Having completed three years of technical education and in the vanaprastha stage of engineering, thoughts crossed my mind to share something related to techie stuff .

I want to start a new blog , not to disturb this random thoughts. I required a name to suit something relating to technology and stuff.

Some of the good names came cross are: Ctrl-alt-del, alt-f4, tech-tatva etc etc. But all was in vain as all the names were taken by somebody else.

Someday, a name suddenly flashed “2power21”, I liked it prolly because of its Google instinct. Google means “something to the power of something “and it also had the same essence. So, the name fixed to be “2power21”.

So, here’s my technical domain http://www.2power21.blogspot.com and it would be a regular blog.

Hoping for your same felicitous support in this technical endeavor,