The Mumbai massacre..

“They should undergo training for five to six months. There they should sprint 100 meters in 12 seconds.. should jog 10 km with just an half hr break.. they should march continuously for five hours carrying things weighing at least 20 kgs.. should be able to stay awake for five days in a row and not lose concentration and should be able to go without food for two days” [Source] .

30sld61Iam not talking of some Olympians or some heavy weight boxing champions, but of the sick headed filthy guys who came on sea, and then traumatized our nation and made Taj and Trident their hideout for three days. If these people were used for a better cause which can be anything than this.. they would have at least secured a medal each at Olympics.

I don’t think there are differences in the 9/11 and 26/11 in the motive and manner of the attacks. Both hit at the economic veins [we didn’t have some twin towers in Mumbai and may be this forced them to attack on hotels where all major commercial activity takes place ]. But, it took them just a small boat for logistics whereas they had to hijack many Boeings in US. What does this say?? We are less quipped with whatever we have. Talking in line with Tatas, I can surely say that we lack the crisis management infrastructure that needs to be present if such a thing happens. The NSG guys arrived 10 hrs after the scene started. The Chief Minister came to know the incidents after 2 hours .Then he asked Home ministry which many think that doesn’t exist in India, to send NSG. Then the step in the chain was that to inform NSG DG by Home ministry. Then the Commandos had to be assembled and they were ready after almost 4 hrs. Then the plane they had to travel had to be brought from Chandigarh to Delhi. The plane is said to be slower than Boeings and took the remaining latency in arrival of troops. Thank God it was night and they had no traffic woes in Mumbai. They didn’t have the plan of the buildings where they had to fight in addition to secure the safety of the hostages. Till then, the ill-equipped, cant-have-bulletproof ATS and police had to fight those people and had to sacrifice their leaders.

Inspite of all these, the great thing is that they have emerged as heroes now by showing what we can do with what we have and igniting every ones inner self of the country to go against what’s happening. Saluting and be proud of them is the best thing I do right now.

But the questions remain, why can’t we stop these? Why do we need FBI and Mossads to come and aid us in investigations? Why can’t we stop a satellite phone even after sending a machine to moon? Why can’t we stop media from giving 24 hrs update to help the insiders to strategize accordingly? [ Many questions like this ]The ultimate and the grass root answer leads to politics. Because these leaders don’t care about us… there is no coordination existing among them. . There is no political gain for them in doing something good.. It took the government to summon somebody responsible, a pretty time of two decades after the start of terrorism. Hope this happens completely!! It took them almost 2 yrs to make somebody feel responsible and quit their office. Perhaps, if the attack on parliament would have been successful, we might not be able to see so many massacres happening now.

We need better leaders for the better lives. We need to  stay united at these times of disasters. May be its time that we say “If u r good, iam good and if u r evil , I will do justice”. Its time to be tough on tougher issues and say “Enough is enough” . Can we see a solution in the way for all these?? Can we able to proclaim to the world that we not only love peace, but also we live in peace?? JAIHIND.

PS : Is 26 Bad ?? 26 Dec–Tsunami, 26 Jan–Gujarat Earthquake, 26 Feb–Godhra Train Fire, 26 June–Gujarat Flood, 26 July–Mumbai Train blast, 26 Sept–Ahmedabad bomb blast, 26 Nov– Mumbai again. [ courtesy: got from one of my frnd]