This is my reviews of the series i watch/watched.
Just in case someone wants to watch some awesome stuff of entertainment, other than movies ,  would be of some help:).Reality shows and vampire shows are exempted from this list.

Last Updated: April 2018

30 Rock

Never had so much fun watching a sitcom.

Suits –

Pretty awesome for some episodes. The corporate feuds makes it a bit boring .

Young Sheldon
Young and Hungry
Baby Daddy

Just timepass to watch with family.

House of Cards (Drama)  –

Kevin Spacey brought me to watching this . Was a little borish in mid episodes but the power struggles  made me glued to the first season.

The  Newsroom (Drama) –

My new find. Hope all Indian mediapersons watch it. Aaron Sorkin proves why he is an legend  . Related to running media houses and a background of a tv show .

Dexter (Thriller,Drama) –

Sorry Dexter fans ,iam in a minority or might be even unique. Didnt like the goreness of it.I really dont like blood :P . Watched first season only.

Sherlock (Thriller,Detective,Drama)  –

Perfect modern day tribute to Sherlock holmes.No reason to not be in IMDB top 5. 1.5 hour episodes.

Modern Family (Comedy,Drama)  –

You get that feeling that you have watched something good, felt something better and thats why this is the best.

Game of Thrones ( Action,Drama,Thriller,Romance,Regal) –

I have not read the book. A mindblowing portrayal of LOTR type saga . How can one run a epic with a dwarf as a protoganist.Sorry, did i do a spoiler here.A-rated,so not for kids.:P

Entourage (Comedy,Drama) –

Perfect timepass.Gentlemen stuff.AriGold is one of the best characters of Tv i have seen.A-rated.

House M.D (Drama) –

How can a awesome series list be without House MD .

Boston Legal (Drama,legal) –

Still struggling to find a perfect substitute for this. Denny krane, Alan shore still rings in head.Perfect arguments.  Love the way how series was carried on. Even stopped watching for a while to ensure that series doesnt end.:P

The Big Bang Theory (Sitcom)  –

For nerds. Awesome dialogues.Sheldon Cooper take a bow.

How i Met your mother (Sitcom) –

A timepass sitcom.In a bro oath to Barney stinson , cant reveal much :)

Prison Break (Action  thriller ) –

Cant beleive i spent 2 full days of doing nothing but Eating,sleeping and watching Prison break. Skip starting third season.First two seasons are the crux.

Two and a Half Men (Sitcom) –

Awesome comedy . Charlie harper is missed. Though loved the way series carried on.

Homeland (Thriller) – (

A terrorist plot . Interesting twists in every episode.

Psych (Comedy,Detective)

Why cant a psychic-ish detective be of full fun.perfect timepass.

Hustle (Crime,Drama) –

Never knew such white collar crimes can be done with so ease 🙂

Californication (Drama,Romance) –

Some good timepass. David duchonvy rules. Adult rated, caution.

Coupling (Sitcom) –

British series rock.Love the accent and how funny situations are created .

Life (Detective) –

Watched only some episodes.Interesting thoughts.

The mentalist (Detective) –

Probably the only detective series i liked completely.

The office (Sitcom)  –

20 mins of fun.Struggled a lot to control my laughter, but in vain.

24 (Action thriller) –

A day  in a life of a counter terror agent is captured as one hour episodes. Brilliant portrayal of action scenes.Stopped watching after second season after finding out that all seasons are similar.

Leverage (Action) –

Interesting ways of taking revenge.

Lost (Sci Fi,supernatural, thriller ) –

Its an awesome experience if you understand it or try to understand it. Iam not sure if i understood or not.:P but watching it was awesome . Never seen such grand scale of production for a tv view.

Friends (Sitcom) –

For beginners and  veterans of series watchers. Have watched atleast 3 times . 20 mins of awesomeness in all episodes.

Heroes (Sci Fi thriller) –

Interesting concept . Started with my series watching with this. Have watched till 3rd Season, got bored of complexity and some repeatedness.

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