart  I dont know how can one portray Bahubali with so intensity and so subtlety as Prabhas can . There cannot be words for this performance .

VFX made sure our fantasies are as fantastic as possible with background music backing the vision so awesomely that we are in a different world and traveling in a universe called “Bahubali “ .

There are some moments in movie where you cannot stop applauding the storytelling craft of the director and gets enthralled in being part of an experience never before. No one else can put an item song in such a film making it so beautifully choreographed, that tight moment you know when Bhallaladeva leaves the rope but that cannot be the end  , that second you know if Bahubali kills Kalakeya , story would be too plain , that subtle humour between Bahubali and Bhallaladeva which can go wrong and many like that

War scenes makes you revere the film with the weapons you can only imagine , strategies you can only envision and action sequences choreographed like you cannot even think of. And he made it to draw inspiration from lots of things we know ; having Devasena captured like Sita and not giving up hope  , Kalakeyas as some kind of Rakshasas (Or as Wildings from Game of Thrones ) , Bhallaladeva as ferociously strengthy as Ravana or Dhuryodhana , Kattappa as ever obedient Bheeshma (or as slave warriors of Game of Thrones ) .

Rajamouli has ensured people be interested and wait with more excitement for next installment by having the unthinkable twist at the end .

Jai Mahishmathi !!! Jai Bahubali !!!

“Manam”dari lo #ANRliveson

Telugu cinema chachipotundi anukuntunna ee tarunam lo ,  Manam laanti oka ageless, timeless cinema teesina Director Vikram ki, manadariki ichina Akkineni kutumbaniki naa paadabhivandanaalu .

Asalu ilaanti idea raavatam ento, ee idea execution ki Akkineni family oppukovatam ento, eppudu lenanthaga Akkineni chaitanya kooda kummeyatam ento, Nagarjuna tana moosa cinemalaki dooramga oka chikkanaina chakkanaina cinema cheyatam ento gaani, idantha Telugu prekshakula punyam, Telugu kalaamatalli adrustam . Ee punyam aa punyapurushidiki aarti ivvatam kanna goppadi ledu.

This has to be the best performance of Nagarjuna ,just a notch less than  Annamayya. Such movies make a complete actor. Initially i was a little apprehensive of Shriya pairing up but that flashback episode cant be made more perfect. That marriage scene where Shriya jumps onto Nagarjuna has to be the best scene of the movie and can watch movie once again just for this one scene.


***Spoilers below *****

The idea of rebirth of parents and children trying to get their parents together is such a lovely idea and has been presented in such a novel fashion that cant believe this is a telugu movie. The thought of interchanging their names for reel life is such a excellent gesture and +10 marks just for that thought. The confrontation scenes between ANR and NagChaitanya and the scenes where all 3 are present gives you some unknown cinematic pleasure.

ANR just makes screen larger than itself and there cant be a better tribute to the legend than this film. Samantha has rocked the first half with both the variations in character and Nagarjuna has excelled in both roles. There is no doubt that there cant be a better actress than Shriya in emoting with eyes. Nag Chaitanya has matured himself by leaps and this will definitely change his prospects. Cameo by Akhil covered what would have been the missing perfect portrait.


The use of clock tower and symbolism of 14 Feb with similar incidents keeps the cinematic values alive. Music and BGM made sure film is not being overboarded and felt lengthy and brought soothing nature to a wonderful effort. Screenplay has been top notch and this movie has to win award especially for screenplay.

I only wished that there were no paranormal memories to bring Samantha and NagaChaitanya together and there could have been an interesting thread . And just wished there would have been less costly vehicles instead of Audi , BMW and a suzuki superbike clashing in climax 🙂 Its heartening to see such costly climax as a car lover . Nagarjuna –NagChaitanya scenes were a little irritating but were compensated with an excellent story thread of Nagarjuna-Samantha.

This movie will be remembered until there is Telugu cinema just like a Mayabazaar, Gundamma katha , Shankarabharanam etc . No words can justify this effort and this better tribute except #ANRLivesOn.

Proud to be a Telugu Cinema goer and Thanks for this film.


PS-  This is from one of the blog of  a movie journalist .

Someone rightly said, ‘Manam isn’t a movie, it’s an emotion.’ I can’t help but smile at that statement. As a movie, it doesn’t really hook you into believing that miracles happen. But then it transcends everything – doubt, consciousness and soul. That’s the emotion which triumphs in the end. In this case, the film which is playing in your mind is different from what you see. And that’s a clear sign that it has transported you into an alternate reality where you begin to explore what you have lost and why life is the only true miracle.” 

1 Nenokkadine – View and Review

First of all, hatsoff to Sukumar and Mahesh Babu for believing in this kind of film making and for all the people who helped make it to a reality. An action thriller with a psychological  disorder angle  is probably the most riskiest movie genre i am aware of. Sir,you have succeeded almost in getting it right in shape. I still remember the goosebumps when i watched Shutter Island or any of Bourne series. The interval bang feeling was same. For the first time, i started thinking and engaging my brain while watching a Telugu movie.


If only this movie was made in Hollywood, it would have been given rave reviews by people who are criticizing it now. I suggest to dub this movie trimming some parts and release in English. This will get more audience and gets the appreciation its worth. People who believe Telugu movies should be about 1 hero, 2 heroines, 3 dialogues each for them, 4 fights, 5 comedy scenes and 6 songs should avoid this movie at any cost.Do not watch it as a Telugu movie , Watch it as a Movie.And most importantly this movie needs some patience and concentration like some of the biggies of Hollywood. This is not even expected from a Telugu movie which marketed itself as a regular potboiler of action, revenge drama.

The interval bang performance is probably the best interval bang i have seen in Telugu movies.Such a cool composed matured performance from Mahesh and he has leaped ahead in his acting prowess with this. The build up given till Interval episode was outstanding . This itself deserves to be made into a movie. The confusion with hallucinations was handled very pretty well. I should appreciate the guts of a director starting the movie on a very serious note . The fight where Rowdies put knife on heroine was exemplary and one of the best action choreography. Of course Goa episode was slightly lagged , but it was needed to put the point through till the interval.The Bank episode was expected and could have been curtailed a little.

Technical values and production extravaganza were top notch and people dont like the movie too dont contend with this fact. BGM was excellent and cinematography was extraordinary. There are too many interlaying threads in the movie and director managed to conclude almost all. I am proud that we have such a director in Telugu Cinema.

For Fans, Mahesh performance would be remembered for ages. Okkadu, Athadu, Pokiri, Khaleja, Dookudu and Nenokkadine would be his top performance roles.Iam glad that he is taking such risks and encouraged Directors and film makers go beyond the boundaries.The single frame of Gautam and Mahesh running would be a treat for all his well wishers.


The way that title credit prop was used to interlink with climax is incredible. The way the parents are revealed in the end is probably the most cinematic thing i have seen in Telugu Cinema. First half is mind blowing and puts your gray cells to work . The use of psychological disorder concept for some scenes is mindblowing for any film making enthusiast.The twist of who really are THE TWO is another gem in the movie.Second half was too many twists . The preclimax encounter with Nazar was riveting and best of Mahesh-Nazar chemistry.

Ofcourse, this movie suffers with Making-it-look-like-a-Telugu-Masala syndrome and cannot escape its clutches. Interval bang is one measure of Telugu movies and this looses grip just after interval. The songs are not even required at places and many think that getting rid of Villains is THE END which this movie bursts the cloud .  Movie can be made into two parts ideally.This is a perfect recipe for a mini series. Twists are too many and audience can loose grip over movie if not convinced with one.

Thanks Sukumar, Mahesh and 14 Reels.

PS- I remember seeing Hans Zimmer name in Music section. Can someone clarify what is his contribution or was i hallucinating 😛

PPS- Some pun below.



The Devils are Back !!!

My Review–cum-Rating-cum-Analysis-cum-Criticism of #AttarintikiDaaredi

Trivikram cinema elaa vundi ani adagadam Avivekam !!!

Pawan Kalyan ela chesaadu ani adagadam Amaayakatvam !!!

Samantha saree lo entha baagundi ani adagadam Sillythanam !!!

There are two hurdles if you want to watch a Pawan Kalyan movie on first day. First, you need to get tickets . There are celebs and even actors in that film couldnt get tickets. Second, you need to be in a theatre which can make you watch full screen and understand the dialogues especially when the movie is of MatalaMantrikudu Trivikram. You know what iam talking about .Yes,about the high flyers and the screams .Even the Prasads Multiplex is not an exception for this Power phenomenon. Atlast, got the tickets and watched it. “Aa kicke Verabba”

First of all hatsoff , to all the Power fans who put extreme restraint in not watching the pirated print which came out .Only PowerStar can pull such an openings even half the cinema is out in advance. “Bayatapadindi Breakfast maatrame , Full meals full screen meede”

Chetilo katti undi eduruga Champalsina manishi unnadu , ainaa champakapovadame Maanavatvam ( from Jalsa)

Net lo print undi, Nalabai nimishaallo download autundi  , ainaa Naalugu rojula taruvaata theatre lo Choodadame Pawanism

Caution : Spoilers ahead !!


The best unnoticed part of Trivikram movies is that Casting is perfect and that actors do it with more ease than any of their previous films.Boman Irani debuts in telugu and who can do the “Devil is Back” scene with that eye winking so elegantly as Boman Irani . Welcome Sir to Telugu Cinema. Who else can pull off the ‘Atta’ character with so much completeness as Nadiya and who else can fit the bill so brilliantly as Kota Srinivasa rao as Siddappa to give that rustic look. Pranita , like a beautiful Bapu Bomma and Samantha , so mesmerizing in that saree and so hypnotic in that song “Ninnu Choodagane” . A tailor made role for Pawan Kalyan and he pulls off movie on his shoulders with so ease that he brings out all his emotions of Tholiprema,Tammudu and his rusticness of GabbarSingh and his elegance of Badri and Jalsa.”Oka Gaddam geesukunna Simham , Oka gaddam geesukoni simham kalisthe …  “

Writing and execution of script was top notch and the scenes of PawanKalyan joining as driver and pre-interval revelation discussion were great. I dont want to reiterate the heartwarming Climax as the best in career of Pawan Kalyan. The scene where Nadiya asks to fill up full tank and Pawan Kalyan taking keys without any hesitation which was used to bring out the interval point, satisfied the critic in me.”Prekshakula Staayini Penche Darshakudu Trivikram”  . Dialogues are as usual thought provoking and spell bounding.

The attapur baba with Kevv Keka parody takes the  front benchers to screendancing   and Ahalya Amayakuralu with Katamarayuda song episode takes the movie to the peaks. Music and BGM are like the soul of this film and Deva devam song in background when hero enters the house is so traditionally apt.Editing of flashback is so picturesque and drove movie whenever needed.That fighting of Rajini style jelled well with the situation and i think only Pawan Kalyan can do that. Thanks for reminding the 90s,80s movies once again .



That scene where Gaganapu song starts and Pawan Kalyan and Mukesh Rushi walks oppositely was so brilliantly taken and that scene where Nadia mentions that family members are dead and Pawan kalyan walks out , only Nadiya watches Sidhu; just Brilliant taking Just before interval, when Nadiya says if these things are planned, you are bad and watch Pawan kalyan histronics change ; Excellently orchestrated. That moment when Nadiya asks Pranita and Samantha to get dressed better and Nadiya dances in joy; splendid to watch.  .In the entire movie, Pawan kalyan doesnt argue with Nadiya . And special thanks to Trivikram sir for having two intro songs which gets amplified with telugu words usage.I actually found out word by word meaning of KatamaRayuda, Deva devam and Gaganapu song . I believe “Narthana shouri means Shiva Thandavam ”

But Guruji, why did Pranita hug/flirt with Pawan Kalyan when she is not in love with him and couldnt Samantha be a little serious when her marriage with Siddappa son is announced.Even though he is mega business magnet, making railway station empty in 15 min is a little overboard. – . My complaints also include that  BASCAR Brahmi could have come on to pitch a little earlier and given more time like in Julayi. And why on earth did the cutest episode of Bava-Maradalu end so soon.  🙁  “Alternate ideas lekapothe criticise cheyakudaduroy ” antaara guruji .. aithe wokay.”

“okka koorala uppu ekkuvaindani Bhojanam cheyadam maanestaama , migata avakaya, guttonkaayi,payasam aasvadistaam” 

“Family mottam kalisi Cinema choodalante cinemaaalu leni eerojullo ,  generations kalisi choodagala cinema teesinanduku Trivikram gaariki; thana image ki oka family entertainer tho  kooda meppistunna  Pawan Kalyan ki , Shatakoti shataabhivandanaalatho , Oka Abhimani “


If you found any download links on the internet please forward them to the following email ids. (or) Else you may also provide the information by calling the below phone number. Ph: Toll Free No- 1800 4250 111 (or) Mobile No. 9490164545.

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Some Desserts as well :

“CONTENT UNNODIKI CUTOUT CHAALU” .. My review of Gabbar singh #tenglish

“Mahesh babu cinema release aithe smart gaa unnada ani adugutaaru, jr ntr cinema release aithe dialogues baaga cheppada ani adugutaaru, allu arjun cinema release aithe dance baaga chesaada ani adugutaaru, prabhas cinema release aithe fights baaga chesaada ani adugutaaru…ade pawan kalyan cinema release aithe tickets dorikaaya ani adugutaaru..”

this was my position when I wanted to watch this movie on this Friday. At last got ticket for 11 45 AM prasads after long struggle.

“ Cinemaki vachina vaadu plate meals kaadu, panchabaksha paramaannaltho velataadu “ . Director Harish Shankar has said this in audio function and its perfectly true in case of all pawan kalyan fans .

This movie rating depends on two factors, one, are you a fan and have u watched dabanng.My ratings  for gabbar singh is as below.

Fan and watched dabanng – 5

Fan and not watched dabanng – 4.9

Not a fan and watched dabangg – 4.3

Not a fan and not have watched dabangg – 4

Overall it’s a great treat to watch pawan kalyan in a tailor made role.

Story is crisp and screenplay is tight. Taking is good and dialogues are awesome. Shruti Hassan role was utilised appropriately and not much to disappoint the ppl who think she doesn’t suit the role. All characters were etched properly.

Songs came at right time and was a treat to watch. Pilla song is the highlight of the film.Fights were choreographed good and not boring. Locations are scenic.A visual treat for all fans when pawan kalyan proved himself to be a decent enough dancer.

Those who haven’t watched should kindly stop here !!!Spoilers ahead.!!!!!


Having watched dabangg , it’s a treat to guess the next step and see whats eliminated and what was retained. Director has retained all the best part of Dabangg and which suits Pawan kalyan. For example, the intro fight of Dabangg would not have suited here and it was changed to suit telugu audience. The minister character was stretched and lover of brother character was removed. Father of heroine was not killed and reformed at the end . Climax was simple and clear. The interval fight was more apt in telugu version.    Saying sorry to brother scene, hospital scene with father was same and was needed to put movie in right track. The marriage scene was made suitable to Telugu audience and more believable. Title was totally justified in first few minutes and movie was tracked all along with

The high point scenes of movie are Antakshari, Muta meshtri  scene , marriage proposal scene,hospital scene with father, marriage scene ,brother tries to kill scene and the awesome-est recovery scene with pawan kalyan cutout. “content unnodiki cutout chaalu “ , “nenu aaaksam laantodini”, “naaku nene poti” , “nenu trend ni follow avvanu ,set chesta “ , “gabbar singh ki faujiyo “ ,”arey o samba “, “eega vaalithe meeru choosukondi, migataadi nenu choosukunta”, “ Jo dhar gaya samjho mar gaya” ,” Aa song vachi padellaindi”  and the best “ naakkonchem tikkundi.. daaniko lekkundi “ …  Every scene has one punch dialogue and some occasional thoughtful ones. Kondaveedu as location was totally apt , was wondering how this would be handled in telugu version.

The scene with doctor where he reverts his father position saying only midly critical reminds us the present doctors in hospitals. “ Meeru maatladataaniki mike unte saripotundi, nenu maatladaaniki saakshaalu, proofs kaavali “ takes a dig at the present reckless media. The imitation of Jeevita Rajasekhar with Rose rose roja puvva in antakshari and subsequent dialogues are a desert for the fans.

Some titbits :

1)       The Harati character is portrayed by none other than Appu of happy days J

2)       All scenic locations are from Pollachi , kerala.

3)       Suhasini and Shruti Hassan are sisters in real life 😛 ( Suhasini maniratnam is the daughter of kamal Hassan brother, charu Hassan )

The only drawbacks I could feel was intro fight and a bit of intro song, dil se song starts abruptly and no necessity of kevv keka song as per story.

PS- Well, this is what I figured after watching it 2 times, one more planned this week. May something more comes up.

PPS-  Gabbar singh is rocking box offices all over the world.US weekend collections are of 600k $ for only reported screens.On Day1 itself, all distributors and financiers have been recovered .On way to smashing records.

To be released on May 18th, “Daruvu” ki already daruvu modalaindi and “Endukante Premanta “ is thinking of “Endukanta releaseanta “  as theatres are not expected to be free. “Eega “ might also need to fly a little bit more to accommodate and stand alone extending by may 30.

Welcome to Tollywood


Tollywood , the telugu cinema as it is called, the film industry which makes highest number of movies in Indian cinema circle .

This post is for non-telugu movie watchers who want to watch some Telugu movies. This is a guide to what movies can be watched as a beginner to Telugu cinema. The criteria for selection are 1) good and interesting story line and not the routine ones  2) Made in recent years  in telugu 3) Not been remaked in Hindi or vice versa  4) Not having extras (:P)  5) Appealing to urban audiences.

These are the movies which I have in mind presently.Pls add anything u want to add in the list.

1)      Arya  – this movie stars Allu arjun and is a completely exciting story line where he puts interesting arguments about love. Watch it to know more.


2)      Arya 2- This movie is a sequel in namesake and is a exciting storyline where he presents interesting arguments about friendship and love.


3)      Manmadhudu(English:Cupid)  – This movie stars Nagarjuna and the main theme is the hero doesn’t like women. Why, how and when he changed and how will he change his opinion again  is the story. Sonali bindre is the heroine.


4)      Athadu (English: He) – This movie stars Mahesh babu and Trisha. Excellent cinematography, screenplay, dialogues, songs and overall a super story. The hero, after being framed in a political murder goes to a village impersonating other guy. How the actual killer is found and other interlinking stories forms part of the movie. Remaked in Hindi as Ek by Bobby doel but nobody has even heard of such a film . Also the worst remake movie I have seen.So better watch in Telugu.


5)      Okkadu(English: One man)  –  This movie stars Mahesh babu and Bhoomika . The story is about how a normal guy gets into factionists way and fights them  to save a girl. Some scenes are superb especially how the hero saves heroine from hundreds of Factionists.


6)      Tagore – Tagore (Chiranjeevi) creates his own vigilante military network called the Anti-Corruption Force (ACF) that eliminates the most corrupt individuals, from all walks of life, in a systematic manner. How a normal constable finds this is the rest of the story and how tagore argues his case in courts is a must watch. This movie has paved political ambitions of Chiranjeevi in Andhra Pradesh.


7)      Leader – This movie is a debut for Rana  . How a corrupt chief minster looses his life and throne is taken by his son, and the son tries to eradicate the corruption in the state.  Superb screenplay and story.


8)      Nenu Meeku Telusa…? (Do I know you)  –  This movie has not been a commercial hit but I found the story too interesting . Aditya (Manoj Manchu) suffers from recurring amnesia, which is the result of an accident in which he loses his father. His memories each day are wiped out by sleep at the end of that day. How two ladies enter his life and what happens next is the story. Screenplay might be a little bleak but worth a watch. Riya sen and Sneha Ullal are heroines.


9)      Gamyam- This movie was a official entry to Oscars from India in 2008. Loosely based on Motorcycle dairies , story is of a rich guy who in search of his girl takes help of a local thief and experiences different things of life.


10)   Happy Days- Happy Days follows the life of male and female college students as they experience love, friendship, and responsibility. The film is set in a typical engineering college in Hyderabad, and revolves around the individual and collective stories of four men and women.


The below list are the other films which almost made the list and can be tried after the above ten.

Aithe(English :So) – excellent screenplay, thriller with a hijack story turning unexpected

Prasthanam(English: The Rise and Fall of a Person)- A politicians rise and fall and relationship with his sons.

Ye maaya chesaave (English: What have you done girl) – A beautiful love story

Dhee- Story of a guy who works with a don and how he saves the don’s sister from rival and falls in love.

Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana (English: If You want to come, Will I Say No) – Story of a NRI who falls in love with a village girl and becomes a farmer to win a challenge by his brother-in-law and his love.

Bommarillu(English: Dollhouse)- The film primarily revolves around the relationship between a father and son, in which the father’s excessive concern for his son, and interference in his life, has led to the latter feeling some bitterness towards his overbearing father. The son’s choices and his desire to achieve something in life are continually overruled by the decisions forced on him by his father.Starring Siddharth and Genelia , the movie is rated as the best screenplay of recent times in telugu cinema.

Aditya 369- A sci-fi film of 1991 made by Singeetam srinivasarao, maker of Pushpak. How a scientist and his daughter , hero(son-in-law)  travel in a time machine to various eras ( 1500 AD and 2200 AD)  and find the where abouts of a diamond.

Magadheera- The film is about a warrior who protects the princess of his kingdom, only to be killed, and born again 400 years later to take his revenge on his enemy. The plot is based on reincarnation. This movie is the highest grosser in telugu cinema till now.

Vedam – The entire movie revolves around 5 principal characters. Cable Raju Allu Arjun is a cable operator from the lower strata of society; Vivek Chakravarthy Manoj Manchu is an upcoming rock star and Saroja Anushka is a sex worker. Manoj Bajpai plays the fourth character of Raheemuddin Qureshi. Nagayya plays the role of a debt-ridden poor weaver who is desperate to get his grandson educated.

This is just my attempt to make a list of good movies in Telugu which are non-conventional and stand aside to other Indian Cinema.

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October To(a)lly

This October has been the kalpataruvu for the Telugu film audience like me; unfortunately none can be said as the greatest in recent times. The fiction oriented Robo , Fan oriented Khaleja , Family oriented Brindavanam and Faction oriented Rakta charitra.

Giving justice to all those facts flouting on internet, Thalaiva released his film on the starting day of the month or as the legend says later , the month started only when Rajini decided to release his movie. Be it people thronging theatres at 4AM for early morning shows or all the theatres in Chennai screening only Endhiran/Robo/Robot  on that weekend or bringing down the Corporate bulletin board servers with analysis and discussions, it was only possible to SuperStar. The Euphoria was magnanimous. The exciting was unmatchable.  It was the Indian cinema’s answer to Terminator+ transformers+Matrix+Hulk  to the power of  Spielberg’s A.I. With an unprecedented making price and on-par Hollywood animatronics, its definitely the magnam opus of both Shankar and Rajini. Whatever Rajini can’t do in as a human being hero, did them by becoming the Chitti,the robot. Aishwarya supplemented whatever the audience need.

Rajini is more than familiar to Telugu audience and rose to stardom in Tollywood with Basha. Similar to what he says in that film, his one film was enough for him to gain stardom of hundred films in Tollywood. Followed by superhits like  Arunachalam,Dalapati,muttu  and Narasimha paved his Rahadari for box office collections in Andhra Pradesh. Chandramikhi and Shivaji made him the prime star of Tollywood.  So, when a Rajini movie is released, it’s also a festival for Telugu audience.

Robo showed Rajini on unbelievable scale with both protagonist and antagonist. Right from Chandramukhi and Shivaji, it was the second character of Rajini which entertained the most. Same case was here, where the second half was entirely Rajini mania on screen on various shapes and sizes. My only regret is that I was not able to see it in 3D and film could have come in 2 parts. If only it was, imagine the euphoria for Robo-2  3D !!     Priceless.!!

Next came the bumper combination with the most prolific screen writer and most handsome actor of Tollywood , Trvikram Mahesh Khaleja. Even though the film raked a slight negative talk in beginning, it plunged back like the regular trivikram movies. It was much of a one-man show of Mahesh babu with his best acting role till now. New style of dialogue delivery, new style of his dances, new style of dressing, it was pretty much his movie than Trivikram’s.  Even the comedy part was taken care by him with ‘Comedy cheste nene cheyyalroyi ‘ . The portrayal of heroine as less intelligent like earlier Trivikram movies  didn’t work quite well  for the director as the heroine has done some powerful characters earlier.

The story was great. Screenplay was bleak. Dialogues were directionless.If only sada siva song came at more appropriate timing, if only Kota Srinivas rao had a bigger role, If only Brahmanandam was given a better comic role in addition to  Abhayahastam scene,If only songs didn’t start abruptly,if only had a better climax movie would have been very much big bumper hit.

So, when the class hero Mahesh babu tried with to do a mass character, the Mass movie king, Jr.NTR came with a class character in Brindavanam .  The movie was a routine comedy-sentiment-family audience oriented with a slightly different story. As it doesn’t have any negative points, it is being dubbed as safe bet with cine goers and raking collections at box office.Gracious Samantha,Kewl kajal and Bommarillu fatherBbrahmi are enough for the movie to have good feel.

The month also has seen a comeback for RGV to Telugu audience with Rakta charitra. Even though the facts have been slightly deviated to make screenplay streamline, it was a rare showcase of violence in so much grandeur. With such a gripping screenplay, it showcased why RGV is still admired in film circles. The part 2 to be released on Nov 26 has to reach very high expectations now.

This November is also a litmus test for the second tier of scions of Tollywood megas.Kalyan ram Katthi and Orange are releasing this month. Followed by Nagarjuna’s two films in December and Venkatesh’s Chandra mukhi -2 are on the way.So, loads of entertainment on the way.

Long live Tollywood.!!

Remembering Ghajini…


I guess watching Ghajini in Hindi was not a film feast for a viewer who has already done it in telugu or tamil. But Amir was at his best at some places, especially while acting like a 15-minute guy. For me the film looked like watching a dubbing film. Asin would have done with ease as the movie has same dialogues just translated from the southie version.Jiah Khan did her justice to the role whereas Nayantara was not received well in the murugudoss previous attempt.I don understand y even the dialgoues were same . The camera angles were also same.The story was told to be same but not to this extent.They must have changed some scenes and added more flavor. The climax was made smooth and simple which made a mess in the previous version. The Villain adorned a double role which made the telugu/tamil version climax, the worst part of the film. Coming to the music charts, the scores are to be equal for the guru-disciple duo,Rehman and Harris Jayraj.

There are many points I appreciate and they certainly needs to be kudos qualified ones. The lyrics by prasoon joshi were an highlight and top class. If it have would been the Amir in QSQT or some 90’s movie , it would have been a great spectacle to watch the flashback romance on the screen. Surya was perfect in that role. Also the name GHAJINI was justified in the hindi version, whereas we donno y the name came up in the actual one.The song picturisation was perfect and u cant expect something better than this. The Hindi version scored well in the areas of stunts and climax. Stunts were excellently done and a new version of Amir can be seen. The heroine introduction song and the name of film to be named after villain are certainly plus points to go well with bolly audiences.

Anyways it was a very good movie in the recent days and also a great movie to watch if u have not seen it in other language.  The same was the case of many remakes .

India in 2020.[funny 1..]..

Hi, this is vams and u r enjoying the evening news bulletin on TV198. The time is 30 minutes past 12.[[[The number of News channel increased so much that the the number tv’X’ has reached four letters and every channel is telecasting its prime time news bulletin in a slot which doesn’t clash with other. this channel has to movie its prime time slot to 12:30..indeed a tough competition for them]]] ..

The price of the Oil barrel in the international market crossed 750$ each. The 43 party led coalition government immediately held a top priority cabinet meeting and discussed the further course of action to tackle the increasing crude oil prices. The meeting ended with all the parties decided to meet again in next month and discuss the issue. This is the third time the coordination committee meeting resulted in nothing but deciding the date for the next meeting..

Sarkar Rajjjjjjjjjjjj [13 j’s] ,the 13th sequel of the super hit movie Sarkar is releasing tommorrow. The debut director, Ram Gopal varma’s son Rajesh Gopal varma is following the footsteps of his father and is extremely confident of the movie as he is casting the grandson of Amitabh and son of Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachhan’s, the new style icon of the bollywood, “Amishek Bachhan”. The Jr.RGV says the plot is very well knit and he assures that there will be no scenes taken from either some Malayalam movie as the assassin of the 2nd Sarkar series or the Great Godfather movie from where all the plot of Sarkar and some scenes of sarkar raj were imitated by his father.Audience hope to see at least some number of scenes where there is some light in it.

South Indian SuperStar Rajinikanth signs a movie with the newbie of the corporate movie production house, kamishiko koto.The CEO of Kamishiko koto says that they are very much impressed by the collections of the movies of superstars in Japan and Korea and want to make a movie with him. The talks with legendary steven speilberg as the director are going on and the movie is gonna based on the dinosaurs.[[Can we expect a dinosaur doing some rajini style mannerisms. :P]].

The BCCI today announced a new pattern of playing cricket with the new proposed idea of five star cricket. Each team would be playing a 5 over innings and make would be of two innings for each side. BCCI commissioner said that people are now a days loosing interest in cricket and now they are not in a mood to even accommodate and enjoy twenty twenty style of cricket. The corporates are already eager to take the franchisee of the teams and are making negotiations with the BCCI.

Thank you. Have a good nite.