25 must watch telugu movies

I was just doing my regular timepass of browsing and thought would do some googling on telugu movies.I searched for “top telugu movies”.The results came out to be sites to download movies and some movie news sites contradicting my expectations of having a list of top tolly movies.So , thought y would i compile one,after all i have more than enough movies till now.

So , here goes my top 25 list and an extra 5 which i like some portions of the movie very much.

Missamma(1955) – Until i saw this movie , i hated watching old movies. But changed my opinion after watching this. Became a fan of savitri. The songs remain extremely popular to this day, casting a magical spell over the listeners. Live wire performances by Savithri, NTR and ANR make this movie a thorough entertainer.

Maya Bazaar(1957) -the ultimate classic..it stands by its own way. The most perfect and impressive work of Cinematography, till date in Tollywood. I wont say much about it as people who have seen the film can understand it and if you have not seen the film then i pity you.

Sagara Sangamam(1983)–the performances of Dr.Kamal and jayaprada makes u stuck to the seat..A master piece from K.Viswanath.

Anveshana (1985)–the best thriller in tollywood till date..bhanupriya at her best..excellent background score by ilayaraja..

Chantabbai(1986)–a jandhyala classic with the the splendid performances of chiranjeevi and suhasini..every character has its own strength..a 200% perfect comedy..

Pushpaka vimanam(1988)-the commendable performance of kamal hasan makes this silent movie a legendary one..kudos to singeetam ..

Swarna Kamalam(1988)-another masterpiece from K.Viswanath.

Geetanjali(1989)–an excellent work of cinematography and a brilliant music from the maestro ilayaraja…best of mani ratnam.

Jagadeka veerudu atiloka sundari(1990)—the best socio fantasy in tollywood ..the best combination ever possible …chiranjeevi with sridevi.produced by aswini dutt and directed by raghavendra rao..

Aditya 369(1991)-the one and only sci-fi movie in telugu film industry till now..a splendid work of singeetam srinivasarao..the only best film of Bala krishna..

Appula apparao(1991)–the superb comedy ..best of rajendra Prasad..watched tens of times..

Kshana kshanam(1991)–the best of RGV in my view.with sridevi in lead role and best role ever.u cant expect better than this in tollywood ..

Aa okkati adakku(1993)–the jandhyala classic..rajendra prasad at best with rambha in lead role..what else..beautiful comedy..

Annamayya(1997)–the best performance from nagarjuna..made a wave in tollywood.made the industry struck to basics of feeling the inner pulse of audience.

Kushi(2000)–The best of the power star and bhoomika..superb concept,screenplay and direction.

Nuvve nuvve(2002)–i still cant forget the laddu-pandu sequence of sunil and ms narayana..an excellent work of trivikram with shriya in the lead..what more do u require..a perfect comedy ….u cant forward even a bit while watching even after 10 times…

Amma nanna oka tamilammayi(2003)–a movie which makes u feel watching atleast once more..

Nuvvu naaku nachav(2003)–powered by trivikram dialogues, performances by venkatesh ,prakash raj,suhasini..and the beauty of arti agarwal. and excellent screenplay…complete entertainer..

Okkadu(2003)–When i heard it has faction elements in movie..i was thumb struck how maheshcan be a factionist.OMG..cant watch..But it turned out to be too good that i watched 2 shows on opening day itself..{bunking all classes..doing adventures. another big story}

Tagore(2003)–Only chiranjeevi could do it..dats it…

Anukokunda oka roju(2005)–One of the best works you can see in Telugu film, with a dark theme and colour used to capture the atmosphere and pulse of the audience…a suspense thriller ..charmi at her best..excellent screenplay by chandrasekhar yeleti…

Athadu(2005)–the perfect blend of trivikram,mahesh,trisha and ofcourse brahmi…one of best movie of recent times…techincally,the best climax of tollywood…

Godavari(2006)–this is the best i had seen in recent years.shekhar kammula rocks..cinematography at its best showcasing the beauty of godavari..

Pokiri(2006)–made a new style of making movies and picturising hero ..it had almost every element required for the tollywood audience to enjoy..

Sri ramadasu(2006)–another best from the raghavendra rao and nagarjuna combo… a musical epic…

the xtra five..

takkari donga(2002)–the scenic locations and lisa ray along side bipasha basu..the second cowboy movie of tollywood….

nuvvu vastanante nenu vaddantana(2005).—trisha rulez..a perfect entertainer..

manmadhudu(2002)–trivikram dialogues and sonali bindre rulez..

malliswari(2004)–superb comedy..

ghajini(2005)–the flashback is the best love story i have ever seen…

Bommarillu(2006)..this is what i call screenplay..reverberating

performances of prakash raj, siddharth, and jenelia makes it a perfect film.


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This post is written in 2006 and might be old by now 🙂

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