Majestic and Magnificent Hampi – a travelogue

“ With fire and sword, with crow bars and axes, they carried on day after day their work of destruction. Never perhaps in the history of the World has such havoc been wrought, and wrought so suddenly, on so splendid a city, teeming with a wealthy and industrious population in the full plentitude of prosperity one day, and on the next seized, pillaged and reduced to ruins, and scenes of savage massacre and horrors begging description.”

Robert Sewell  in his book "The Forgotten empire"  on the plunder aftermath Battle of Talikota and the downfall of the majestic , magnificent Vijayanagara empire.Folklore says, in the capital city of Vijayanagara , the loot continued for 6 months day in and day out.

Every ruin has a story. Every monument hides more than what it reveals. Every building throws a glimpse of majestical  Vijayanagara times.

10730842_10153357860049829_5958414461527959296_nA view from Matanga Hill of Krishna Temple which was constructed after Vijayanagara empire victory over King of Odisha.

The Vijayanagara Empire  was an empire based in South India, in the Deccan Plateau region. It was established in 1336 by Harihara I and his brother Bukka Raya I of Sangama Dynasty. The empire rose to prominence as a culmination of attempts by the southern powers to ward off Islamic invasions by the end of the 13th century. It lasted until 1646 although its power declined after a major military defeat in 1565 by the Deccan sultanates. The empire is named after its capital city of Vijayanagara, whose ruins surround present day Hampi, now a World Heritage Site in Karnataka, India.

The architecture style has been prominent and inspired later Hindu temple constructions.The empire’s patronage enabled fine arts and literature to reach new heights in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit, while Carnatic music evolved into its current form.

Sri Krishnadevaraya is most prominent ruler of the empire and presided over the empire’s zenith.Known to almost every Telugu household as Rayala vaaru and the man behind “Rayalaseema”  nomenclature , built the magnificient Hampi . Sri Krishnadevaraya and Tenali Ramakrishna are Telugu’s own Akbar-Birbal twosome.

Our trip started with we luckily getting upgraded to AC 3 tier from SL and getting down at Hospet Railway station (Northern Karnataka ) on the next day morning. We booked rooms in Lakshmi Heritage Hotel (which met our expectations ) in Hampi Bazaar , the downtown Hampi. Hampi is 13 km from Hospet and one can stay in Hotels there. Hampi is one of 15 UNESCO heritage site cities in India and frequented by more foreigners than Indians. We have met people from atleast 8-10 countries from  Europe to Russia to Japan. There are decent enough restaurants serving all kinds of cuisines (Continental, Israeli, Chinese, Indian ) to cater to foreign tourists and autowallahs, roadside vendors speak English ,French,Spanish better than Telugu. One can see guides explaining History coupled with Puranas at the ruined temple sites to foreign tourists.

10520824_10153357781644829_8842374072094336653_n (1) Early morning sunrise view of Achyutaraya temple from Matanga Hill

There are numerous points to visit in Hampi if you get yourselves into listening Autowallahs or guides. We , decided to do one day tour with a autowallah (typically charges 800 INR per day ) and covered some places . Next day explored places on our own. One can skip some places as many are temples, if not interested.One can get a map of Hampi ruins online or can buy a small guide for 10-20 Rs once you land there.

Major sites are Main Virupaksha temple near Hampi Bazaar , Vittala temple where Sun chariot and Musical Mantap is located , Monolithic statue temples to showcase the proficiency of artists at that time,  Matanga Hill for a super sunrise hike , Achyutaraya temple for the photography enthusiasts , Tungabhadra river banks for an awesome early morning hike ,  Hazari Rama temple for some sculptural majesty,  Malyavantha temple for another top view of Hampi, Anjandari hillock for a grand Hampi view , Sunset point for a surreal experience, Kings and Queens buildings mixed with Hindu and Muslim Architecture, and Royal Enclosure and surroundings(Lotus Mahal, Elephants stable)  to showcase how a kingdom existed. Every place has a story ,importance and vitality of its own. We havent covered some we thought would be not so great.

The Archaeological Survey of India museum at Kamalapura exhibits some of the relics excavated and throws light on some of the grand efforts of our archaeologists in excavations which brought the ruins out. The grandeur of the empire can be understood in the literary works of various foreign visitors during Vijayanagara time presented there. It is said that Diamonds , Gold and metals were sold on Streets of Vijayanagara Hampi.


1399336_10153357794679829_4552896957631235464_oEarly morning view of Achyutaraya temple on hike way to Vittala Temple.

All pics courtesy : Sawant Tandle



Stone Chariot temple at UNESCO World Heritage site Vittala Temple



A Stepwell near Royal Enclosure (You should see the Before excavation and After Excavation pic of these )



Main Virupaksha temple , the central point of present day Hampi


1496662_10153357847909829_6354892739794176684_nTungabhadra river and the ruins on its riverbank


  • Do explore both sides of Tungabhadra river. Unfortunately, the round ‘teppa’ boats are not in use now.
  • Do take the bicycle or motorbike on rent and have some fun in lush green rural atmosphere . The distance between the sites are sometimes more than 5 km .
  • Do take good sunglasses, a head cap and some water bottles for hike trails.
  • Do explore other cuisines in Hampi restaurants.
  • Do take pride in so many foreigners visiting an Indian Heritage place.


  • Do not expect your cell coverage to be present in Hampi .Exception: BSNL.
  • Do not take any winter clothes even during severe winters.Not much use there.
  • Do not expect pictures to do justice to show the majestical nature of Vijayanagara empire.


PS : Complete Album of pics : Magnificent Hampi

PPS: I think i now have a plot for an awesome novel/ fantasy film 😛

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I still remember the way i cursed shaoib akhtar  when you got out after blitzkrieg 98 against Pakistan in  World Cup 2003.

I still remember the goose bumps when i watched your Sharjah desert storm innings .

I still remember the day when you  scored 200* , listening to the live commentary by calling up a friend , cursing myself for working till late, and later messaging every body “ Happy Sachin Day”

I still remember the efforts and adventures i put in to watch an IPL match live just to see you.

I still remember , my early childhood, running to the nearby store to get the batteries for the radio as electricity was off.

Thankyou Sachin for all those moments and memories.ThankYou.

This is my humble tribute to the man who made me feel joy, feel happy, feel nervous, feel exhilarated,feel accomplished, feel celebrated and at last brought tears in my eyes today.


Every young boy in India wants to bat like Sachin, be like Sachin or at best one fortunate just be able to take an autograph to make his own life complete.

He does what our national anthem could never do, what stories of our freedom struggle could never do, what our national leaders over all these years could not even some close to, and to an extent what even Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t manage to do. He brings Indians together. Sachin Tendulkar is one and the only thing India unites on. Be it Hindus, Muslims, North Indians, South Indians, Living in India, NRIs, guys, girls, the urban high rise city folks or the farmer in the village, when Sachin is in 90s we all have but one wish in our hearts.

Probably the only person who is known more than the sport he plays. He is the only  person who can make cricket fans cheer for his earlier wicket. A person who is capable of freezing the Indian Time.The only person who can crash cricinfo servers.A man who turned a sport into an art. He is the anti-depressant for a nation.He is the man who can control the raging crowd in a stadium . Records are just a reverberation of his talent.   He is a Habit . He is the closest i know to GOD .

sachin 3

PS- There is a popular opinion that Dravid has been shadowed over Sachin in all this fame. Iam a big dravid-follower myself, but when Rahul Dravid says “Sachin is my inspiration “ , there should be no further thoughts. DOT.

Sachin is like the poetry of the cricket and Dravid is like the grammar of Cricket”.

Some parts of this blogpost are taken from here .

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No TiTle..

It was very kewl to see that my blog has a triple digit visit count . I didn chek out my blog from almost Jan when it has some 600+ visits , and now iam really surprised to see so many visits in this three months . Thankfully wordpress offers statistics of what was the the most seen blog post and what google search lead a visitor to my blog. So the answer came out be the blog posts on gtalk custom messages and my placement experiences were most visited with both accouting to almost 200 + visits each in this whole . Also the blog post on telugu movies was the next most viewed one with some 100+ visits. Rest i donno . as this wordpress gives u only top posts. Iam really delighted to see the count and i wish i would blog more often.


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25 must watch telugu movies

I was just doing my regular timepass of browsing and thought would do some googling on telugu movies.I searched for “top telugu movies”.The results came out to be sites to download movies and some movie news sites contradicting my expectations of having a list of top tolly movies.So , thought y would i compile one,after all i have more than enough movies till now.

So , here goes my top 25 list and an extra 5 which i like some portions of the movie very much.

Missamma(1955) – Until i saw this movie , i hated watching old movies. But changed my opinion after watching this. Became a fan of savitri. The songs remain extremely popular to this day, casting a magical spell over the listeners. Live wire performances by Savithri, NTR and ANR make this movie a thorough entertainer.

Maya Bazaar(1957) -the ultimate stands by its own way. The most perfect and impressive work of Cinematography, till date in Tollywood. I wont say much about it as people who have seen the film can understand it and if you have not seen the film then i pity you.

Sagara Sangamam(1983)–the performances of Dr.Kamal and jayaprada makes u stuck to the seat..A master piece from K.Viswanath.

Anveshana (1985)–the best thriller in tollywood till date..bhanupriya at her best..excellent background score by ilayaraja..

Chantabbai(1986)–a jandhyala classic with the the splendid performances of chiranjeevi and suhasini..every character has its own strength..a 200% perfect comedy..

Pushpaka vimanam(1988)-the commendable performance of kamal hasan makes this silent movie a legendary one..kudos to singeetam ..

Swarna Kamalam(1988)-another masterpiece from K.Viswanath.

Geetanjali(1989)–an excellent work of cinematography and a brilliant music from the maestro ilayaraja…best of mani ratnam.

Jagadeka veerudu atiloka sundari(1990)—the best socio fantasy in tollywood ..the best combination ever possible …chiranjeevi with sridevi.produced by aswini dutt and directed by raghavendra rao..

Aditya 369(1991)-the one and only sci-fi movie in telugu film industry till now..a splendid work of singeetam srinivasarao..the only best film of Bala krishna..

Appula apparao(1991)–the superb comedy of rajendra Prasad..watched tens of times..

Kshana kshanam(1991)–the best of RGV in my view.with sridevi in lead role and best role ever.u cant expect better than this in tollywood ..

Aa okkati adakku(1993)–the jandhyala classic..rajendra prasad at best with rambha in lead role..what else..beautiful comedy..

Annamayya(1997)–the best performance from nagarjuna..made a wave in tollywood.made the industry struck to basics of feeling the inner pulse of audience.

Kushi(2000)–The best of the power star and bhoomika..superb concept,screenplay and direction.

Nuvve nuvve(2002)–i still cant forget the laddu-pandu sequence of sunil and ms excellent work of trivikram with shriya in the lead..what more do u require..a perfect comedy ….u cant forward even a bit while watching even after 10 times…

Amma nanna oka tamilammayi(2003)–a movie which makes u feel watching atleast once more..

Nuvvu naaku nachav(2003)–powered by trivikram dialogues, performances by venkatesh ,prakash raj,suhasini..and the beauty of arti agarwal. and excellent screenplay…complete entertainer..

Okkadu(2003)–When i heard it has faction elements in movie..i was thumb struck how maheshcan be a factionist.OMG..cant watch..But it turned out to be too good that i watched 2 shows on opening day itself..{bunking all classes..doing adventures. another big story}

Tagore(2003)–Only chiranjeevi could do it..dats it…

Anukokunda oka roju(2005)–One of the best works you can see in Telugu film, with a dark theme and colour used to capture the atmosphere and pulse of the audience…a suspense thriller ..charmi at her best..excellent screenplay by chandrasekhar yeleti…

Athadu(2005)–the perfect blend of trivikram,mahesh,trisha and ofcourse brahmi…one of best movie of recent times…techincally,the best climax of tollywood…

Godavari(2006)–this is the best i had seen in recent years.shekhar kammula rocks..cinematography at its best showcasing the beauty of godavari..

Pokiri(2006)–made a new style of making movies and picturising hero had almost every element required for the tollywood audience to enjoy..

Sri ramadasu(2006)–another best from the raghavendra rao and nagarjuna combo… a musical epic…

the xtra five..

takkari donga(2002)–the scenic locations and lisa ray along side bipasha basu..the second cowboy movie of tollywood….

nuvvu vastanante nenu vaddantana(2005).—trisha rulez..a perfect entertainer..

manmadhudu(2002)–trivikram dialogues and sonali bindre rulez..

malliswari(2004)–superb comedy..

ghajini(2005)–the flashback is the best love story i have ever seen…

Bommarillu(2006)..this is what i call screenplay..reverberating

performances of prakash raj, siddharth, and jenelia makes it a perfect film.


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Please add in comments with any new movies you want to be added into the list.
This post is written in 2006 and might be old by now 🙂

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Osama bin laden is happy!!!!:satan::D

yea, why not?? One, his long lasting enemy bush is going down and a name rhyming with his name is coming to power. It can be now Obama vs. Osama, if everything happens as the plans and aspirations of the democrats of the world most powerful nation of the planet.

Mr. Barrack Obama, the Arizona senator, a noname before 2 years is emerging as the new icon of the American aspirations and dreams as the media and the democrats say. After the Hillary Rodham Clinton support for his candidature, he is now ready to tackle the weakest republican rival, McCain. But analysts say that you can’t tell anything until the D-Day occurs. McCain on the other hand is leaving no stone unturned .He is trying to rope Jindal as his inmate to cash the Indian votes, already has a lot of experience in politics and politricks and has the support of all the republicans in the country. There’s also a probability that all those who supported Mrs.Clinton till now may not be willing to support Obama and can vote for McCain.

But its time to India to have somewhat disgrace if Obama wins, as he is not like Bush and Clinton who have been the driving force for the emerging Indianness in Americas. Now, even the well sought Nuke Deal will have a setback even from the American side. And there may be some effect also on the H1B s, as Obama manifesto suggests to cut down immigration.

The match is now tight and its not a surprise if it results in a one ball one run victory for Mr.Obama. All we could do is sit straight and hope for better Indo-US ties in next 8 years.:)

Disclaimer: This author is a novice in blogging a. So mistakes can creep in. The author doesn’t have any responsibility for those and will try to work out better in latter blog posts.

some love quotes…:)[my creation].

It is a nuero-cardiac fatal state where ur body temperature goes on increasing… u cant sleep properly and peacefully..u cant eat watever u want..u cant do watever u want to do ..even if u do , u don do it in normal way …even u cant dress watever u want to..u r higly dependent on others or others rul ur life ..:( ……..May be this is called LOVE…..
If u can live an extra Hour by seeing her face, an additional day by her smile, a month by her touch, a year by her kiss ..then shez the one for u …
Copyright: VamS.

Got a missed call.. whoz dis???

Many a times we get unknown missed calls and have no guesses abt whoz dis..??

Atleast the cellular region and operator could giv us som idea abt that call.

So here’z the link for cellular codes in India..

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