How VamS got stunned, got lucky and finally got a job.

My placement experiences:  :P 🙂 (H)


On July 8th, Renavou telecom came to our campus for the hiring process. After attending the PPT or the pre placement talk, I came to a conclusion that this company requires HR personnel rather than techies: P.I was in no interest in writing the aptitude test but my friend made me to sit for it .It was a normal aptitude test but with some abnormal flaws.2 questions didn’t have the right answer in the options. Then in the C language section I saw a series of questions directly lifted from the C aptitude papers of some placement preparing sites. I didn’t care much for them at the preparation time thinking company’s make question papers on their own so I had to leave many. As expected, I was not listed for interviews. But after two days, it came out be a good decision of mine not to take this one as a serious.

Two days after a local software company named argusoft had its placement process. The guy tried his best to make the company look like a large one but it was not .I liked the test pattern which includes the aptitude test and a small essay to write and a small code to be coded.. I did well in the aptitude and essay sections but I guess I wrote the code in a complete roundabout manner. So i left my hopes on this and outcome was same as expected..

Story 1: TCS – experience ‘un’certainity.:P

TCS was the company which takes some bulk of students in many colleges all over the country.So it was my favorite as i would get into it as easy as possible. I have seen some previous placement papers of TCS from some websites and solved some along with my friends. It was an OK pre placement talk and I was in the second slot of the online aptitude test. So I had some time after the talk and read some barrons words till then. The first section was the English section with 20 minutes in hand and 32 questions. Thanks to that break, I think I got 4 synonyms and antonyms which I read in the break time. The passage was a easy one which talks about some racism thing and got answers in the first go. But I wasted a lot of time in understanding the next type of question which was to fill the paragraph with the given sentences choice. I donno why? The time completed and immediately the screen changed to the quant section where we would have to answer 28 questions with 1 ½ mark each. Many were old questions and I left only 5 in the first go. But the time ran away. Next the critical reasoning.3 reasoning paragraphs and 12 questions.2 were of average level. But 1 was either calculation complex or something else which I couldn’t remember. Overall I answers 10 out of 12 and had two minutes left. One of my friends completed and his screen was filled with “Congratulations!! You have cleared the TCS aptitude test” and some blah-blah.i was waiting for that to appear on my screen and began thinking of the interview .I had to get my resume changed and get copies of it and many thoughts kept creeping in. Suddenly the screen said “ You have not cleared the TCS aptitude test .Better luck next time “.God Damn it ..WTF..wat d hell is it talking about..…I cant believe it for some time..and suddenly same thing appeared on the 3 screens next to me. It was a shocking, surprise, stunning situation for me . While having dinner I learnt many of the top guys didn’t clear it .Some type of happiness crept in and I decided to prepare for Infy next day. At 12 30 we received a mail from placement committee with the list of short listed candidates. I just opened it to see who all the lucky ones are. Suddenly I saw my name and was surprised and decided to talk to some placement guy to know the truth. I saw another list at the cafeteria which too had my name and now its pakka.i have to fight tomorrow .So get ready for the battle tomorrow. I had many things to prepare and most of all it was C aptitude. I went to a friend already placed with a TCS tech interview questionnaire found on web and learnt many things…oh…sry revised many things…I slept at 3 30 and woke up at 8..was ready by 9 and went to the lecture theatre to fill out a form .I learnt that interviews would be going on in a order and mine with the calculations would be after alteast 3 hours. So went back to room hoping to have a nap since I was feeling drowsy. But suddenly came a message that my name was called and reached the placement room in 10 minutes with all my armour. The first set of guys having interviewed came out and narrating their experiences .They were interesting. So decided to stay there itself .My turn came at 1 pm.While I was waiting outside my panel I could hear the other panels questions .It was like some I never heard before. I was little tensed and feared. When I entered the room of my panel, I came to know that I was the last candidate for this middle aged guy so expected a little short interview. He asked if iam a Hyderabadi guy and said that he could see many in the campus and nearby infocity.I answered yes and explained the college student numbers . Then he saw my academic records..94..gr8…92…gr8…oh what is it …6.1 ..suddenly he gave me a stark look and was waiting for my answer. I explained I was not so interested in electronics and communication courses [After all he is an IT guy and you should have some excuse] and I was mainly into projects..[Here comes a tip from my side..You have to identify ur USP and sell it in the interview or whatsoever. Mine was projects.].Then he saw the list of projects and asked me to explain one by one.I started the explanation in between clarifying some doubts of his. He suddenly became interested with my Industrial internship project and enquired about the company BDL where I did it.I explained him what it was and he asked me how many employees would be there in the company. I visualized a lunch time scene in BDL and estimated about 500.So I answered 500 per shift. He was satisfied with the answer .He asked me which I favored more C or C++. I answered C and told him that I didn work much in C++. Then came the ROFLOL moment of the interview for me .He asked me “What is the difference between C and C++.” Damn it..i couldn’t tell anything for the next 2 minutes.[Sometimes it happens. You cant do anything with such things ] then he gave me a hint.” which contains the objects “.Suddenly I smiled [laughed on myself 😛 ]and answered it. .The next 5 minutes was a rapid fire round for me or I rather put it as a rapid counter round ..he asked me y TCS ?? The placement talk had some 10 points..i started from the first point .” Sir, it’s the largest IT company in INDIA in terms of revenue and man power“ .even before I completed the answer he fired me with “ They are many large IT companies in the market and y TCS??”.I came to the second point “Sir. It has a global presence and I would like to have a global exposure by joining TCS”.He fired again with “Many companies have global presence and y TCS??”

With this kinda thing I forgot the third point and had to frame my own.”Sir, I have seen people who are proud being in TCS and may be that motivated me “.The next dialogue was “I am proud of TCS every one is proud of his company. Isn’t it not??” I agreed with him .and still I had to answer “y TCS??”Then I answered with some last hope “ Sir , I have heard that work culture in TCS is very good and reputation for work is excellent here”. Suddenly, he rose up the seat “This is what I was expecting .good…U know it or u learnt if from someone else “…How can I know about somebody else telling me this…so I answered with a smile “How can I know it sir, I didn’t work there..” May be the smile covered up there and I think I was bold there .Donno it was right or wrong…said it. Then he shook hands and said “all the best” .I was happy because “all the best” means it was the hint that I was selected. The results came after an Hour and my name was there as expected for HR.

The HR panel was of two women .middle aged and one much older. I was received with a smile when I wished both of them Good evening..They asked me about my family background and I told them. Then my weak point and a strong point after comes to picture. My Damn CPI. They saw my 10th, 12th and what about Btech?? I answered the same as in tech interview and they seem to be satisfied. Then a question was asked by the most talkative lady in the panel [Perhaps two members would help them better understand the candidate rather than one..One can observe the candidate while the other harassing. :P].The question was “ Your father is a business man .Will you do some business after sometime ??”.If I say no, then I had to explain a lot of reasons and also I took elective of Business and Management.. If I say yes, and was thought it was better to say yes [ Don worry , this thought process was very fast :P]and I said “yes mam, probably after some 10.15 years.” ;”So what business would you do “ I answered “Something relating to ICT mam”.So the next set of questions was on Why ICT and Why DA-IICT for ICT ? I answered them satisfactorily for what I have I been telling people in the last three years after joining DAIICT. Then came the Brahmastra from their side” So y do u wanna join TCS if u want to do some business. You can join some small start up and learn things “ .Then I realized the mistake I made .But what can I do .It has to be covered up and I thought for a while and answered “ Mam, TCS is the company which is in industry for 40 long years and the largest in INDIA. So it would be having some quality procedures and some high end methodologies to solve the problems. It’s a best environment for me to launch my career “and some blah-blah.Then they asked me “Are there any questions which u think we forgot to ask you, u gathered while talking to your friends??” I quickly answered “ Mam , u didn’t ask me about myself and y TCS?? “.They asked me to answer the second one and I answered this time a lot better. They asked me still if there are any of such kind .I could remember some questions of my friends but was not ready to take risk because I was not sure of the answers. Then a question came from other lady who didn’t ask a question till now.” Does u have any gap?” and I answered “No, Mam”. Then she asked me about web technologies which I wrote in my CV as my favorites. Then both said “Thank you, Vamsi”.I thanked them and came out of the room “. It was 6:45 pm and Infosys PPT on its way in the lecture theatre.I was asked to run to that asap.

PS: Overall it was an OK interview with some glitches. I was not sure of 100 % success but at least had a nice hope on this. Check out epilogue for the result.

Story no .2 .Infosys.

It was 6:45 at which my TCS HR interview completed and I had to run to the lecture theatre to sit for the aptitude test of infy.The results of the TCS would not be declared until all the three companies completes their process on the first logical day of placements..The aptitude test was conducted by merit track people and the paper was of 1:15 minutes with 40 min for quant and 35 for English. I saw some CAT type questions in the paper,but the most fascinated ones are the mental ability ones[ You have to determine the fifth figure in the options given by finding some sequence in them ]These were my favorite since my childhood after passing navodaya entrance test which mainly contained similar questions. I got 3 out of 5.I heard that 60% is ok to clear the cutoff.So I answered the questions. I couldn’t attempt my favorite cube problem due to time constraint which I wasted in data sufficiency ones. English was tough .Dats all I could remember now. And I lost hope on qualifying in English. But in the last minute worked out that one option was the answer for the most. So I answered all the others with this.

I had dinner and was feeling tired. So I had a sleep till somebody shouted infy list was out. I enquired with my friends and I was selected.Hurray!!.As it was only HR I decided to sleep asap but slept at 3[] .Next day morning on 18th july , I dressed up and went to the placement room and my name was in third list .so my time would be around 12 or 1.I was really impressed by the procedure of the infy with only a tough aptitude and a HR interview. And all the HR interviewers are fully experienced with experience showing in their age. What else do u require more if u r gonna give training for 6 to 16 weeks later. My time came at 3:30 .The panel was of a above middle aged guy as expected ,he asked me for a copy of my resume and enquired if all these programming languages and tools taught by the college as part of curriculum or learned by myself. I answered him that some are taught and some I learnt while doing projects.[ comes my USP again .projects :D]..He immediately asked me to explain my fav ones.i explained him 2 and my role in those..He asked me “How do u keep urself updated on the technical ones “

I answered “Magazines and websites “.He asked me “what websites and magazines?” I was struck there .but answered “PC world magazine and coming to websites sir, there is no particular website .i just google the technical stuff “…Then came the general question of all times…Hobbies… I answered playing cricket ,watching movies ,surfing web .There was a line in my resume where I wrote “member of school cricket team” .I was about to remove it the day before it would have some free time.I had to tell something about my school and games go on in the school .I think he was impressed by the answer.Then he asked me “ do u read books” If I answered “yes”., I thought that would be my problem coz I didn’t read much ”Sir,I read dan brown’ all books and chetan bhagat’s”.He asked me “da vindi code ??” “Yes sir, I also read his Deception point, the digital fortress, angels and demons “.So he made a conclusion” so ,u basically like fiction ?“.”Yes, sir”.

Then he asked me “What are you passionate about other than what u said?” .Politics [:P] .came to my mind,..No, it would be like risking my life here …so I answered “Business and Management “ He asked why and how ICT helps me in that.I explained him that my father is a businessman and I took electives of business and management and explained the prospects of ICT .Then he took two signatures on the application we filled up during examination.

”It was bindaas.” I told my friend after coming out.Then we were made to wait in the CEP room so that if any one did not do well ,can be called for a second interview.Luckily , I was not in the list .

PS: Time: 5.45.Wipro Placement talk @ 6:00 .I asked myself should I go or not? Lemme attend the PPT…

Story 3: WIPRO –Don’t Apply Thought 😛

The pre placement talk was not so great, but was O.k. In the mean time, I calculated my chances in TCS and Infy based upon the rumors and other guys stories and came out that one can be lost. So make myself in better position I decided to take the Wipro test .The test was with sections of General English, quantitative aptitude and technical .I could answer only 2 out of 10 in technical one and rest all were ok.Many questions were guessed. At 12:00 am results came out .my name was in the long list of the candidates and thank God, my slot was at 2 .00 pm in afternoon so dat I can have a sound sleep. I slept at 1 and woke up @ 11 in the morning:P .Info came that the schedule is running one hour late and my interview slot would be at three. Besides, some interesting stories came up. One of my friend said desperately“ don try to answer any question.I answered all and he said thank you”.Eventually the story became true for many .So I decided “not to apply thought” ,if I know it 100% ,I would answer and will not try to answer something using the brain there. 😛 :P.

My turn came at 4:30. [The companies test your patience by making u sit for long hours waiting for ur turn. I was accustomed to that from last two days and didn’t feel that bad this time.]

As soon as I entered, he took a copy of my resume and asked me tell about myself. Hmm..i was waiting for this question from the last 2 days and I didn get a chance to speak about me which I prepared after very much ground work:P .I told him two lines He asked me more while investigating my resume for some clues for questions .I bet he didn’t listened to wat I said.I started telling my strengths and my family background. He again said “MORE”…Oh…What should I tell more..i told that I had my free education from 6th to 10th and my achievements and then projects.”Projects” word suddenly made him come back to this world and began searching the particular section.He asked me to explain one project which I did.Then he asked different type of linux OS I used .I had written “Fedora/RedHat/Suse”.He asked whats the difference between those .It was a probable question when I saw my resume at the time of preparations .But couldn’t remember the answer what I intended to say.I said” Sir, Suse has some nice attractive look and its something like windows.Redhat is something basic.Even we had to install gcc into it after loading into the system.Fedora ,we used in labs.”.I thought it was a rude description .but he was satisfied with the answer and asked me some of the software tools I used in the projects. Then came the real fire of questions.” Do u know about the file system of linux “.Answered.”What is NTFS?”.No answer.I was cautioned by my friends “not to apply thought” in the interview .So, I decided whatever is in the RAM of the brain to answer and don’t check the HardDisk for any answers.”Do u know about FAT?”. I elaborated the acronym and told that I cant remember more.What is the file system in Windows NT ?”. Probably he expected me to answer as NTFS as it has NT matching in both the things. But I told “I donno” but gave a shot that both NTFS and FAT might be used. Then he asked me to code a small code to find the repeating characters in a string and print it along with the number of times it occurred in the string.I wrote it .

Dats it. He gave me a form to fill up before HR interview and said all the best for my HR interview. ROFLOL .i didn’t answer the easiest bunch of questions and now iam going to HR interview. It took another waiting time of 30 minutes to start my HR interview. The HR was a single lady panel .She asked me some general questions like what’s ur AIEEE rank and why did u choose DAIICT and ICT.What are my fav subjects and why?

My favorite subject was distributed computing and I answered the why question as “Mam , I was really became interested in the web technologies and distributed computing deals with the same thing.” This was the answer I heard from a guy who came out before and probably same answer had ruined my chances in the selection. Overall it was a dull session after that and I was not so confident about cracking it. In the last, she asked if there are any questions for her. I should have asked something, which I regret now. It was not so cheerful interview as of TCS or INFOSYS.So I guess, I lost my hopes on Wipro.


The results were announced in the night around 8 0’clock.

Hurray!! I got into Infy. I was shocked with my name not in TCS list..How could I not be selected in TCS.?? Ok..Any way leave it…I hav to join only one company and It would be most probably “Infy.”So at first I was depressed later but it was happy time later for me .The real uncertainty of TCS came into picture when all the students who were selected to HR round received a mail asking to fill up a form so that they can generate an offer letter. Later it came to be a error of TCS.

Hope placements taught me a lesson in my life. I just ruined two HR interviews. 🙁

Overall it was a thrilling three day adventure in my life.

Life’s such a boring and iam doing nothing now s days now that I got time to write this whole saga of my success and failures. I never wrote such a long 6 page post [It came out to be 6 pages in Word]. This one took me almost 8 hrs .excluding some breaks.

PS: My tips to guys to crack interviews:

A) Be confident

B) Be confident

C) Be confident … dats it…

All the Best!!!

PS: no offences.:P