Movie Musings

These are the movies i watched in recent times. and my personal ratings 🙂

Last Updated:  April 2018

Bharat Ane Nenu- 4/5
Extraordinary handling of commercial aspects and message oriented thoughts in this movie. Hatsoff to Mahesh babu for agreeing to take this up. Love how social issues are highlighted in the movie especially the local governance one.

Rangasthalam – 4/5

Another excellent movie from the king of screenplay , Sukumar. The way he created 1980s Telugu village is mindblowing . Extraordinary performances from Ram Charan , Samantha and other actors.

Bhagamathie – 3.5/5

Engaging screenplay.Yet another solid performance from Anushka.


December 2014

Mukunda – 2/5
One point for Teluguness in the movie. One point for Music.One point for Villain’s character. Minus one point for not able to handle other characters.

Chinnadaana Neekosam – 3/5
Super good first half. Dull second half . Nitin tries a emotional character and it suits.

PK (Hindi) – 4/5
A silly and simplistic way of questioning religious business in India.

Lingaa (Telugu) – 2.5/5
Only Rajini. Good have presented better.Music is a big letdown.Flashback could have been cutdown.

Second Hand(Telugu) – 2/5
Some timepass with some good dialogues.Dealing with relationships. Short film-ish.

Kaththi(Tamil) – 4/5

stylishmaking with a social message.Vijay rocks.A R Muragadoss double rocks.

Interstellar – 5/5

I wish i could have been an astronomer.

Karthikeya (Telugu) – 3.5/5

Good script and dialogues.Engaging till the end but a slight disappointment in the end .

Ustad Hotel (Malayalam) – 4.5/5
Excellent performances and script.Iam glued to the music .

Raja Rani(Telugu)  – 3.5/5
Excellent script and acting performances.Deals a critical point of relationships so smoothly. But movie a tad slow.

Jigarthanda (Tamil)  – 4/5

Never i saw a gangster film so awesomely taken, so mass-y , so musical and so entertaing.

Govindudu andari vaadele (telugu) – 3/5
Krishna Vamsi is back with a decent family emotional entertainer.Charan has emoted well . As usual Krishna vamsi takes cares of showing heroines glamorously

Aagadu (Telugu) – 3/5
Spl review for this
Aagadu cinema parledu bhayya.. mari bad ga em ledu..Balakrishna cinema laa untundi action. reaction bharinchaali..
— Dialogues dosage, Dookudu drama drag ekkuvai damage ayyindi ..
— Any situation, any emotion, same sound combination, SS Thaman.. Velaparam vachesindi..
–Update avvandra ani cheppichi srinu vaitla update avvadam marchipoyaadu ..
Hey,, nenu vesesaa 😛

Haider (HIndi) – 4.5/5
Brilliant film on Kashmir background .
Bang Bang (Hindi) – 2.5/5
Boring action film but with some good subtle moments. Faithful remake of knight and day .
Bangalore Days (Malayalam) 4.5/5
Fantastic film on relationships . Must watch.

Pratinidhi (Telugu ) – 3/5
Interesting story line of kidnapping a Chief minister which leads to some insightful economic thoughts of present India. Excellent writing. Tailor made for Nara Rohith voice.

power (Telugu) – 2.5/5

Perfect mass entertainer from Ravi teja once again.

Galipatam (Telugu) – 2.5/5

Interesting concept of getting back to exes after marriage .
A tad bit emotional but with necessary humor in the movie.

Lucia (Kannada) – 4.5/5
Excellent take on lucid dreaming and probably the first successful crowdsourced film.

Mary Kom (Hindi)- 4.5/5
Best sports film in Hindi.Probably the first time i have seen crowd giving a standing ovation and stand for national anthem in a theatre.
Grand budapest hotel (3.5/5)
Nice timepass if you have nothing to do . Interesting comedy of world war era.

Run raja run (Telugu) – 3.5/5
Fresh love story with some good twists . Colourful taking makes it a pleasant watch.

Non-Stop – 4/5
Good thriller . Liam Neemson.

Bobby Jasoos (Hindi) – 3/5
Except some theatrics here and there, nothing much to offer . Hyderabadi accent was used to the core and i loved it.

How to Train your Dragon 3D – 4/5
Good effects. good watch.

Autonagar Surya (Telugu) – 2.5/5

Excellent dialogues.A cinematic movie. Too much violence.

Transformers : Age of Extinction 3D – 3/5
Good timepass

Drushyam (Malayalam) – 4.5/5
Probably the best thriller i have seen.

Manam ( Telugu) – 4.5/5

proud that this is a telugu movie. There cant be better tribute to ANR.

X- Men :Days of future past – 4/5
Best of X Men series.

Race Gurram(Telugu) -3.5/5
Surender reddy doesnt disappoint. Allu Arjun at his best.Comedy Riot .

Legend (Telugu) -3.5/5
Balayya is back with a bang . One man show.

Queen(Hindi) – 4/5
Kangana ranaut owns the screen. Treat to watch.

Captain America:The winter solider – 3.5/5
My first of this series. Decent entertainer.

Bangaru Kodipetta(Telugu) – 3.5/5
Decent entertainer.but looks like short film genre.

300:Raise of an empire – 3/5
Okay one.

Paisa (Telugu) -3/5
Can expect much more from a director like Krishna Vamsi. Good one but doesnt reach expectations.
Pandavulu pandavulu Tummeda (Telugu) – 3.5/5
Good entertainer. Manchu family pulled out some decent stuff 🙂

Yevadu (Telugu) -3/5
Some timepass. Good twists.

One – Nenokkadine (Telugu) – 4.5/5
An excellent effort, Thanks to Mahesh Babu and 14 reels. Kriti Sanon is perfect for Mahesh . One of the best interval episodes.

Uyyala Jampala (Telugu)  – 3.5/5
A perfect telugu movie , fun watching it.

Dhoom 3 (hindi) -4/5
Leave out logic and you are okay to watch this .

Venkatadri Express(Telugu) – 4/5

Super Comedy ,excellent sensible script and screenplay.Laughed out so hard after long time while watching a telugu movie in theatre.

Masala (Telugu) – 3/5
Some excellent comedy and perfectly suits venky. Typical VijayBhaskar-esque. Looses the excellent plot by doing some extras and loosing it.
Ramleela(Hindi) – 3.5/5
A-rated.Atlast Deepika padukone started acting. Excellent chemistry between lead pair. Bhansali doesnt disappoints with his colourfullness.

Madras Cafe (Hindi) – 4.5/5
An excellent portrayal of a truth. Takes some time to goove you in.

IronMan3 -4.75/5
Cursing myself that i didnt watch it in 3d.

Pursuit of Happiness – 3.5/5
Extraordinary acting by Will and Jade . Gives you hope to stick on doing things.

Doosukeltha (Telugu) – 3/5
Second half super comedy.First half ok if you can tolerate the hero.

Shuddh Desi Romance (Hindi) -3.5/5
Excellent script and acting . In love with Parineeti Chopra. But movie doesnt makeyou watch it again . A saturated script.

Atharintiki Daaredi(Telugu) – 4/5

Full Timepass. Dasara is early for Telugu households. For fans, its dasara+diwali.
Trivikram cinema elaa vundi ani adagadam Avivekam !!!
Pawan Kalyan ela chesaadu ani adagadam Amaayakatvam !!!
Samantha saree lo entha baagundi ani adagadam Sillythanam !!!

Anthaku Mundu aa Taruvaata(Telugu)  – 3.5/5
Good portrayal of delicate human emotions.

Chennai Express(Hindi) – 1.5/5
Bokwaas timepass. Can finish off this movie in 30 min if can be forwarded.

Ship of Thesus – 4.5/5
A movie which needs to be watched at any cost. Intellectual , Stimulating , thought provoking,Philosophical

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – 4/5
Feel the goosebumps . A brilliant portrayal. Farhan Akhtar is the underrated perfectionist .

OM3D (Telugu) – 2.5/5
You dont need 3d for such a normal story . But it was a good execution. Ok watch.

Sahasam (Telugu) – 4/5
Sahasam is one movie which is executed brilliantly but in the end feel like there are no desserts in the feast meal.Tickles the treasure hunting fantasy.Spl kudos to art director .

Balupu (Telugu)  – 3.5/5
RaviTeja is back with a bang.Super Interval situation.Comedy is good.

Lootera (Hindi) – 3/5
Sonakshi was good . Movie starts with an interesting premise and is good till Interval.Starts as an art film and ends as a art film.Only for Critics.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (Hindi) – (3/5)
Good Timepass.

Ashuiqui 2(Hindi)  – 3.5/5
Excellent musical film.Really loved watching the film.

Premakatha Chitram(Telugu) – 3.5/5
Humurous horror film . Never has someone used a ghost to generate so many laughs.

Iddarammayilatho (Telugu)  – 2.5/5
Good fights and song picturisations.  A story of such nature doesnt require such extravagant budget . Climax is poorly executed.
“Thankyou for watching this movie ” by Poori Jagannadh is completely justfied at the end credits. Atleast audience should expect thanks for bearing his work for 2.5 hours

Jurassic Park 3D -3/5
Loved watching this movie again in 3D format.

Life of Pi – 4.5/5
One movie i regret for not watching it in 3D.Must watch .

Hobbit – 3.5/5
As expected, Didnt disappoint.

Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde (telugu ) – 4/5
Tight screenplay and very good performances . Loved watching it.

Special 26 (Hindi) – 3/5
Very good screenplay . Ofcourse, half the screen time is just Akshay walking.

Baadshah (Telugu) –  2.5/5
Hahah,, good use of inception parody . As usual Srinu Vaitla comedy and nothing else .

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (Hindi) – 3.5/5
Rusticness at its best. Liked it.

Swamy Ra Ra (Telugu) – 3.5/5
Very good screenplay .Very good watch.

Race 2 (Hindi) – 2.5/5
Just timepass.

Jabardasth (Telugu ) – 3/5
GOod entertainer. Nitya Menon has a very good role.

Mirchi (Telugu ) – 3.5/5
Good timepass and entertainer.the first telugu superhit of 2013 .

Viswaroopam (Telugu) – 3.5/5
Thank you Kamal hassan sir for giving a leap to Indian film making.

Ongole Githa (Telugu) – 1.5/5
No , i dont believe this director made Bommarillu. Too bad execution.

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (Telugu)  – 2.5/5
Too much hyped but a pleasent movie .

Naayak (Telugu) – 2.5/5
Good timepass . Comedy entertainer.

David Billa (telugu) – 2.5/5
Pretty serious film for telugu audience. Good screenplay .

Brothers (telugu ) 3.5/5
K V Guhan always makes plot thicken movies and doesnt disappoint . Somewhere got too complex.Excellent performance by Surya and graphics work is commendable.

Yamudiki mogudu (Telugu) -3/5
Good timepass. Allari Naresh is back on track.

Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu (Telugu) – 2.5/5
Samantha ..Nothing else . Planning to cut the movie with all good cheerful scenes .

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum (Telugu) – 3/5
Good plot lost somewhere in the middle .

Routine Love story (Telugu ) – 3.5/5
Liked it. Sandeep Kishan is a good natural actor .

Dhamarukam (Telugu) – 3.5/5
Somehow i liked this movie may be because iam a semi atheist. Good performance by Villain.

Dhenikaina Ready (Telugu ) -3.5/5
See,i told you, the only way for any of Manchu brothers movie to be good is that Mohan Babu should not be involved in it. A good entertainer.

Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu (Telugu)  – 2.5/5
Good message oriented but ruined with a bad screenplay.

Rebel (Telugu)  – 1.5/5
Horrible mess of a movie . Lawrence cant make nice movies .

Avunu(Telugu) – 3/5
Good small horror movie

Life is Beautiful (Telugu) -2.5/5
Same formula doesnt work everytime Dear Shekhar sir.

Sudigadu (Telugu) – 2/5
Too much of anything is always bad. 2 stars for some occassional good parodies.

Andala Rakhsasi (Telugu ) – 3.5/5
Awesome songs and picturisation of movie. The hard work of technicians can be seen on screen. Could have been better if screenplay is little more tight.

Dabangg 2 – (2.5/5)
Magic doesnt work again. Need more substance to engage audience.

Talaash (Hindi) -3.5/5
Not an Amirkhan-esque movie . But a good one.

Son of Sardaar (Hindi) -2/5
Another Bad remake of a good telugu movie.

Student of the Year (Hindi)  – 2.5/5
Just timepass.Not bad.

Good Will hunting – 3.5/5
Not sure why missed it in my college days.

Dead Poets Society – 4/5
Why did no one suggested me to watch this movie in college days.
English Vinglish (Hindi)  – 4/5
Sridevi as awesome as ever.What more you want .

Oh My God (Hindi)  -4/5
Awesome arguments . Must watch for atheists 😛

Barfi (Hindi)  -3.5/5
Enjoyed the movie .

Argo – 3.5/5

A very good suspense thriller. Not sure if that really happened like that. But movie was made too good.

Gangs of Wasseypur 2 (Hindi) – 4/5

Never has violence been showing so entertaining on Indian screen.

Ek Tha Tiger (Hindi) – 3/5

Good Attempt.Katrina Kaif stunts are plus. No complicated story.Mixing bolly romance with James Bond.

Lovely (Telugu ) – 2/5

Just timepass. Good comedy though.

Julayi (Telugu) – 2.5/5

Trivikram movies either go over the head or give a headache.Not sure which one is this. But one time defintely watchable for that awesome dialogues and complete makeover of Allu arjun.

Jism2 (Hindi) -1 /5

Waste of time. Except Sunny Leone 😛

Housefull 2 (Hindi) – 1.5/5

Bakwaas. Timepass. 0.5 for each heroine.

EEGA (Telugu)  – 4/5.

Watch it for sure.

Gangs of Wasseypur -Part1 (Hindi) – 3.5/5
Indian version of Godfather. Movie takes some time to get into you. Climax reminds us of Godfather.Awesome taking,gripping screenplay. Excited to watch part2.

Journey (Telugu) – 4/5
Two super love stories with a social message.Excellent screenplay and super attempt.Must watch.

Amazing Spiderman – 3/5

More romance in this edition. Watch in 3d for good experience. Andrew Garfield is better than Tobby mcguire.

Teri Meri Kahaani (hindi)  – 2.5/5

Watch this movie if you have nothing to do . Good acting by Shahid kapoor in all 3 variations. Loved the 1960 part and 1910 part.

Endukante Premanta (Telugu)  – 2/5

Another telugu movie undermining the intelligence of audience. Should have atleast tried to make it a perfect artistic movie rather than commercial one. Tamannah should get some brownie points for trying different stories.

Oka romantic crime katha (telugu) – 1/5

Very bad concept. Wrong marketing. Directors should stop making such cheap movies.1 point for some good performances here and there.

Shanghai (2012)- 3.5/5

Good performances from all.

Daruvu (Telugu ) – 2.5/5

Just timepass.

Adhinayakudu (Telugu) – 2.5/5

How can you say a pakka telugu guy is born in England and an international conference runs in telugu. Otherwise, movie is ok. The three balakrishnas have catered to different tastes.The youngest ones for Comedy, middle age for Balakrishna fans and oldest one for NTR fans.

Rowdy Rathore (Hindi) 2/5.

Utter ridiculous remake of Telugu movie Vikramarkudu. Worse than expected but better than Chandni chowk to China.1 point for Sonakshi Sinha.

Gabbar singh( Telugu) – 4/5

Treat for pawan kalyan fans. Lot better than Dabangg.

7th sense (Telugu) -3/5

Excellent concept. Couldnt materialise in a perfect script.

Vicky Donor (Hindi) – 4/5

Very good one.

Sherlock Holmes 2 – 3.5/5

Robert Downey Jr is the new age sherlock holmes.Such a perfect casting.good one for sherlock fans.

Dammu (telugu) – 2.5/5

Dont expect much. Ruler song could have been done lot better.

rachha (Tel) – 2.5/5

Dont expect much.

Kahaani (Hindi) – 4/5

Tight screenplay and super performances.

Tera naal love ho gaya (hindi ) -3.5/5

good timepass.

Vaishali (Telugu) – 4.5/5

Excellent one.Superb concept . Romantic crime ghost thriller. Thanks to Dil raju for bringing it to telugu audiences.

Urumi (telugu) -3.5/5

Santosh Sivan camerawork and super performances.

eerojullo (Telugu) – 3.5/5

Good taking,screenplay and dialogues.

Ishq(telugu) – 4/5

Super love entertainer. Liked the first half too good. Excellent screenplay .Nitya menon will replace the bubbly girl jenelia in telugu movies.

Ekk main aur ek tu – 3.5/5

Good timepass.

Ek Deewana tha – 3/5

First time to watch a movie in three languages . Prateek was good and andrea was too good.

love failure (Telugu) – 3.5/5

Liked the taking and screenplay.

Agneepath (Hindi) – 2.5/5

Strictly for old agneepath fans.

Body guard (Telugu) – 3.5/5

Good one. Havent watched hindi version before. But liked the story.

Businessman (telugu) – 2.5/5

Only narration and screenplay. different concept.

Players (hindi) – 2.5/5

Extragavanza turning waste. Plot was too complicate to understand.How can sonam kapoor be shown as computer hacker.

Solo (Telugu) – 3.5/5

Good one . dialogues and concept was good.

Panjaa (telugu) – 2.5/5

Stylish one. Not much in story or screenplay.

Oh My friend (Telugu) – 2.5/5

Boring . Slow movie.

Don2 (hindi) -2.5/5

Slow second half.Otherwise good one time watch.

Dirty picture (hindi) – 3.5/5

Vidya balan will be remembered for the performance till the end of her career.

Rockstar (Hindi) -4/5

Screenplay has some inconsistencies.Otherwise, oscar nominating material.

Saheb Biwi aur Gangster (Hindi) – 3.5/5

Good performances by Mahie gill and randeep hooda.

Mere brother ki dulhan (Hindi) 2.5/5

Just timepass.

Aarakshan (Hindi) – 2.5/5

Wrong publicity.But dealt with good concept.Not much to expect .

Pilla Zamindar(telugu) – 3.5/5

Good concept. Nice screenplay and dialogues . Nani was good.

Oosaravelli (Telugu) – 2.5/5

Tamannah gets some solid performance. Different concept.Twist was not convincing.

Doookudu (telugu)  – 4/5

Excellent performance by Mahesh babu and sensual samantha. Superb dialogues and screenplay.

Kandireega (Telugu) -3.5/5

Two movies in one ticket. Good entertainment.

Badrinath(Telugu) – 1.5/5

How can two big movies come in same time with same concept (Shakti also had that temple protector concept) .Waste of time.

Chillar party(Hindi)  – 4/5

Superb performances by children. Great effort.

Zindagi na milegi dobaara (Hindi) 4/5

Excellent. Must watch.

Delhi Belly (Hindi) -3/5

Good screenplay and publicity.

Buddah Hogaa tera baap (Hindi) -2.5/5

Strictly for AB fans.

Double Dhamaal(Hindi) –

Dont go if u think Dhamaal was super good.This one is utter bullshit.

Transformers ark of the moon – 2.5/5

Disappointing from the earlier one. And no Megan fox.. seriously.?

Pyaar ka punchnama (hindi)  – 3.5/5

Superb dialogues and performances.Dont take your girl friend to the movie

Veera(Telugu) – 1/5
Raviteja should change the style of his movies.. same routine stories will not work anymore.
This movie reminds of all earlier ravi teja movies.

Pirates of Caribbean 4 – 2/5
Captain jack sparrow is not funny anymore.
Can expect whats gonna happen next. watching in 3D was a relief.

Shor in the city (Hindi) – 3.5/5
Excellent performances..Tushar kapoor did a sensible role for the first time.
Looks like inspired from Telugu film,Vedam .

Seema tapakai (Tel) – 3/5
Good. Too much social thoughts. Typical allari naresh movie. The final parody song is too good.

100% love (tel) – 2.5/5
Nice taking.. Dont miss the credits in the beginning.. First half is super.
second half is dragged and too sentimental.

Toy story 3 – 3/5
was a bit lengthy to watch.

Toy story 2- 2.5/5
Was boring

Toy story 1 – 4.5/5
Awesome.. I dont know how i missed this movie earlier.

Nenu naa rakshasi(Tel) – 2.5/5
Nice concept but a depressing concept.should have taken a “lively” concept.
Good performance by rana

Mr perfect (Tel) – 3/5.
A movie which didnt give me headache in recent times.
Kajal and tapsee are good.

Teenmaar (tel) – 2.5/5
A decent remake of love aaj kal.

Shakti (Tel) – 2/5
Bad choice to watch this.. No proper screenplay. Horrible flashback.
Only the interval twist was good.

Raaj(Tel) – 0/5
Horrible movie.Dont waste time.

LBW (tel) – 3/5
Nice one.

Prema kaavali(Tel) – 2.5/5
decent movie.. heroine is good.

Gaganam (Tel) – 2.5/5
Non-conventional movie.Nice taking..

Alaa modalindi.. (Tel) – 3.5/5
Excellent screenplay. Super performances.. Nice story..

Wanted (tel) – 2/5
not so good.

Tanu weds manu – 3/5
Liked the movie. The old song is too good. Kajra mohabbat wala.
Kangana rout is my fav.

Dil toh bacha hai ji (Hin) – 3.5/5
Nice one.. good performances ..

127 Hours – 4/5
Excellently made.James franco done well.

The Kings Speech – 4.5/5
Too good movie..Didnt move from place until its finished.Perfectly worth to be oscar nominated

Dhobi Ghat(Hin) – 4/5
Its a beautiful documentary..

ParamaVeera chakra (Tel) – 1.5/5
I dont know why i watched it . Good story but could have made well..

Taken – 4/5
Super action movie ..

Golkonda High School (tel) – 3.5/5
Very good try, screenplay could have been better, liked the theme though.

The Tourist – 3/5
When u have Johny Depp, Angelina Jolie as a spy, dont u expect more 🙁

Broker (tel) – 3.5/5

Very good movie on corruption..couldnt get publicity..

127 hours – 3.5/5

was very good till half movie .. then i began unliking it.. but great performance by James franco.

Mirapakay – 3/5

Raviteja mark comedy..super dialogues..good songs.But a routine climax and bleak screenplay.

Anagaganaga oka Dheerudu (Tel)  – 3.5/5

Plain movie.. shruti hassan is super.. Superb graphics.. and we have the winner for special effects national award this year.

Baava (Telugu)  – 1.5/5

Nothing much in the movie except the heroine is cute.

Wall Street – 1987  – 4/5

Excellent .. Charlie and Douglas at their  best 🙂

Wallstreet 2 : Money never sleeps – 3/5

Good one. not so good than the first one.

Yamudu (Telugu) – 2/5

Just a timepass.

How to Train your dragon  – 4.5/5

Animation has no limits now.. Great watch.

Bheemili Kbaddi Jattu(telugu) – 3.5/5

Good movie but not a great one. Hope it wasn’t a tragic ending.

Rakta Charitra-  3.5/5

RGV is back.Gripping storyline.Although deviated from facts, a great showcase of actual story.Waiting for second part.

Dabangg (Hindi) -4/5

Salman at his best.Music is great.Sonakshi is great.

Khaleja (Telugu) – 3/5.

Excellent performance by Mahesh. Story was good.Screenplay was too weak to carry it on in second half. First half is a wholesome entertainer.

Robo (Telugu) – 4.5/5

Its AWESOME.. Rajini viswaroopam..Rajini vs Rajini’s is highlight.. Never before on Indian screen. Hatsoff to Rajini, Shankar and Aishwarya.

Pappu (Telugu)- 3/5

Nice story…. good utilisation of krishnudu and other hero.

Don Seenu (Telugu) – 3.5
Pakka mass entertainer … Ravi Teja mark movie.. movie gets dragged in second half..Shreya is awesome.

Tere Bin laden (Hindi) – 3.5
Nice timepass movie.

I hate Luv stories(Hindi) -2.5
Boring movie.. Thanks for the sound sleep.

Maryada Ramanna(Telugu) – 4.
Nice feel good movie.. Saloni is back.. Sunil rocks..

Once upon a time in Mumbhai (Hindi) -4/5
Superb dialogues.. good performances..Kangana ranaut proves again why she is the best actress.

Excellent Idea.. and Nolan..Thanks for the experience Mr.Nolan

Raavan(Hindi) – 4
Excellent camera work. awesome acting by Abhishek.. Vikram disappoints the most followed by Dubbing and Editing..

Vedam(Telugu) -4.5
One of the best telugu movies i have seen ..

Rajneeti (Hindi) – 4
Modern Mahabharata.. good performances.. but too much to bear till the end..

The illusionist – 3.5
a nice thriller ..

Darling (Telugu) -3.5
A nice entertainer but directors should know that a simple twist cant make a story .One needs story to make a movie and not a single twist.

Golimaar (Telugu) – 3.5
Poori jagannadh needs to come out of pokiri mood. Even the background music is of pokiri.
But a nice story , could have handled a little better.heavy violence..

Bindaas (Telugu)- 3.5
Dont look at Manchu manoj and the heroine , otherwise a good comedy entertainer.

Rann(Hindi) -2.5
Seriously a disaster from RGV in my view.Addressed issue is good not good at making it.

Simha (Telugu)- 3
Why do you need to put a fighting scene every 5 min.? Balakrishna tried his best to come out of his stereotype of dialogues. Second half was somewhat good.

Prasthanam (Telugu)- 3.5
Complex plot.. but handled well.. Needed some momentum at times .Could have finished the movie in 90 min, instead of dragging sometimes.

Catch me if you can -4
Spielberg,Tom Hanks, caprio.. wat more u need to watch. 😀

American Beauty – 3.5
One time watch.American stuff.

2012- 3
Graphics and nothing else.

Inglorious bastards – 4
Superb taking. superb screenplay and Torentino..

Baanam (Telugu) – 3
Good story and nothing else…

Sherlock Holmes- 3.5
RDJ is great.. but the script lacks the tempo to see it completely at one strech.

Love Sex Dhoka (Hindi) – 4
Excellent screenplay and taking..

Up in the Air -3.5
George clooney rocks once again.. and nice movie.

Shutter island – 4.5
Excellent one.. Didnt move from the place till the end..

Yugaaniki Okkadu (Telugu) -2.5
Excellent story.. can be made lot better. !st half was good.2nd half was gore..

Ye Maaya Chesaave (Telugu) – 4.5
super romantic movie. samantha is gracious..

Leader (Telugu) – 4
Good story .. good taking… shekhar kammula ..

Vinutaandi viruvaaya (Tamil) – 3.5
My first tamil movie.. but still managed to understand.. trisha is awesome..nice movie.

Kate and Leopold – 3.5
Hugh Jackman was great.. nice movie..

scent of a woman -3
a wednesday -5
walk to remember -4
notebook – 4.5
face off -5
terminal – 5
man from earth -4
50 first dates – 4
40 days n 40 nights -3
girl next door – 4
my sassy girl – 4
october sky- 5
just my luck – 3.5
good luck chuck – 3.5
fight club -4.5
memento – 5
serendipity -3.5
music and lyrics -3.5
accepted – 4
independence day – 4
a few good men – 3
a lot like love – 4
P S I love you -3
a beautfiul mind – 4
when harry met sally- 3.5
3:10 to yuma – 3
dasvidaniya- 3.5
jurassic park- 5
defintely, may be -3.5
pink panther-4.5
defiance -5
waltz with bashir – 3.5
indiana jones 1,2,3- 4.5
indiana jones 4 -4
godfather- 1 4
godfather2- 3.5
schindlers list -3.5
downfall- 3.5

2 thoughts on “Movie Musings

  1. rajneeti -4
    a nice movie, showcasing the politics & ill evils in it ……….. & also how politics changes u.

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