“CONTENT UNNODIKI CUTOUT CHAALU” .. My review of Gabbar singh #tenglish

“Mahesh babu cinema release aithe smart gaa unnada ani adugutaaru, jr ntr cinema release aithe dialogues baaga cheppada ani adugutaaru, allu arjun cinema release aithe dance baaga chesaada ani adugutaaru, prabhas cinema release aithe fights baaga chesaada ani adugutaaru…ade pawan kalyan cinema release aithe tickets dorikaaya ani adugutaaru..”

this was my position when I wanted to watch this movie on this Friday. At last got ticket for 11 45 AM prasads after long struggle.

“ Cinemaki vachina vaadu plate meals kaadu, panchabaksha paramaannaltho velataadu “ . Director Harish Shankar has said this in audio function and its perfectly true in case of all pawan kalyan fans .

This movie rating depends on two factors, one, are you a fan and have u watched dabanng.My ratings  for gabbar singh is as below.

Fan and watched dabanng – 5

Fan and not watched dabanng – 4.9

Not a fan and watched dabangg – 4.3

Not a fan and not have watched dabangg – 4

Overall it’s a great treat to watch pawan kalyan in a tailor made role.

Story is crisp and screenplay is tight. Taking is good and dialogues are awesome. Shruti Hassan role was utilised appropriately and not much to disappoint the ppl who think she doesn’t suit the role. All characters were etched properly.

Songs came at right time and was a treat to watch. Pilla song is the highlight of the film.Fights were choreographed good and not boring. Locations are scenic.A visual treat for all fans when pawan kalyan proved himself to be a decent enough dancer.

Those who haven’t watched should kindly stop here !!!Spoilers ahead.!!!!!


Having watched dabangg , it’s a treat to guess the next step and see whats eliminated and what was retained. Director has retained all the best part of Dabangg and which suits Pawan kalyan. For example, the intro fight of Dabangg would not have suited here and it was changed to suit telugu audience. The minister character was stretched and lover of brother character was removed. Father of heroine was not killed and reformed at the end . Climax was simple and clear. The interval fight was more apt in telugu version.    Saying sorry to brother scene, hospital scene with father was same and was needed to put movie in right track. The marriage scene was made suitable to Telugu audience and more believable. Title was totally justified in first few minutes and movie was tracked all along with

The high point scenes of movie are Antakshari, Muta meshtri  scene , marriage proposal scene,hospital scene with father, marriage scene ,brother tries to kill scene and the awesome-est recovery scene with pawan kalyan cutout. “content unnodiki cutout chaalu “ , “nenu aaaksam laantodini”, “naaku nene poti” , “nenu trend ni follow avvanu ,set chesta “ , “gabbar singh ki faujiyo “ ,”arey o samba “, “eega vaalithe meeru choosukondi, migataadi nenu choosukunta”, “ Jo dhar gaya samjho mar gaya” ,” Aa song vachi padellaindi”  and the best “ naakkonchem tikkundi.. daaniko lekkundi “ …  Every scene has one punch dialogue and some occasional thoughtful ones. Kondaveedu as location was totally apt , was wondering how this would be handled in telugu version.

The scene with doctor where he reverts his father position saying only midly critical reminds us the present doctors in hospitals. “ Meeru maatladataaniki mike unte saripotundi, nenu maatladaaniki saakshaalu, proofs kaavali “ takes a dig at the present reckless media. The imitation of Jeevita Rajasekhar with Rose rose roja puvva in antakshari and subsequent dialogues are a desert for the fans.

Some titbits :

1)       The Harati character is portrayed by none other than Appu of happy days J

2)       All scenic locations are from Pollachi , kerala.

3)       Suhasini and Shruti Hassan are sisters in real life 😛 ( Suhasini maniratnam is the daughter of kamal Hassan brother, charu Hassan )

The only drawbacks I could feel was intro fight and a bit of intro song, dil se song starts abruptly and no necessity of kevv keka song as per story.

PS- Well, this is what I figured after watching it 2 times, one more planned this week. May something more comes up.

PPS-  Gabbar singh is rocking box offices all over the world.US weekend collections are of 600k $ for only reported screens.On Day1 itself, all distributors and financiers have been recovered .On way to smashing records.

To be released on May 18th, “Daruvu” ki already daruvu modalaindi and “Endukante Premanta “ is thinking of “Endukanta releaseanta “  as theatres are not expected to be free. “Eega “ might also need to fly a little bit more to accommodate and stand alone extending by may 30.