The Death of a revolution.. AK Anna to AK Laloo

Some years me ago, there was an old man who rallied entire nation against the corrupt practices of Government.
An educated young government servant and excellent oratory leader was with him.This young man created history by being part of an historic political gamechanger which shook the strongest political party and changed politics of India.
The young leader was Laloo Prasad Yadav. And with him is Arvind Kejriwal here in this pic.
Old Man: Jayaprakash Narayan JanataParty , Strongest political party then: Congress ,Time: 1970s
Very rarely is that a vast and diverse country like India witnesses a revolution. After Independence, there were very few changes occured in India on a scale of revolution. We call them notably as White Revolution(Milk) , Green Revolution (Agriculture produce) which changed the food habits of many people. There was a political revolution sometimes called as “Emergency Revolution ” which shook the democracy of India . Then , there was Liberalisation which changed India. Such was a rare moment when Lakhs of people rallied with a frail old man with a Topi to join his fight against CORRUPTION. This “India Against Corruption” produced some good leaders who later went on to pursue their political interests. Arvind kejriwal was the one who was  successful in making his political platform a bit reality.
There is no wrong in an activist turning into politician.  Jayaprakash Narayan, an ex IAS officer and ran an NGO Loksatta and turned his organisation into a political entity. There are certain limitations for a Non Governmental, Non political entity which cannot be overcome unless there is political power.
When Arvind Kejriwal wanted to start a political party and contested elections, i thought he is intelligent and knew what to do.
When Arvind Kejriwal formed government with the help of Congress , i thought he knew how to do it.
When Arvind Kejriwal left the government in 49 days due to some politically silly reason, i thought he is calculative and risk taker.
When Arvind Kejriwal decided to contest against Narendra Modi and started a war against Ambanis , i thought he is getting adamant , desperate and foolish.
But when Arvind Kejriwal shared the victory cheer with Laloo in Bihar CM Nitish Kumar swearing in ceremony, he has gone mad in power and lost the game.
Yes, Arvind Kejriwal has brought some change and i applaud him for that. Even UPA1 brought some good changes like RTI to curb corruption and initiated MNREGA trying to resolve unemployment issue , the socialist way. AK can publicize that a flyover was constructed in 100 crores less budget but hide the fact that flyover design was modified and he was not the one who modified it. He can publicize that SwacchDelhi will make Delhi Clean but get funds from Central government to do that. He can publicize that Jan Lokpal is ultimate anti corruption tool but just adding a name “Jan” before the existing Lokayukta act that even his fanboys RTI activists dissent due to lack of transparency.He can blame Central Government every small thing that he is incapable of rather than pushing for reforms.He can call hiimself the new progressive politician yet give free sops to people in elections .
He has become the TRP messiah for media which is thirsty ,hungry and angry with Narendra Modi.
He has become the only hope for thousands of NGOs who do dubious work and got their funds curtailed .
He has become the real front end for the grand old congress party which cannot redeem itself and can only be happy seeing its rival BJP going down.
He has become the real hope for some of the parties who were let alone by Modi and BJP in their quest for power.
He will be remembered some one like Morarji Desai or VP Singh who was very capable and lost the game entirely in quest of power . The greatest worry is that this generation will think twice before voting for someone who can bring a political revolution. He pushed political reforms atleast by two decades . The most worrisome is that his AAPTARDs who are with high intelligence and less wisdom and create the most disturbing political discourse on new media platforms.
The good thing is there is still time,he just started his journey and he can redeem himself . He has the entire Delhi Assembly to him and lakhs ov volunteer who can work with him . And be the Good Guy who knew what to do, how to do and DID IT.

Majestic and Magnificent Hampi – a travelogue

“ With fire and sword, with crow bars and axes, they carried on day after day their work of destruction. Never perhaps in the history of the World has such havoc been wrought, and wrought so suddenly, on so splendid a city, teeming with a wealthy and industrious population in the full plentitude of prosperity one day, and on the next seized, pillaged and reduced to ruins, and scenes of savage massacre and horrors begging description.”

Robert Sewell  in his book "The Forgotten empire"  on the plunder aftermath Battle of Talikota and the downfall of the majestic , magnificent Vijayanagara empire.Folklore says, in the capital city of Vijayanagara , the loot continued for 6 months day in and day out.

Every ruin has a story. Every monument hides more than what it reveals. Every building throws a glimpse of majestical  Vijayanagara times.

10730842_10153357860049829_5958414461527959296_nA view from Matanga Hill of Krishna Temple which was constructed after Vijayanagara empire victory over King of Odisha.

The Vijayanagara Empire  was an empire based in South India, in the Deccan Plateau region. It was established in 1336 by Harihara I and his brother Bukka Raya I of Sangama Dynasty. The empire rose to prominence as a culmination of attempts by the southern powers to ward off Islamic invasions by the end of the 13th century. It lasted until 1646 although its power declined after a major military defeat in 1565 by the Deccan sultanates. The empire is named after its capital city of Vijayanagara, whose ruins surround present day Hampi, now a World Heritage Site in Karnataka, India.

The architecture style has been prominent and inspired later Hindu temple constructions.The empire’s patronage enabled fine arts and literature to reach new heights in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit, while Carnatic music evolved into its current form.

Sri Krishnadevaraya is most prominent ruler of the empire and presided over the empire’s zenith.Known to almost every Telugu household as Rayala vaaru and the man behind “Rayalaseema”  nomenclature , built the magnificient Hampi . Sri Krishnadevaraya and Tenali Ramakrishna are Telugu’s own Akbar-Birbal twosome.

Our trip started with we luckily getting upgraded to AC 3 tier from SL and getting down at Hospet Railway station (Northern Karnataka ) on the next day morning. We booked rooms in Lakshmi Heritage Hotel (which met our expectations ) in Hampi Bazaar , the downtown Hampi. Hampi is 13 km from Hospet and one can stay in Hotels there. Hampi is one of 15 UNESCO heritage site cities in India and frequented by more foreigners than Indians. We have met people from atleast 8-10 countries from  Europe to Russia to Japan. There are decent enough restaurants serving all kinds of cuisines (Continental, Israeli, Chinese, Indian ) to cater to foreign tourists and autowallahs, roadside vendors speak English ,French,Spanish better than Telugu. One can see guides explaining History coupled with Puranas at the ruined temple sites to foreign tourists.

10520824_10153357781644829_8842374072094336653_n (1) Early morning sunrise view of Achyutaraya temple from Matanga Hill

There are numerous points to visit in Hampi if you get yourselves into listening Autowallahs or guides. We , decided to do one day tour with a autowallah (typically charges 800 INR per day ) and covered some places . Next day explored places on our own. One can skip some places as many are temples, if not interested.One can get a map of Hampi ruins online or can buy a small guide for 10-20 Rs once you land there.

Major sites are Main Virupaksha temple near Hampi Bazaar , Vittala temple where Sun chariot and Musical Mantap is located , Monolithic statue temples to showcase the proficiency of artists at that time,  Matanga Hill for a super sunrise hike , Achyutaraya temple for the photography enthusiasts , Tungabhadra river banks for an awesome early morning hike ,  Hazari Rama temple for some sculptural majesty,  Malyavantha temple for another top view of Hampi, Anjandari hillock for a grand Hampi view , Sunset point for a surreal experience, Kings and Queens buildings mixed with Hindu and Muslim Architecture, and Royal Enclosure and surroundings(Lotus Mahal, Elephants stable)  to showcase how a kingdom existed. Every place has a story ,importance and vitality of its own. We havent covered some we thought would be not so great.

The Archaeological Survey of India museum at Kamalapura exhibits some of the relics excavated and throws light on some of the grand efforts of our archaeologists in excavations which brought the ruins out. The grandeur of the empire can be understood in the literary works of various foreign visitors during Vijayanagara time presented there. It is said that Diamonds , Gold and metals were sold on Streets of Vijayanagara Hampi.


1399336_10153357794679829_4552896957631235464_oEarly morning view of Achyutaraya temple on hike way to Vittala Temple.

All pics courtesy : Sawant Tandle



Stone Chariot temple at UNESCO World Heritage site Vittala Temple



A Stepwell near Royal Enclosure (You should see the Before excavation and After Excavation pic of these )



Main Virupaksha temple , the central point of present day Hampi


1496662_10153357847909829_6354892739794176684_nTungabhadra river and the ruins on its riverbank


  • Do explore both sides of Tungabhadra river. Unfortunately, the round ‘teppa’ boats are not in use now.
  • Do take the bicycle or motorbike on rent and have some fun in lush green rural atmosphere . The distance between the sites are sometimes more than 5 km .
  • Do take good sunglasses, a head cap and some water bottles for hike trails.
  • Do explore other cuisines in Hampi restaurants.
  • Do take pride in so many foreigners visiting an Indian Heritage place.


  • Do not expect your cell coverage to be present in Hampi .Exception: BSNL.
  • Do not take any winter clothes even during severe winters.Not much use there.
  • Do not expect pictures to do justice to show the majestical nature of Vijayanagara empire.


PS : Complete Album of pics : Magnificent Hampi

PPS: I think i now have a plot for an awesome novel/ fantasy film 😛

Other travelogue : Lonavla – Matheran

Yet we are a great nation !!!

We are a nation where everyone’s in a hurry, but nobody is on time.

We are a nation where you have to look 2 ways for crossing a 1 way road.

We are a nation of 1635 languages yet united by a foreign language.

We are a nation where babies are killed in womb , but prayers are offered for Durga mata.

We are a nation where women are raped but goddesses are worshipped.

We are a nation where we spend more on girl marriage than on her education.

We are a nation where pizza reaches faster than fire engine or an ambulance.

We are a nation where there are more people going to a religious place than to a school

We are a nation where people fight to be called as backward

We are a nation where we spend 50 rs on a Samosa in the food court of a theater but would never buy a $0.99 app from the App store

We are a nation where the more you study, the less employment opportunities you have.

We are a nation where Vegetables are sold on Footpath and footwear in AC malls.

We are a nation where you get Car Loan @ 6% but Education Loan @ 12%.

We are a nation where Rice is Rs.54 but Sim card is Rs.10 .

We are a nation where we don’t cast our vote, but we vote our caste.

We are a nation where we wear helmets to save their pockets, not life .

We are a nation where revenge is taken by stop playing cricket.

We are a nation  where  we make lemon juices with artificial flavors and dish wash liquids with real lemon.

We are a nation where breaker of the Indian Constitution got Bharat Ratna (Indira Gandhi -1971) before the creator of the Constitution (BR Ambedkar – 1990)

We are a nation where a cricket player becomes God but a 2 time olympic medalist becomes golgappa seller.

We are a nation where Actors are playing cricket, Cricketers are playing politics, Politicians are watching porn and Porn stars are becoming actors.

We are a nation where everyone wants to see the change; none of them wants to change themselves.

We are a nation where we have 34000 laws but lack law and order.

We are a nation where we waste tons of milk on stones and statues but millions go hungry everyday.

We are a nation where we have second largest football stadium but didnt play a football world cup.

We are a nation where we are ranked 6th in number of billionaires but have one third of world poverty.

We are a nation where gals are taught not to speak to strangers but get married to one.

We are a nation where farmers are poor, but liquor corporates are rich.

We are a nation where politicians divide us, but terrorists unite us.

We are a nation where fairness of skin is more important than fairness of thoughts.

We are a nation where we want children to study in private school but wants a government job.


Yet we are a great nation,

We invented Zero and number system.

We invented Chess.

We invented Yoga.

We created Martial Arts.

We are the largest English speaking population of the world.

We have 300,000 active mosques in India , more than in any other country, including the Muslim world.

We are in only 3 countries who have developed super computer indigenously.

We are the largest democracy.

We have the largest number of biomass gasifier systems in the world producing over 656 mega watts (MW) of power

India is the world’s second largest producer of small cars. It is the largest newspaper market in the world.

We are the largest producer of milk, cashew nuts, coconuts, tea, ginger, turmeric and black pepper, in the world. , the world’s largest cattle population (281 million). second largest producer of wheat, rice, sugar, groundnut and inland fish.

We have the largest employer in the world, Indian Railways.

We have the second largest army in terms of personnel.

We have second largest network of paved highways, after USA.

And many more..


Happy Independence Day..

What you can do for GOOD and Honest Politics NOW #loksatta


 1)   Donate and fuel the LSP campaign

Donate @

List of donors found @

Note: If you are not living in India, please have your Passport number handy – political donations from overseas require that. And did I tell you that Loksatta party was the one who fought for such streamlining of political donations.

You can donate to specific candidate .

2) Join our ground campaign . 

Loksatta Central Volunteer:
☎: 91-40-2331 1819 / 2331 1817
LB Nagar – 7893540230
Uppal – 8341292601
Secunderabad Cantonment – 9652380710
Qutubullapur & Medchal – 9949022224
Kukatpally – 9866541113
Malkajgiri – 9491871121
All other constituencies: Missed Call to 8099333444
Follow our updates on our facebook and twitter accounts :
3) Sign up on our call campaign tool and call our supporter base and wellwishers to energize them and vote for Loksatta.Entirely developed by in house IT team.
4) Get on our social media team by emailing to:  ME  ( )  or to
5)   Become part of LSP core and take the fight further
5) Vote For Loksatta and Encourage your friends and family in Andhra Pradesh to vote for Loksatta in upcoming elections wherever party is contesting

 It is high time citizens of our country stop seeing things through colored glasses of winners, losers, caste and region. It is so tiring to be cynical for such a long time. It is time to embrace the politics of “Facts” + “Reasoning”.

Elections in Telangana region :        April 30 , 2014

Elections in Seemandhra region : May 7, 2014

Please consider doing at least 1 or more of these actions.

If you don’t then

it will be one pound less on the pressure to change status quo for better in India.

it will be one pound more on the pressure to change status quo for worse in India.

it will make life of irrationals that much easier.

             If not you then who?
               If not NOW, when ? 

Loksatta Party references:

Android App :

iOS App:

Windows App :

Why Loksatta

We are at a crucial juncture of our nation where we need to choose the future  In the next  6 months from now, we will see all kinds of politricks to be played to woo the voter base of the country.

Let me present you the my views on party i started admiring a couple of years back and been a relentless follower of it . Starting 2009,politics in my homestate of AP have changed and all parties got back so defensive and so ambiguously ambitious to sustain their survival.Like they say, every adversity provides an opportunity to see the silver lining and help a new force emerge with a sane voice. I will be presenting my case below in a form of Q&A on why you must be supporting a party like Loksatta for better future for ourselves.


If you are already aware of Loksatta and want to be part of the revolution,you can join at .If you are not in India, you can join Loksatta NRI wing PeopleForLoksatta  and contribute from wherever you are.  Incase of any further questions, you can call up Loksatta at 040-66736672 . Or you can just ping me if you can  .If you want to contribute more in volunteeering, i can help that your passion is not dried of and put to best use.

Q. Why does someone need to have a political opinion ?

  • Believe it or not,everyone is part and parcel of politics. You have a birth right and a fundamental duty to vote in this country and elect people to make laws  when you turn 18 and have your say in future of the nation. We pay around 50 % of our earnings as taxes directly or indirectly and politicians are supposed to ensure they are used for better good. Its your tax money used for repairing those potholed roads you travel everyday, taking care of water supply , electricity supply and sewage supply for your house,ensuring that your safety is taken care by law enforcement agencies,provides scholarships to your children’s education and much much more .Dont you think its our duty to ensure politics are good and your money is accountable.


Q.  What is the political party i support ?

  • I support Loksatta Party .


Q.What is Loksatta Party ?

  • Loksatta Party is founded by Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan , an IAS officer who served as Andhra Pradesh state secretary and his accolades and accomplishments are extraordinary.He started Loksatta as an NGO for electoral and public policy reforms.This wiki page provides you with ton of information and you must look at the party website .This NGO was transformed to a political party in 2006.It can easily be said as a pioneer for clean politics for this new generation.


Q. Why was an NGO turned to a political party when it was doing a good job ?

  • Loksatta NGO was turned to a political party for better good. An NGO has limitations on lawmaking. You can take up an issue , take it to law makers but cannot ensure  steps to be taken to mitigate an issue.  A public society opinion is only considered when the issue is serious and also mostly for political mileages. This was the same reason Anna-Kejriwal led IAC had to form a political party called AamAadmi party by Kejriwal . Rest is all the recent news.


Q. What makes me think Loksatta is better and apart from all political parties ?

  • Loksatta Party has strong ethical principles, extraordinary track record as an NGO,an excellent dedicated cadre and most importantly a practical visionary agenda. In the past 5 years where Dr.JP has been a elected MLA , he has taken up to light on some of the most demanding issues . Search for “Jayaprakash Narayan in Assembly” in youtube and you can see the action first hand. One sample video on youtube. You can check out the 50 guarantees of Loksatta Party for the promises. Please take time to read them. And what not, the office bearers are choosen by internal democracy.You vote who takes care of party.
  • I personally believe that TDP is following Loksatta Agenda these days. Todays Agenda of Loksatta is tommorrows action point of TDP. TDP has taken up the VANPIC issue only after JP raised it in assembly. TDP took up the Farmers satyagraha only after Loksatta led a protest to sell AP farmer produce to Karnataka.
  • A party with good beliefs and vision will always make other parties change. Recent PehleAAP phenomenon in Delhi is the living proof.


Q. What is the work done by Dr.JP in Kukatpally in last 5 years   ?

  • You dont need to do much effort, entire list is collated at  .  Surajya Movement was done recently to give awareness of good politics. For other tons of Loksatta efforts in last 5 years,you can check out the Activities tab in official website.

Q.What are the achievements in electoral field for Loksatta from its inception as a party ?

  • Loksatta Dr.JP has won Kukatpally Assembly constituency in 2009 polling around 70+  thousand votes. LSP contested the by elections in 2008 and secured second place in Khairatabad and Terlam constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. There have been good number of Local panchayat representatives elected in the recently finished Panchayat elections in Andhra Pradesh. Loksatta has polled around 7.5 lakh votes in entire state of Andhra pradesh in 2009 (thats more than half of Chiranjeevi’s PRP for comparison)  elections with close to 10-12 % in constituencies in Hyderabad and other urban places. And let me remind you that all this wins are by using the legal money given by people, without distributing any liquor or a green note.


Q.What is the stand of Loksatta on Telangana issue ?

  • Loksatta is not against Telangana formation. But the due process has to be followed in a logical ethical manner where all stakeholders are in a win-win situation and nobody looses because of a political decision. More from official website here.


Q. Why couldnt Loksatta perform in 2009  as similar to AAP in 2013 ?

  • Delhi is a mostly urban territory . AP is not. LSP did the strategic mistake of contesting all 294 constituencies inspite of only urban appeal. LSP made a dent in Hyderabad and Vijayawada. Ask TDP , they will tell how LSP made a difference in these urban places.
  • 2) Delhi in 2013 is vexed with 15 year rule of Cong . The only alternative was BJP. It is comfortable to play the game as underdog with only 3 players. AP in 2009 had Cong with YSR launching stellar welfare schemes just before elections in his first 5 year term. PRP was just being launched . TDP,TRS trying to make a living . There was no political vacuum left for LSP. Things in 2014 will be entirely different.


Q. Where all the states Loksatta party is functioning and how can one be a member of it ?

  • Loksatta party currently has strong base in Andhra Pradesh. It is significant in Bangalore and even participated in Karnataka elections securing a very good vote presence. Loksatta Maharashtra has won some panchayats and is the next big thing. Loksatta Tamil Nadu is roaring and hoping to make its presence in coming elections. Loksatta has good number of supporters in Haryana and Delhi.
  • If you are an NRI, you can join Loksatta NRI wing PeopleForLoksatta , the most dedicated and vibrant overseas supporters ushering for a change in India.
  • You can join loksatta at . Incase of any further questions, you can call up Loksatta at 040-66736672 . Or you can just ping me if you can 🙂

Q. What are the official online channels where i can keep track of Loksatta activities ?


PS: I hope i could write much more , but the aim of blogpost was just an introduction .

If you do not have a vote and need to make your voice count for India’s future,please checkout my earlier blogpost MakeYourVoteCount

Make your Vote count

If there is one thing, that needs a UID Aadhaar scale of data management, that has to Electoral rolls in India . I was verifying my parents and brothers voter id cards for any mistakes and then tried to check my name in voter rolls of my constituency and it took one hour to find out our polling stations , verify our names in roll calls.My brother, who recently took voter id card has been allotted to a polling station 15 km from our home.My mother has two entries in roll calls. My rollcall in polling station is with old NVT number which has incorrect name. My dad voter id card had different address.Imagine the amount of work, every voter has to undergo to correct all such mistakes.

Its one thing that you have a valid voter id with you, but the most important is that your name and voter id card should be present in the electoral rolls of a polling station which you know.Just learnt that , atleast 22000 names have been deleted from electoral rollcalls in the posh Jubliee hills constituency of Hyderabad city. On this scale, on an average, imagine the number of voters who are not in voters list and people who have incorrect entries. As an Indian , its your responsibility to not only get our voter id card, but also need to make our vote count.

People of Andhra Pradesh can go to their polling stations on Dec 8 and Dec 15 and get their details verified and rectified .

I believe there are three steps,to make your vote count .

1) Get a proper voter id card

2) Verify if your voter id is listed in a polling station you know

3) Know the polling station, you have to vote

If you are not residing in India but have India Passport, Use this link and get your form 6A filled ( ) . Please note that voting is only done in your polling station in  India and not even by postal ballot or in Indian Mission abroad.

1) Register yourself for a voter id card

Go to your nearest Revenue office of your mandal or block/Panchayat office and fill up form Form 6. For Karnataka, has the best interface and intricate details on how to get it done online.

Check out and contact them for any help in registering your vote or any queries. OR google search for “voter registration initiatives india” and choose your platform to get your voter id registration. has listed the process in detail.If you are tech savvy , there is an android app which takes care of this process flawless.


2) Steps to verify your voter id and to know your polling station

For Andhra Pradesh :

( If you have your voter id number, NVT number which starts with NVT , search with it and find out your details and your polling station name )

For all other states, check this and select your state (UP not in the list)  :

For UP:

For any corrections, find out your state election commission website and fill out the required form and follow procedure.

For any quick things, Just remember,

Form-8(Modification)  – To modify incorrect details
Form-8A (Transposition)   – To change address and change your polling station

3) Find out your polling station on this google map (Please note the polling station name and number you found out from above links )

Any doubts or any other queries, check out , its as crystal clear but will take second level authentication to avoid spam.

Happy Voting and Changing India !!!

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I still remember the way i cursed shaoib akhtar  when you got out after blitzkrieg 98 against Pakistan in  World Cup 2003.

I still remember the goose bumps when i watched your Sharjah desert storm innings .

I still remember the day when you  scored 200* , listening to the live commentary by calling up a friend , cursing myself for working till late, and later messaging every body “ Happy Sachin Day”

I still remember the efforts and adventures i put in to watch an IPL match live just to see you.

I still remember , my early childhood, running to the nearby store to get the batteries for the radio as electricity was off.

Thankyou Sachin for all those moments and memories.ThankYou.

This is my humble tribute to the man who made me feel joy, feel happy, feel nervous, feel exhilarated,feel accomplished, feel celebrated and at last brought tears in my eyes today.


Every young boy in India wants to bat like Sachin, be like Sachin or at best one fortunate just be able to take an autograph to make his own life complete.

He does what our national anthem could never do, what stories of our freedom struggle could never do, what our national leaders over all these years could not even some close to, and to an extent what even Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t manage to do. He brings Indians together. Sachin Tendulkar is one and the only thing India unites on. Be it Hindus, Muslims, North Indians, South Indians, Living in India, NRIs, guys, girls, the urban high rise city folks or the farmer in the village, when Sachin is in 90s we all have but one wish in our hearts.

Probably the only person who is known more than the sport he plays. He is the only  person who can make cricket fans cheer for his earlier wicket. A person who is capable of freezing the Indian Time.The only person who can crash cricinfo servers.A man who turned a sport into an art. He is the anti-depressant for a nation.He is the man who can control the raging crowd in a stadium . Records are just a reverberation of his talent.   He is a Habit . He is the closest i know to GOD .

sachin 3

PS- There is a popular opinion that Dravid has been shadowed over Sachin in all this fame. Iam a big dravid-follower myself, but when Rahul Dravid says “Sachin is my inspiration “ , there should be no further thoughts. DOT.

Sachin is like the poetry of the cricket and Dravid is like the grammar of Cricket”.

Some parts of this blogpost are taken from here .

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Andhra Pradesh – Way Forward

Disclaimer : Iam a staunch believer in unity of Telugu people and the current Andhra Pradesh state is the best option beneficial for the current state. However, i personally dont want negation of majority parties decision to divide the state as its an even more dangerous phenomenon for our democracy than dividing a state . The below is my view, opinion and appeal to all the people concerned with this Telangana-Andhra issue.

Last month and long has been the rare momentum thats happening in Seemandhra region of current Andhra pradesh state , where Lakhs of people are on roads and protesting without a political masthead. Initially, started as a “Justice for Andhra” movement, turned to “Samaikyandhra” movement, thanks to the reckless foot-in-mouth syndrome of TRS chief and his comments regarding government employees in Hyderabad.

Telangana and Seemandhra are like conjoined twins who have one heart .i.e Hyderabad. To divide the twins, you need to create another heart and change the entire artery system of the body which doesnt have heart.And if this operation of separation has to be done, its next to miracle to have two healthy bodies after its done.

First, people of Telangana region should understand that creation of a new state is ‘neither a panacea , nor a pariah’ , it doesnt solve any problem except the political hunger of some politicians and satisfy the ego of some of  maniacs who still revere in primordial loyalties,  and there is a huge danger that can cause big unimaginable problems. The silver lining is that we are in a highly transparent democratic society and things can be sorted out through the royal way of showing a middle finger, i.e Vote. If you want to vote for TRS or Congress just because they are giving a new state, you seriously deserve to be separated.

Telangana movement accelerated only with the help of hate speeches and  warmongering . If this continues, you are not creating a new state , but two warring states . Yes, different regions can divide like brothers, but first , lets decide how many brothers are we talking about. 2 ( Telangana, Seemandhra), 3( T,S Rayalaseema) or 4 ( T, S, R , Hyderabad) . Even a person who cuts the cake doesnt take the first piece and sits watching the fun who all fighting for rest of the cake.

If you want to know, why the new state is not completely beneficial for Telangana, you can check here.

Dear UnitedAndhra(Samaikyandhra)  protestors, this is what we get when you vote for parties which were okay for separate state at the time of election or  be silent when the parties were officially OK for a new state . There is very less use of calling for a united state now, but if it is its good. UPA and BJP have officially endorsed the new state.But the fight needs to be for the any of the new states to not to loose in anyway in this due process. Even if you look at all the official protests now, they are only saying that a justice needs to be done before dividing the state. And i totally concur with that view.We all know the credibility and history of the party which just started saying “Samaikhyandhra” .

To remind everyone, that there will be a big burden on central government exchequer to create two new states of Telangana and Seemandhra Pradesh.This is unprecedented in Indian History where a state which has state capital has to be renamed and is the new state. A  new state machinery has to be setup in Seemandhra region and all the existing state machinery in Hyderabad has to be restructured, reorganised and renamed. I dont even have the clue if we require one lakh crores or five lakh crores for this exercise.All the funds allocation for this exercise should be finalised and promised beforehand so that the new states does not suffer in future.

There can be only be negotiations and understanding at this stage and people of Telangana should be concerned with what all happening in rest of the state.

For Way forward , these are some things needs to be considered and discussed so that everyone is in a win-win situation.The below points and resolution can be audacious but thats my view point.

  • Hyderabad
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • TradeBarrier
  • State Bureaucracy
  • Rayalaseema and North Andhra

Hyderabad :

Hyderabad- Education :  Hyderabad is the educational hub of the state and even one of the best equipped in India , I know some friends who came from Himachal, Gujarat,Assam just to study here.Hyderabad has ISB, IIT,IIIT,NIPER,NALSAR law university,BITS, HCU,Osmania,JNTU, PottiSriramulu Telugu university,NIFT, Acharya NG Ranga agricultural university. NIRD, ICFAI,ASCI etc and not to mention the 250+ Engineering colleges in its vicinity.

Hyderabad – Research and manufacturing  : Hyderabad is also the research and Manufacturing hub of India. DRDL,ASL,CCMB, NFC,NIN, IICT,BHEL, NMDC, ECIL, HAL,IDPL,HMT, Reddy Labs and 18 of top 20 pharma companies of AP.

Hyderabad – IT/ITES  : Hyderabad is the Dravid of Indian IT if Bangalore is the Sachin and NCR is Kohli. The city is home to more than 1500 IT firms. The major multinational IT firms located in Hyderabad are Microsoft (the largest R&D campus outside the US), Google,Facebook, CA Technologies,Amazon, IBM, Motorola, Samsung, Agilent, Automatic Data Processing, Oracle Corporation, Yahoo!, Dell, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Virtusa, OpenText, UHG,The major Indian firms with development centres in the city are Mahindra Satyam, Infosys, Four Soft, Wipro, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services, Polaris and others.

Hyderabad-Sports : Hyderabad has the potential to be the sports capital of India. Gopichand Academy is churning out the next Indian Badminton legends. We have extraordinary sports infrastructure on lines of Delhi and SAP is considered one of the good sports administration in India.Hyderabad has hosted a bunch of international sports events and proved its mettle.

And iam not sure how such institutions can be replicated or how can one snatch away all these from rest of the state . Every parent in rural Andhra Pradesh dreams of their children to move to Hyderabad to search for a job. Almost all these educational and research institutions can put a reservation of locals and thus depriving a grand chance to the new state of Seemandhra region. To avoid this,

No existing public institution in Telangana region should put up new local reservation restrictions and consider both the people of regions as ONE( exempting the governance bureaucracy) atleast for next 15-20 years.Likewise in Seemandhra region for all the new institutions that will come up.

Also, No UT for Hyderabad.DOT. Its just an immature idea and creating two new capitals is the most underserved option in this issue.

Also, how can one of  the new state have its temporary capital 100 kms far away from its border.Does people who decided have a common sense of Geography 101.

Water :
Some analysis of water issues can be found here .There will be water wars between the new states , of which the arid Rayalaseema region need much more of allocation. All the allocations have to be decided beforehand splitting the states and a special preference needs to be given to the arid region of Rayalaseema. Polvaram project needs to come up to save the Delta regions which is the rice granary of India and the additional allocation of 45 TMC we get for this project for this project can be allocated to Rayalaseema and Telangana. There is a fear in many that there might be water stoppage at Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar .So,

The current usage and allocations to projects has to continue with respect to Godavari and Krishna rivers and any other river which is flowing in both the regions of the state and an independent body should be constituted with constitutional privileges to overlook any issues in this aspect.

Electricity :
There might  be scarcity with respect to electricity , for  the state of Telangana if state is bifurcated. Seemandhra region has abundant gas reserves and uranium reserves which are yet to be exploited and can be used for power generation in future. The Singareni coal is loosing its efficiency and KTPS(Kothagudem) in Telangana region is using the imported coal or from Talchar mines for its electricity production. So,

Telangana region should be given preference allocation for all the new electricity generation plants that will come up in Seemandhra region. Telangana region also needs additional consumption as the irrigation is mainly by electric motors .

Trade Barrier :
Telangana region will not have a sea port and will be landlocked.This seriously effects the imports and exports for the region of Telangana region. Currently, agriculture produce in states are not allowed to be sold outside of the state . A farmer cannot sell his rice or mirchi in another state.  Going by the statistics, Seemandhra region rice production outbeats Telangana region and the new trade barrier that will come up will only increase the costs of all the essential items in Telangana region that are produced in Seemandhra region.

Prices of Rice, tobacco,cotton,palmolive etc would be severly hit with this new trade barrier. Sameway, the existing manufacturing and pharma sector in Hyderabad would be severly hit with this new trade barrier and land locked situation. So,

There should not be any additional taxes and trade barriers with respect to import and exports for the current entire state region of Andhra Pradesh and all the coming up internal trade restrictions need to be reviewed so that both the new states are in a win-win situation.

Rayalaseema and North Andhra :

A separate Rayalseema board and North Andhra board needs to be setup to address any issues with respect to that region.There is a huge danger that if Rayalaseema people or North Coastal Andhra people feel discrimination after some 20-30 years.

Bureaucracy :
The main fear /reason that AP NGOs are on roads since last 60+ days is that there have been grace injustices to people of new states formed with new capitals while they were retiring from state services. Their service in erstwhile states was not considered while dividing the states and there are still legal battles going on with respect to that . This needs to be take care first. All the existing personnel of state services in Hyderabad  should be given preference to settle in their current cadre or the new state cadre . If they are opting for new state cadre , they should be given an uplift in their benefits .Also, the people of Telangana should not be left out in creation of new state machinery of Seemandhra region and loosing some great opportunities.We have around 100+ government departments which will need to be developed in the new state and an estimated 0.75 to 1 lakh new government employees are required for Seemandhra region governance. So,

All this needs to be done by a central government constituted tribunal which looks after till the complete bifurcation is completed.The current employees in Hyderabad should have a preference to stay where they are now.

Atleast 25% preference allocation needs to be given in all the government services for the people of Telangana region so that they can also opt for the enormous job opportunities that will prop up in creating a new state machinery of Seemandhra region.

And the biggest loss we are giving to the Telugus is that, the first rate politicians like Chandra Babu Naidu or Jayaprakash Narayan or anyone of that stature cannot become chief ministers of any state due to political restrictions and you just lost being governed by the best and have to live with the second rung of politicians.

End Disclaimer : This post is my personal opinion. If you want to counter,bring me facts and legal sources and i will correct it if applicable.

Are we not against the terror??

Three to four days back, I saw a movie titled “A Wednesday “.It was the one of the best movie I have seen from Bollywood. The movie revolves around how it would be if the common man turns against the terror. For all those, who haven’t watched it, please do it asap.

Yesterday there were terror blasts in the capital of our country .When I saw the news; it was nothing short of a casual thing for me. Are many like me, accustomed to such acts??

I was chatting with a friend in Hyderabad, later in the night, and posed him with my routine question? “How’s life and how’s Hyderabad?” His reply was “People are frightened here “.[ Intelligence reports say that blasts can occur in Hyd and currently the city is in high alert]. That came to me as a very unexpected and unusual answer. But how would you feel if the city you are associated from birth is in the grip of terror and expecting something to explode anytime, anywhere and by anyone. How can I be living in a place where I don’t feel safe, can’t roam freely and live with life in somebody’s hand?

There has been no incident of terror in America since 9/11 in the last seven years. Do we require two Boeings blow off and two big buildings burn down to start ourselves turn against these acts of terror?? . Our democracy is honored as the symbol of India and we can’t punish somebody who is responsible for attacking our Parliament. We can’t find who is responsible for the attack on the finest educational institution in the country. We don’t have clues to what can happen next and why and how the previous things happened. The only feel good factor, I say, is the cracking of the Gujarat blasts case .Why is this so?? . These damn guys whoever doing these acts, are sending message just minutes before the incidents, long enough to prove they are on upper hand and short enough for us to stop anything from happening. But why cant we act on those who harm our interests and who can take our lives. When the next blasts happen in a city, Prime minister and President condemns them, and announces some amount as ex-gratia and police do some routine work to identify rounding up some usual suspects and people and media forget them until the next sequence starts. What do you think if something like this happens in America or any other western country??? Will they virtually sit idle and see when the next one is going to occur. ?? We can be proud that 45 top countries have allowed giving exceptions to the rules in trading the most powerful and destructive things of our times, for us.Because we assured them that we use them for peaceful purposes . But are we in a position to raise our head and say that we are a peace loving nation?? We are not able to settle an issue in our north from the last 60 plus years and the root for all that happening in the country. We are not able to punish those who brought down a worship place which acted like a spark plug and raised brows of the fundamentalists and extremists of that segment.

Why are we like this?? Our governments are not even concerned to which it should concern and people forget that there exists something called a home ministry and a minister to that to look into these matters. We don’t say a word against those who credit the association of the people behind the acts as the cultural ones. We don’t give the police enough resources to crack these issues and the intelligence and all the investigation agencies have to work with the will of the government. We can also visualize the routine mudsling politics cropping up after these sequences happen.

Are we going to bring some change to the coming generations?? Are we going to prove that we are a peace loving nation?? Are we going to live in real freedom??

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Will India be what it wants to be?? The TRICOLOR factors!!

The Tricolor Indian flag

The Tricolor Indian flag

At an age of 61 in a man’s life ,perhaps he would have accomplished all his worldly desires n become stable in all respects and enjoy his prosperity grow beyond his imaginative limits and his younger generation of his off springs taking over his efforts. But INDIA celebrating its 61st Independence Day this year is still in deep troubles as a troubled teenager trying to make his life. Even as the GDP is growing at a rate of double digits and foreign reserves at an all time high and many figures and indices showing its prosperity, India still lacks a lot to become what it aspired to be in this global world. As I have read somewhere “After a century and two billion births, an Indian gets his first gold at Olympics “.Even if the gold medal at Olympics made us to walk a little taller, we still have to grow enormously in many aspects . . Can we imagine ourselves as a militarily invincible, economically unrivalled, diplomatically uncontestable and a dominating force on information channels worldwide? Or putting it in a simple way” Will INDIA be a superpower?” At this point this is the one of the biggest possible question to debate about. These are the some of the issues which cross my thoughts which may hinder us in becoming what we want. I call them the TRICOLOR factors!!!

Terrorism: Many have read or listened to facts that Indians constitute of 30%of NASA and 25% of Microsoft or stuff like that. But India also holds another record; it’s the second country of Terrorist deaths in the list for the last year with Iraq in the place above. Terrorism is a common word in India now and terrorist attacks are becoming more common. Name a big city and you can find terror links in the place!!! Unless we curb out the roots of terror in the country, we have a very slight chances to see what we aspire. And the most common thing to watch out when these things happen is the mudsling politics played by the central and state governments.


Manmohan Singh says to Bush, “We are sending Indians to the moon next year”. Bush says, “Wow! How Many?” Manmohan Singh says, “100; 25 OBC, 25 SC, 20 ST, 5 Handicapped, 5 Sports Persons, 5 Terrorist Affected, 5 Kashmiri Migrants, 9 Politicians and if possible 1 Astronaut”

Perhaps India is the only country in the world; people feel pride and fight to be called as backward classes. Is this good for us?? Take the instance of recent IIT results and the cutoff for physics was “zero”. So you do nothing in your physics paper or else forget about the core component of engineering , the physics subject , in one of the world toughest entrance exam and get through the exam and secure a seat in a world class institute .Is it the right way to uplift people.? You get negative marks in the national engineering entrance exam and get yourself a welcome seat in the top engineering college of a region. Can anyone guess what are gonna be its consequences? Wherever you go , u can hear this R-word. May be there is some good in the concept and idea of reservation, but this is not the way it must proceed. Dr.Ambedkar , who constructed this idea because of the social situations at that time also gave a expiry date of 30 years for these reservations . But the percentages of reservations increased three –fold compared to the 60 years before and time line extended six times. These politicians just play their vote bank poli’tricks’ for their power purposes and make innocent people fight for that. The funniest things that could happen are also on proposal; caste based reservations in IIT faculty and reservations in private jobs.

Is the integrity losing? : Two states fight over water and another person in a state orders all the other region people to leave because they think they are ruining them .Is this the way we be proud of our “Unity in Diversity”, which all the world hails .Regionalism can be seen anywhere in the country irrespective of the profession , place and purpose . Even Prime Minister’s Office is a victim of this. They can’t take a stern decision which may benefit something to a region.

Corruption: How can u forget this word, when we talk about India‘s plights .Even the lowest possible ranked person in the bureaucracy works only with the currency notes. The basic criteria for being a politician and run the country is to be corrupted [Thank God!! There are some exceptional pure candidates]. This deep rooted problem is the biggest problem we have to fight to reach the apex.

Overpopulation: The word which we study right from class 8th or 9th in school social text books as the problems faced by India is this same old one. It still needs some time to handle this issue and perhaps this is one area every government is working its best to solve this.

Lack of Infrastructure: How can one be a healthy man if one lacks the spinal or a broken one? You have schools in places, but not teachers and if you have teachers, u doesn’t have buildings. Still approximately 20 % of the villages in India are not connected and nearly 30 % of them never saw electric bulb lighting in their homes. Lack of hospitals, doctors and industries, name many things in this way and we lack a lot in them. Check the top 500 universities list in the world and u cant any institute other than IIT’s in them and that too on their pathetic path with recent developments concerning them.

Orthodoxy: Some may not agree with this but, many People still can’t accept change in their lives. Still people are not able to accommodate technology in their lives. Many still don’t believe in online transactions and new things coming up in their surroundings. One of the major national party thinks that if some country helps us in generation of nuclear power, we are gonna be their slaves. Is it not orthodoxy??

Resource Management: India is the second largest country in Human resources and the first one is already becoming a super power .But we are lacking the efforts in getting the best out of us. We have the best of mineral resources and water resources and we are not able to ripe their fruits. Somebody starts agitating if a new industry is setup in the locality and make it a national issue, block the roads , calls for a bandh and hartals and what not else . How can we progress in such a situation?

Being the largest democracy in the world and the powerhouse of the world’s ‘the best’ technocrats and many things else, we are not in a position to position ourselves as the major power in the international arena and leagues behind to make ourselves not to blame us. We are still IN’DEPENDENT’.Is it this what we wanted?? Is there a solution for all these??

PS: All the statements are personal opinions. No offenses.

PS: Happy Independence Day.

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